19 Ontario Road Trips from Toronto 2022

Check these 19 amazing Ontario road trip ideas from Toronto and see what else you need to tick off your bucket list. In this article, we’ve covered both nature getaways and some urban destinations, some of the popular destinations as well as the less known ones. Enjoy your reading journey.

Road trip ideas in Ontario from Toronto

Have a look at the final destinations to skip the places you've already visited (unless if want to refresh your happy memories and maybe reconsider coming back).

Road Trip from Toronto to Stratford
Road Trip from Toronto to Muskoka Region
Road Trip from Toronto to Bruce Peninsula
Road Trip from Toronto to Prince Edward County
Road Trip from Toronto to Niagara Falls
Road Trip from Toronto to Niagara-on-the-Lake
Road trip from Toronto to Manitoulin Island
Road trip from Toronto to Scenic Caves
Road trip from Toronto to 1000 Islands
Road trip from Toronto to Elora&Fergus
Road Trip from Toronto to Wasaga Beach
Road trip from Toronto to Grand Bend
Road trip from Toronto to Port Dover
Road trip from Toronto to Barrie
Road trip from Toronto to Caledon
Road trip from Toronto to Hamilton
Road trip from Toronto to Oxford County
Road trip from Toronto to Elgin County
Road trip from Toronto to Brighton

#1 Road Trip from Toronto to Stratford, Ontario

Stratford is a great destination for those who want to enjoy both culture and natural experiences in one weekend.
Guess where the world’s smallest cinema is situated? Right, in Stratford. Where do the lovers of Shakespeare gather together? Right, in Stratford. You’ll also find some great architecture and hit a delish chocolate trail.
Except for typical city activities like self-guided tours, exploring street art and historical buildings (the city hall and Perth County Courthouse are not to be skipped), Stratford gives you great opportunities to reconnect with nature. You’ll easily find some on-water activities as well as hiking and biking opportunities. From beautiful Shakespearean Gardens to the great conservation area, you’ll be able to enjoy some fun outdoor activities like hiking, boating, paddling, fishing and more.

road trip to Stratford

Best time to visit Stratford
You’ll want to come to Stratford in late spring to mid-October for outdoor activities. If you’re more interested in exploring the city, its history and day-to-day day life, come here any time of the year.

Time and Distance
Stratford is 2 hours away from Toronto (150 km).

#2 Road Trip from Toronto to Muskoka, Ontario

Muskoka is a great cottage country that boasts of numerous lakes, rivers, beaches and 11 provincial parks. This road trip from Toronto is for true nature lovers. The number of recreational water activities goes beyond your expectations: you’ll find here everything from classic boat cruises, fishing and paddling to adventurous flyboarding, wake surfing, tubing and waterskiing. Moreover, there’re so many places to chase waterfalls and enjoy stargazing in areas free of light pollution that you’ll surely get a high natural recharge. Popular Canadian outdoor activities like hiking, cycling, ATVing, mountain biking and horseback riding are available as well. Last but not least, make sure you explore at least one of the provincial parks in Muskoka and go out into the pristine wilderness.

Want to bring something home and explore the local lifestyle? Farmer’s markets are a great option for you then.

road trip to Muskoka

Best time to visit Muskoka
With warm weather and long days, summer is the tourist season in Muskoka. All the cottages are open during this season and many activities await you. Anyway, you can come here any time bearing in mind that it starts raining quite often in October and not many cottages are open in spring. Winter also offers many great outdoor activities.

Time and Distance
Situated 225 km away from Toronto, you’ll reach this destination in nearly 2,5 hours.

#3 Road Trip from Toronto to the Bruce Peninsula, Ontario

Being a part of Niagara Escarpment, Bruce Peninsula is famous for its national parks, spectacular hiking, pristine beaches, and magnificent waterfalls. One of the most well-known towns in this area is Tobermory which is also often hailed as the “freshwater scuba diving capital of the world”. Explore the ancient caves and shipwreck sites, natural rock formations and crystal-clear waters, beautiful beaches and weathered forests of the only underwater park in Ontario, admire unique orchid species and don’t forget to pay a visit to Flowerpot Island. Try one of the hiking trails of Bruce Peninsula National Park after making a parking reservation and definitely pay a visit to Grotto and Indian Head Cove to see flat rocks and the charming Grotto Arch.

road trip to bruce Peninsula

Best time to visit the Bruce Peninsula
While the tourist season in full swing is in July and August, many people enjoy visiting the Bruce Peninsula in fall when the weather still remains pleasant and the prices fall down.

