10 Year Anniversary Gifts for Him

If tin and aluminum are certainly not his cup of tea, why not give him something more precious? A modern take on the 10-year anniversary gifts could be a memorable experience that he’ll always remember or one both of you could share.
10-Year Anniversary Gifts for Him: Thrill Seeker Paradise
10-Year Anniversary Gifts for Him: Workshops
10-Year Anniversary Gifts for Him and You
10-Year Anniversary Gifts for Him: Budget-Friendly Anniversary Gifts

10 Year Anniversary Gifts for Him: Thrill Seeker Paradise

Sensation, novelty and adventures are the gifts your husband will love for your 10th year anniversary because the pay-off is so much treasured by excitement-seekers. Check the experiences below and choose the one that will shoot some adrenaline to his body.

Supercar Experiences

You can hardly find a man who doesn’t want to test-drive a gorgeous Ferrari or a brand-new Porsche. If yours is no exception, be quick to buy him this exotic car driving experience. He’ll drive up to 5 of the world’s finest supercars in a day through the picturesque Niagara wine region. Speed, aesthetics, small size and top-notch performance. What else does one need for a great anniversary gift? Perhaps just more hours of supercar driving.

ATV Adventure Tour

atv tour-for-him-10-year-anniversary
Do you want to bring him closer to nature with an adrenaline-rushing experience? What about the ATVing experience as your anniversary gift for him? With a scenic drive through the mountains, whatever the weather, whether he’s a complete beginner or a seasoned ATVer, a once-in-a-lifetime adventure is guaranteed. The only prerequisite is a driver’s license.

Flyboarding Experience


Does he love adrenaline-filled activities, water and dreams of flying to be his superpower? He’ll definitely enjoy all of this during our sea-to-sky experience. Soaring up to the sky with water below you is one of the newest and coolest experiences ever that any thrill-seeker will be heals over head. Sounds perfect but he cannot swim? No problem, he’s still allowed to enjoy twisting and turning during this water-propelled flight.

Rafting Thrill on the Athabasca River


Increase your excitement levels with the bumps and splashes during their rafting experience. A knowledgeable guide will teach you how to navigate the waters of a rugged mountain river, follow the current and easily squeeze the boat between big rocks. During the descent, you’ll not only exercise but also enjoy the wild nature with the spectacular scenery and also get a little wet.
Are you a bit experienced with rafting? Consider going in spring during the peak snow melt.

10 Year Anniversary Gifts for Him: Workshops

He might not be into the thrill of rollercoasters but if the thrill of discovery is his best friend, then workshops and learning experiences will be much appreciated.

Montreal Bagel Making Workshop

Is he a fan of dough and bakery? Is he also a curious personality that loves teaching new things and developing new skills? Then this Montreal-style Bagel making workshop is just what the doctor ordered. He’ll learn all the secrets of making it a bit sweet, chewy and perfectly shaped. Next time, he’ll want an authentic Montreal-style bagel, you won’t need to leave your apartment, let alone the province. The great news is that you can take part in this workshop together. Bring a little bit of delicious Quebec specialties to your home with this cooking class.

Motor Sports Class: Masterclass for Thrill-Seekers

Have you heard of electric dirt bike tracks? Let us introduce you to Canada’s first one 🥳 Give your husband a ticket to eco-friendly adrenaline adventures and the skilled instructors will help him experience the thrill of dirt biking while rushing through forests and grassy areas.

Photography Tour from a Ferry

Whether he's a thorough nature lover that loves capturing beauty or he still struggles to capture the vistas, this photography tour on a ferry will be up his street. An expert photographer will show the ropes of landscape, nature, wildlife and architecture photography. He can use his phone camera but if DSLR is at his exposure, it’s even better.

Blacksmithing Experience Day

Does your hubby love crafts? Then a piece of ironwork that he might learn to forge at the workshop sounds like a great idea. Blacksmith objects are known for their robustness, which is why such a keepsake seems to perfectly suit your tin anniversary.

10 Year Anniversary Gifts for Him and You

In fact, you could share many of the experiences we’ve collected in this article but pay special attention to the ones below. As research suggests, spending time together in the great outdoors nurtures your bond.

Jasper Wildlife Tour

Jasper offers incredible experiences of seeing animals in the wild. Is there literally anything better about animals than seeing them in their natural habitats? Come to Jasper National Park for an illuminating tour and see some animals you’ve never seen in your life in the wild. A knowledgeable guide will show you around, tell you stories and help you search for wildlife. You’ll wander through the spots where coyote cubs, mountain goats, grizzly bears and elks inhabit. In fact, there is more. Don’t forget your camera but remember to be a wildlife-friendly tourist.

Lake Retreat: Lake Louise and Moraine Lake


You won’t want to miss this incredible 1-day nature getaway to the picturesque Rockies. From Banff to Yoho, you’ll forget about driving, parking and just enjoy the scenery and animals in wildlife. Discover the human history of the landscapes, marvelling at the sparkling waters of Moraine Lake and turquoise Lake Louise. One glance and you’ll be hooked.

Three Sisters Sea Kayaking Day Trip

Give yourselves a powerful serotonin boost with this revitalizing sea kayaking tour in a superb destination. You’ll be kayaking in an open space in the stunning Bay of Fundy during the hide tide, enjoying the wind, waves and the scenery. This bold adventure is definitely one of the best anniversary gift ideas for couples.

10 Year Anniversary Gifts for Him: Budget-Friendly Anniversary Gifts

The greatest experiences don’t cost all the money. You don’t need to splash out all the money to make your 10th year anniversary gift memorable.

Virtual Reality Experience


Are you looking for a small but sweet anniversary gift for him? Look no further than virtual reality experiences. If he loves immersive games, then our high-tech virtual reality arcade is a perfect fit. It’s time he embarked on one of the immersive games and wandered through the so real virtual reality without boundaries.

E-Bikes: New Routes on 2 Wheels

Let him explore a new route with this unique mode of transportation. The carefully curated routes feature spectacular views on the way: from lakes and mountains to orchards and wineries. He’ll never get lost thanks to the app with GPS navigation. By the way, it is not the worst fitness activity.

Paddleboard Rental

What about the great outdoors, some slow-pace rowing and admiring the views? Paddleboarding is a great way to relax, freshen up and enjoy some quality time. If your husband is a nature lover that loves spending some time on his own, this could be a great plunge into solitude.

Harbour Tour on the Largest Solar Boat

For your 10th year anniversary, he deserves something SUPERLATIVE like a harbour tour on a truly eco-friendly boat. You’ll soak up the stunning views of Canada’s birthplace from North America’s largest solar boat and taste fresh food and drinks. No buzzing noise, just some entertainment from our knowledgeable guide.

Donut Tour

Satisfy his sweet tooth with this enjoyable donut tour around Downtown and Gastown. Huge number of flavours from some of the best and most famous bakeries in Vancouver will make his day a sweet memory.

For more budget-friendly anniversary gifts for him, go to our main page and set a price filter. We’re sure you’ll find something for him.

Choosing a 10-year anniversary gift is far easier than making it to 10 years together. However, we still hope that we facilitated your task a little bit. In case we haven’t, go to our main page and don’t hesitate to contact us in case you need some help and advice. By the way, if you’re thinking of what you want for your 10 year anniversary from him, this article might be helpful.

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