Anniversary Gifts: Your Ultimate Gift Guide

Anniversary is a meaningful milestone in your marriage, no matter how long you’ve already been together. While we often put our relationship in the back seat, this date in the calendar reminds us to invest in it, celebrate your partner, reflect on our achievements and plan things for the future. Many experts strongly believe that celebrating an anniversary can even strengthen your relationship, which I believe in as well. Coming back in your thoughts to the day when you met each other, remembering your wedding day and the great celebration you had and finally creating new memories on this day will only have a positive influence on your relationship.

Giving an anniversary gift might be a great way to make your spouse or partner feel special and appreciated. Looking for gift ideas? Have a look at the anniversary gift guide from WOWnGO. We’re sure that your significant other, your parents or friends will be happy to get them.
Anniversary Gift Ideas

Anniversary Gifts for Him
Anniversary Gifts for Her
Anniversary Gifts for Couple
Anniversary Gift Ideas for Parents

Anniversary Gifts for Him

Tell him “Happy Anniversary” and “thank you for being here by my side” with your anniversary gift. An anniversary gift for him is also a way to create new memories that he’ll cherish for the rest of his life.

1. Supercar Experiences

You can hardly find a man who doesn’t want to test-drive a gorgeous Ferrari or a brand-new Porsche. If yours is no exception, be quick to buy him this exotic car driving experience. He’ll drive up to 5 of the world’s finest supercars in a day through the picturesque Niagara wine region. Speed, aesthetics, small size and top-notch performance. What else does one need for a great anniversary gift? Perhaps just more hours of supercar driving.
Supercar driving experience for him

2. Virtual reality Experience

Are you looking for a small but sweet anniversary gift for him? Look no further than virtual reality experiences. If he loves immersive games, then our high-tech virtual reality arcade is a perfect fit. It’s time he embarked on one of the immersive games and wandered through the so real virtual reality without boundaries.
VR experiences

3. Montreal Bagel Making Workshop

Is he a fan of dough and bakery? Is he also a curious personality that loves teaching new things and developing new skills? Then this Montreal-style Bagel-making workshop is just what the doctor ordered. He’ll learn all the secrets of making it a bit sweet, chewy and perfectly shaped. Next time, he’ll want an authentic Montreal-style bagel, you won’t need to leave your apartment, let alone the province. The great news is that you can take part in this workshop together. Bring a little bit of delicious Quebec specialties to your home with this cooking class.
Montreal-style bagel making workshop

4. ATV Adventure Tour

Do you want to bring him closer to nature with an adrenaline-rushing experience? What about the ATVing experience as your anniversary gift for him? With a scenic drive through the mountains, whatever the weather, whether he’s a complete beginner or a seasoned ATVer, a once-in-a-lifetime adventure is guaranteed. The only prerequisite is a driver’s license.
ATVing experience

5. Jasper Wildlife Tour

Jasper offers incredible experiences of seeing animals in the wild. Is there literally anything better about animals than seeing them in their natural habitats? Come to Jasper National Park for an illuminating tour and see some animals you’ve never seen in your life in the wild. A knowledgeable guide will show you around, tell you stories and help you search for wildlife. You’ll wander through the spots where coyote cubs, mountain goats, grizzly bears and elks inhabit. In fact, there is more. Don’t forget your camera but remember to be a wildlife-friendly tourist.
Jasper Wildlife Tour

Anniversary Gifts for Her

Missed her hints and don’t know what to buy for the anniversary? It might be tricky to buy a gift for a woman, even after you’ve lived with her for quite a lot of years. Think once again of what she likes and what she has but keep in mind that an experience is always a great idea. Check the anniversary gift ideas for her from WOWnGO and make your life easier.

Anniversary Gifts for her

1. Flyboarding Experience

Does she love adrenaline-filled activities, water and dreams of flying to be her superpower? She’ll definitely enjoy all of this during our sea-to-sky experience. Soaring up to the sky with water below you is one of the newest and coolest experiences ever that any thrill-seeker will be heals over head. Sounds perfect but she cannot swim? No problem, she’s still allowed to enjoy twisting and turning during this water-propelled flight.