Time and Distance
Toronto to Bruce Peninsula Road Trip is another great idea for a weekend getaway since the destination is nearly 300 km away and it takes just 3,5 hours to reach Tobermory from Toronto.

#4 Road Trip from Toronto to Prince Edward County, Ontario

Prince Edward County, which is also referred to as The County, has been one of the top destinations for Torontonians. You can also plan this trip as a mixture of cultural and natural experiences. On one hand, you have 3 small but charming cities (Picton, Wellington and Bloomfield) which give so many shopping opportunities for locally made products, cultural enrichment through art galleries and antique shops and great live music performances. On the other hand, you have the Sandbanks Provincial Park which is famous for its dune formations and freshwater beaches, a lovely Sandback beach (this one gives you a hint of what tropical waterfront feels like) and an amazing Lavender farm. With great weather and soil, the region has become a great place for winemakers. Thus, your road trip to the County is also about visiting wineries, cideries and breweries. Don’t worry, you won’t do the tastings on an empty stomach since Prince Edward County is notorious for its great dishes made of locally grown meat and produce. If you’re looking for a lot of physical activity to compensate for your sedentary lifestyle, don’t forget about hiking/cycling the Millenium Trail.
road trip to Prince Edward County

Best time to visit Prince Edward County
Prince Edward County receives most of its tourists when Ontario gets its best weather (from May to late September). Hiking, biking, and spending time on the beach in addition to passive but culture-related activities like going to museums and art galleries which can be done throughout the year. Important to say, PEC is extremely beautiful when fall arrives.
When it comes to money, prices during the tourist season soar, especially when it comes to accommodation.

Time and Distance
Located just 203 km away from Toronto, it’ll take you nearly 2 hours to reach Prince Edward County.

#5 Road trip from Toronto to Niagara Falls, Ontario

The world-famous wonder of Niagara Falls attracts millions of visitors from around the world. So, being an Ontarian or while on vacation in Ontario, a road trip to Niagara Falls is a must-do and is surely worth doing.

Beholding the beauty and power of the Falls should probably be the first thing on the list. Great news: you can do it in different ways. While there’s no fee for seeing the Niagara Falls, you can also take a helicopter tour for breathtaking views from the sky, come closer and feel the whole power of the Falls while on a cruise, go on the zipline for excitement. If you come for a weekend, you should definitely enjoy the night light show on the falls. Except for beholding the beauty of the waterfalls, you can and should behold the beauty of birds (you’ll discover hundreds of species in these natural surroundings).

Looking for some green exercise? Go hiking or bouldering (yes, that’s a thing) in Niagara Glen Nature Reserve. Cycling is a great option too.
powerful Niagara Falls

Best time to visit Niagara Falls
The most popular time for tourists to visit Niagara Falls is from June till September when you have great weather and can enjoy a number of outdoor activities. However, many people love coming here in fall and winter as well. The reasons are numerable: from lower prices and less crowded places to the chance to behold coloured landscape in fall and a stunning view of half-frozen falls that brightly glitter in the sunlight. Mind if you can bear the temperature, though. Besides, winter weather can add changes to your plans there.

Time and distance
Situated 128 kmfrom Toronto, you’ll reach the city in nearly 1,5 hours (check the possible traffic jams in advance)

#6 Road Trip from Toronto to Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario

A road trip to Niagara on the Lake is both a great individual trip if you’re coming from Toronto or a nice add-on if you’re in Niagara Falls. It takes you just half an hour to get here from Niagara Falls by car. This is a great destination for all types of tourists: whether you’re a history buff, a foodie, a nature lover or a classic explorer.

Being famous for its vineyards, Niagara-on-the-Lake offers amazing wine tours and wine tastings. The famous ice wine is also produced here. By the way, since the city is relatively small, you can go on wine biking tours. Except for amazing wineries and vineyards, you’ll find here great historic sites, informative museums and history tours (the city was one of the key spots in many battles in the war of 1812). In addition to the rich history, Niagara-on-the-lake offers great cultural indulgence. So, all the theatre buffs should attend the Shaw Festival and art lovers should go see local art galleries and foodies should try something delicious in local restaurants and go on a Chocolate tour.

Being a part of the Niagara Escarpment, the flora and fauna of the city and its vicinities bedazzle the eye. From beautiful parks to peaceful Conservation Areas, there’s something for everyone.

road trip to Niagara-on-the-Lake

Best time to visit Niagara-on-the-Lake
Similar to Niagara Falls, this city is most crowded with tourists from May to September, however, you can do the wine tours and go to museums and art galleries any time of the year.

