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Toronto Tall Ship Boat Cruise

Toronto, Canada
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2 hours
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Reviews (24)

Sail around Lake with bar and music and sails lifted, cannon blast off. Good sailing time out on Lake, friendly staff and interactive with helping raise sails
Published: 2022.05.15
I love sailing and Kajama is the best ship in Toronto to sail on, I go every summer, I recommend it to anybody who loves sailing.
Published: 2022.05.04
It was wonderful trip. All staff is very friendly and helpful. Food was amazing. Wonderful time spent for the peaceful Toronto Lake Ontario ride. Thank you
Published: 2022.05.04
Honestly it's a fun boat ride great view of our cities skyline . Highly recommend it for anyone new to Toronto . Or for someone who's never been on a ship 😜
Published: 2022.04.29
Excellent customer service from booking to sailing. It’s a wonderful experience for kids. We were allowed to walk up to the deck to enjoy lake up-close. The staff is courteous. Would definitely recommend.
Published: 2022.04.28
We went with some friends from work and had a great time: the staff were fun and friendly, and the story of the Kajama was so interesting! Thank you!
Published: 2022.04.28
I went with my best friend and It was right after Covid Restrictions got lifted up and it was really awesome. All the staff were very friendly and accommodating. We enjoyed the food served during the journey. We will come back to have a second ride soon. Highly recommend.
Published: 2022.04.22
Kajama is a serene boat ride with some drinks and snacks and a view of the toronto skyline. The staff is friendly and helpful and fun to interact with. It gives an opportunity to just lay back and watch the city
Published: 2022.04.21
It was ok. Don’t expect too much, I basically went on to get pictures of Toronto from Lake Ontario. The staff were enthusiastic college age adults who were fun and energetic. They serve cocktails.
Published: 2021.09.28
Really enjoyable trip. Great to see Toronto from the lake. Friendly crew and strict COVID rules in place.
Published: 2021.09.12
We were the second group to be sat. And we had the pleasure of being sat where the kitchen exhaust blew out all the kitchen sent and steam. It wasn’t hot or anything. But the smell really turned my stomach. I mentioned it to the maneger of the boat and she apologized. I said to her you should warm people of it and if they have an issue with smells give them the choose to move. Apart from that it was great. A little Longer would have been nice even if it cost more $$$
Published: 2021.09.07
It’s a boat ride- food/beverages very expensive. Aside from a less then one minute blurb about the boat- if you are not from Toronto you really wouldn’t know what you are seeing. Music and staff were nice and good ambience
Published: 2021.09.03
It was fun just the food and drinks were soooo expensive. Wish it travelled longer and wish there were no kids on the boat.
Published: 2021.09.01
Cassey M
I didn’t know this existed in Toronto until searching for things to do. It was a great experience and a lovely boat ride down (sail) Lake Ontario. It was really cool to see the 1930s ship in action.
Published: 2021.09.01
Awesome views of the city skyline. This was such relaxing way to enjoy a couple of drinks, watch some wildlife and spend some time on the water. All the staff were friendly and helpful. Definitely something I would recommend.
Published: 2021.08.31
A beautiful ship and a fun ride on Lake Ontario. The staff were very attentive. Nice music, food and drinks.
Published: 2021.08.28
With no directions on where to go and the only address of "Waterfront Trail" our GPS took us to a wrong location. By the time we figured out where to go (we are from out if town and kept losing phone signal), we missed the boat. Please be more descriptive on your website.
Published: 2021.08.26
No communication between the operator and trip never happened. Horrible. I'M CALLING FOR REIMBURSEMENT
Published: 2021.08.23
Staff for the Kajama were all very personable and excellent. Facilities were sparkling clean. Check in was prompt and great steps were taken in regards to Covid safety protocols. Very much enjoyed our sailing. Will be bragging about this trip for a very long time.
Published: 2021.08.23
It was a excellent cruise and we had a great experience helping with the rigging and seeing the cannon go off. The crew were great.
Published: 2021.08.18
The weather was perfect and the crew was super nice. Water is not my thing but I recommend the experience. We changed the time of our cruise to an earlier one and they charged $5 to keypunch the change in their computer and I thought this was a VERY unnecessary charge.
Published: 2021.08.18
Lovely boat ride! Service on board was delightful friendly. Was too quick a ride..I was hoping the trip would be around the island but was more go out turn around come back. I recommend the evening cruise. Absolutely stunning seeing Toronto lit up at night.
Published: 2021.08.12
The crew were very helpful and attentive and nice, you could tell they liked their job. I would recommend this tour to anyone.
Published: 2021.08.12
Most memorable experience is the good customer service by all but mainly our server I think her name was page her father is her boss on the ship, she deserves a raise very knowledgeable and very good with customer service
Published: 2021.08.11

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