Time and distance
Situated just 129 km from Toronto, you’ll easily and quickly reach the destination within an hour and a half.

#7 A Road Trip from Toronto to Manitoulin Island, Ontario

Did you know that Manitoulin Island is the largest freshwater island lake on Earth? Although not so many visitors have stepped on this land, there are so many wild and quaint things to explore starting from rugged terrains to historic lighthouses and freshwater lakes. Besides, you can meet Indigenous people, who are the ancestors of the first European settlers in Canada, learn about their culture and celebrate the Haweater Festival if you happen to be here in the beginning of August. Other activities to enjoy on the island include fishing on Lake Huron, Lake Manitou or Lake Mindemoya, canoeing, hiking (try Cup and Saucer Trail) and enjoying Bridal Veil Waterfalls.

road trip to manitoulin island

Best time to visit the Manitoulin Island
While the warmest temperatures are in July, many people prefer to visit it in September or early October. The Island has its own charm during the winter months, however, you should carefully check the weather and the safety kit before coming there in the cold season.

Time and Distance
It’ll take you nearly 6 hours to reach Manitoulin Island. It is 566 km away from Toronto.

#8 A Road Trip from Toronto to Scenic Caves, Ontario

Scenic Caves is a locally owned part of the Niagara Escarpment which offers you a great adventure in nature. Being a historic place, this area will not only tell you great stories and legends about the Petun tribe but also invite you to explore the stunning natural surroundings. A big and old green forest encompasses the trail of caves, caverns and crevasses and lets you set off on hiking trails. A great blend of history and sports, huh? You can have a picnic around the fishpond and have some rest after an intensive “work-out” or continue with some adventurous activities like treetop canopy walking or zip-lining.

Scenic Caves has the Longest Suspension Bridge in Southern Ontario. Why not give it a try? Just don’t worry about security since it’s completely safe and the green vistas (if you come in spring or summer) make it even more worth it. You can also cross the suspension bridge in winter (it still remains safe). Besides, you’ll enjoy such amazing activities as cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, Nordic lessons and more.

Best time to visit Scenic Caves
This place welcomes tourists almost all year round and offers great activities during both the winter and summer seasons. Come and have fun from May till October for summer activities and from December to April for winter activities. Mind the weather and check the official website before setting off.

Time and Distance
Located just 2 hours from Toronto, you’ll quickly arrive at Scenic Caves

#9 A Road Trip from Toronto to 1000 Islands, Ontario

The Thousand Islands is the place that can easily take you to the US and no one will ask for your passport. However, most importantly, it’s a truly unique place where you’ll spot an awful lot of tiny and relatively big islands many of which have small cottages. In fact, there’re more than 1000. You can explore this amazing natural area from different vantage points: from the ground while hiking, from the sky while on the helicopter tour, from the boat or a kayak and from the underwater. Consider visiting the town of Gananoque for some charming urban experiences. If you want some peace, go spotting the wildlife (either in forests or underwater) and have a break in one of the quiet waterfront parks.

While staying on the Islands, you can hardly avoid the water but you can easily avoid the hotels and stay at the campsites. Staying in a hotel is always possible, though.

road trip to 1000 Islands

Best time to visit the Thousand Islands
While you can visit the Islands all year round, you’ll be able to enjoy the biggest number of activities during summer and early fall.

Time and Distance
The distance between Toronto and 1000 Islands is about 300 km and you’ll approximately need 3,5 hours to reach the destination.

#10 A Road Trip from Toronto to Elora&Fergus, Ontario

Elora is a peaceful township where you’ll enjoy a relaxing day off. Famous for its beautiful natural areas, your unwinding day in nature is guaranteed. There are so many outdoor activities to enjoy. Swimming in the Grand River, hiking the Elora Gorge trails, cycling in Victoria Park, kayaking on the rapids and camping in the conservation area. You can also go tubing or punting on the Grand River in the great Elora Gorge or enjoy a raft ride. More extreme activities such as rappelling down the Elora gorge are available as well.

With so many accommodation opportunities, you can also stay longer and explore the town charm and cultural side of this community. Come in July for the Elora Music festival. Consider visiting the Glass Studio, Wellington Museum and the Centre for Arts. If you’re longing for some fresh produce from farmers, have a look at Elora Farmer’s Market. Oh yes, don’t forget to explore the bridges of Fergus and Elora for astounding views.
road trip to Fergus

Best time to visit Elora&Fergus
While many outdoor activities can only be done in warm months (from May-September), there’re plenty of things to enjoy in winter, e.g., ice fishing, tobogganing, cross-country skiing and more. Just decide what you’re up to.

Time and Distance
It’ll take you nearly 1 hour 15 minutes to reach Elora via ON-401 W.

#11 A Road Trip from Toronto to Wasaga Beach, Ontario

Being famous for its longest freshwater sandy shoreline, Wasaga Beach has become one of the most popular tourist spots. You’ll surely find a place where to lay your towel and enjoy lazy and recharging sunbathing. After that, you should go for some on-water activities like paddling boards, boating or fishing, flyboarding or kiteboarding, windsurfing or supping. The list is nearly endless.

A rather serene activity to calm your mind and reconnect with nature to enjoy in Wasaga Beach is birdwatching. Ploverland Bird Sanctuary is thought to be the prime destination for bird lovers. Moreover, you can enjoy some of the best golf courses in natural surroundings.

Having enjoyed Mother Nature, you can have fun at Adventure Park and play some paintball, throw an axe or several and proceed by exploring history, art and culture in one of the galleries or museums. If you’re a thrill-seeker, go for skydiving or karting, depending on the level of adrenaline you want to feel. Another option is to have a quick ride to Canada’s Wonderland.

Best time to visit Wasaga Beach
As it’s already been mentioned, Wasaga Beach is primarily popular for its longest freshwater beaches which is why we recommend coming here in summer. However, if water is not your passion and you’re looking for great hiking trails or ice fishing spots or snowshoeing trails, you’re welcome to visit them in other seasons.

Time and Distance
Situated at the Southern tip of Georgian Bay, Wasaga Beach is a short drive away that can be reached in less than 2 hours. Mind the traffic and check the best timing to leave Toronto.

#12 A Road Trip from Toronto to Grand Bend, Ontario

One more popular beach town for water enthusiasts is Grand Bend. You’ll find plenty of water activities and water sports rentals here. Enjoy anything from boating and jet skiing to flyboarding and parasailing. To calm down your adrenaline rush after such wonderful water adventures, you’ll love to have a walk along the beach and by the pier. One of the landmarks of this beach town is the Grand Bend Lighthouse which is right at the end of the pier.

Looking for more in-nature activities? Explore the Pinery Provincial Park which is home to hundreds of bird species, remarkable flora and fauna, beautiful sandy beaches and open forest canopies. By the way, the Pinery Provincial Park is open all year round and offers many activities to enjoy.
roadt trip to Grand Bend

Best time to visit Grand Bend
The city can be visited any time of the year. While all the water activities can be enjoyed in summer, you’ll have a lot of winter activities as well. These include visiting spa studios, going hiking, exploring the wineries, the city’s culture and the frozen waters of Lake Huron.

Time and distance
You can reach Grand Bend in nearly 2,5 hours from Toronto.

#13 A Road Trip from Toronto to Port Dover, Ontario

Port Dover is a perfect getaway from Toronto which is primarily popular for its palm beaches, just like those in Miami. Apart from splashing around in waters of the Lake Erie, you can also enjoy some water sports, wine tours, walk down the pier and stop by the lighthouse.

To feel the small city vibe, go shopping in local stores, have a break at Powell Park, explore the fishing collections of the Port Dover Harbour Museum, play mini-golf and watch the performance in Lighthouse Festival Theatre.

Best time to Visit Port Dover
The best time to come over to Port Dover is summer because of the whole palmy beach experience and water activities.

Time and Distance
With 133 km away from Toronto, you’ll reach Port Dover in nearly an hour and a half.

#14 A Road Trip from Toronto to Barrie, Ontario

Barrie is a popular stop-by for Ontarians who are driving to their final destination, however, it deserves a one-day or weekend visit as well. Starting from the great historic streets in downtown Barrie, you’ll see some of the statues and memorials, explore the waterfront while enjoying a number of water activities and sip on some craft beer. The city boasts of art centers and museums as well as parks and beaches (tanning and swimming at Centennial Beach are highly advisable).

If you plan to visit the city in colder months, you should necessarily visit the Horseshoe Valley Resort where you can ski or hike or enjoy some pampering spa treatments. Besides, you can ski on Mt. St. Louis Moonstone which is just a 25-minute drive from Barrie.

road trip to Barrie

Best time to visit Barrie
You can enjoy the city vibe and diverse outdoor activities all year round.

Time and Distance
Being 110 km away, you’ll reach the city in a bit more than one hour.

#15 A Road trip from Toronto to Caledon, Ontario

Caledon is a small rural area in Ontario which offers an amazing peaceful getaway from urban life. It is home to the rolling red rock landscape of Cheltenham which you can observe from the trails surrounding the area. If you come to Caledon in spring, you’ll find here one of the most marvelous gardens with perennials, namely Plant Paradise Country and you’ll be able to take part in great maple syrup events. Besides, Caledon is home to nice hiking trails which you can find in Bellfountain Conservation Area, Forks and Credit Provincial Park or Terra Cota Conservation Area.

In winter, you’ll find an amazing Christmas tree at the Elliot Tree Farm and see Caledon transforming into a paradise for winter outdoor activities such as fat biking, snowshoeing, skiing and ice skating. Besides, you can play hockey at Ralph’s Rink and Jon’s Rink. If freezing temperatures aren’t your thing, indulge in spa adventures in Millcroft Inn and Spa.

Best time to visit Caledon
You can visit this town all year round and enjoy some fun activities in every season.

Time and Distance
You’ll roughly need 40 minutes to reach Caledon since it’s only 60 km away from Toronto.

#16 A Road trip from Toronto to Hamilton, Ontario

Officially known as the port city, people hail it as the city of waterfalls. Hamilton, which is situated on the western end of Lake Ontario, is a perfect road trip for those who want some nature, history and music in one spot and are not ready for a long-distance drive. While hiking the picturesque trails, you’ll spot many amazing waterfalls. There are about a hundred of them in Hamilton. To chase some of the best waterfalls in Hamilton and admire the panoramic views, head to Dundas Peak. Also, Hamilton is a great kick-off place to traverse the Bruce trail.

This city is also a great spot for history buffs with its Dundrum Castle, Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum and Haida National Historic Site. At the same time, you’ll find a lot of entertainment and live music here. Have you ever heard of the annually held Festival of Friends and Supercrawl Festival? Both of them are free.

road trip to Hamilton

Best time to visit Hamilton
You can visit Hamilton any time of the year and find many great things to do. The lovers of fall colours should come here at least once in fall.

Time and Distance
Hamilton is just 68 km away from Toronto. So, it’ll take you less than an hour to reach the city.

#17 A Road trip from Toronto to Oxford County, Ontario

You won’t find an endless list of adventurous activities in this area, however, you’ll find everything to relax from the hectic city life and to slow down. Soak up the views of green parks and gardens, go canoeing or kayaking at Pittock Conservation Area, visit local farms for locally made produce and freshly cut flowers or have a picnic in the Southside Park in Woodstock.

Cheese lovers will love Oxford County for its Cheese Trail which has 24 stops featuring dairy products. Apart from cheese and other milk products, you can expect some pubs with craft beer and even farms.

Best time to visit Oxford County
To enjoy the views and the serenity of picturesque parks and gardens, come in late spring or June, however, the Cheese Trail will be accessible all year round.

Time and Distance
It takes merely 90 minutes to reach Woodstock.

#18 A Road trip from Toronto to Elgin County, Ontario

One more great road trip destination for the seekers of a relaxing getaway is the beach town of Port Stanley. This small but beautiful town is located on the north shore of Lake Erie and opens great opportunities for lakeshore getaway. Visit one of the beaches with the Blue Flag status in the town, stroll along the pier, chase the lighthouse and enjoy the ride on a historic tourist train.

To take beautiful lavender pictures and drink some locally made wine, head to the wee village of Sparta which is just 15 minutes away.

Best time to visit Elgin County
Since the main attractions in the area are beaches, farms and wineries, it’s highly recommended to come here in the summer months, especially in June and July.

Time and Distance
You’ll need approximately 2,5 hours to reach Port Stanley. The city is almost 220 km from Toronto.

#19 A Road Trip from Toronto to Brighton, Ontario

Visit the picturesque small town of Brighton for some green exercise and panoramic views. Enjoy the greenery of the area while traversing the trails of Presqu’ile Provincial Park or enjoying yourself in Proctor Park Conservation Area. Brighton has a number of great farms, so visit them, do some shopping and learn the history in local museums.

Best time to visit Brighton
You can visit Brighton all year round since apart from serene outdoor activities, the city offers many nice urban activities. Take into account the temperatures and the primary goal of your visit.

Time and Distance
It’ll take you nearly 1,5 hours to reach Brighton from Toronto.

road trip is a journey

As you’ve just seen, Ontario is full of beautiful places and hidden gems. Hopefully, you came across some new road trip ideas and are already planning your next trip in your head. Ready to hit the road?

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