Flyboarding Experience

2. Wine and Lunch Escape

There are few better ways to relax and enjoy a day than embarking on a tour along the wine country. Although it hasn’t gained the deserved recognition yet, the Annapolis Valley is one of the great spots for wine tasting in Canada. Thanks to its climate, fruit growing traditions and long viticulture, the place boasts of great wines and delightful sceneries. This tour will take her through the exquisite gourmet adventure that consists of wine tasting and a delicious lunch in the second winery. A bottle of wine will be available for sale, so you can refresh the experience at home once again.

Wine and Lunch Escape

3. Boudoir Photography Session

Let her feel in the spotlight with an amazing boudoir photography session at Kissed by Light Studio. Did you know that boudoir refers to a woman’s private dressing room, an intimate place where she has all for herself? So is the photoshoot - an intimate session where she’ll reveal her femininity, relax and will be made to feel very special. From gorgeous outfits and a supportive team with an eye for beauty to finally a lot of amazing pictures that will always remind her how beautiful and powerful she is. This is what you can expect from a professional boudoir photoshoot.

Boudoir Photo Session in Toronto

4. Lake Retreat: Lake Louise and Morraine Lake

You won’t want to miss this incredible 1-day nature getaway to the picturesque Rockies. From Banff to Yoho, you’ll forget about driving, parking and just enjoy the scenery and animals in wildlife. Discover the human history of the landscapes, marvelling at the sparkling waters of Moraine Lake and turquoise Lake Louise. One glance and you’ll be hooked.

Excursion to the Morraine Lake

5. Horseback Riding Adventure in Banff

Is she a keen equestrian? Then this horseback riding adventure is for taking. Whatever her level, the trails near the Bow and the Spray rivers welcome everyone to enjoy the nature, learn some history of the park and look at Banff from a different perspective.
Horseback riding adventure

Anniversary Gifts for Couple

Anniversary day is a great time to spend this day together. Why not share the anniversary gift, especially when it is an experience for two?

1. Toronto Harbour Tour

An affordable but still great experience for two. Enjoy the scenery of Toronto harbour while listening to gripping narrations from the captains. Take in some fresh air, take beautiful pictures and enjoy yourselves.
Toronto Harbour Tour

2. Three Sisters Sea Kayaking Day Trip

Give yourselves a powerful serotonin boost with this revitalizing sea kayaking tour in a superb destination. You’ll be kayaking in an open space in the stunning Bay of Fundy during the hide tide, enjoying the wind, waves and scenery. This bold adventure is definitely one of the best anniversary gift ideas for couples.

3. Rafting Thrill on the Athabasca River

Increase your excitement levels with the bumps and splashes during their rafting experience. A knowledgeable guide will teach you how to navigate the waters of a rugged mountain river, follow the current and easily squeeze the boat between big rocks. During the descent, you’ll not only exercise but also enjoy the wild nature with the spectacular scenery and also get a little wet.
Are you a bit experienced with rafting? Consider going in spring during the peak snow melt.

4. Polar Bear Watching - Nature Adventures

Celebrating a ruby, sapphire or gold anniversary and want to extend the happiness from one day into a whole week? Think of a 5-night authentic Canadian adventure with polar bears, snowy owls and other arctic animals. Explore the Polar Bear capital of the World, see the animals in their natural habitat, delve into the Inuit culture and enjoy dog-sledding in the boreal forest. A truly active celebration that you and your other half will always remember.
Polar Bear Adventure in Churchill

5. Niagara Falls Day Tour

Did you know that Niagara Falls is the honeymoon capital of the world? Although, it’s not your honeymoon but your anniversary now, a trip to Niagara Falls will certainly bring you back to the carefree days when you just got married. Celebrate your marriage in the surroundings of enchanting nature’s beauty. Niagara Falls are gorgeous at all hours, so are you and your significant other.
Day Trip to Niagara Falls and wineries

Anniversary Gifts Ideas for Parents

Celebrate the love of your parents by giving them an anniversary gift. Whether they enjoy pure nature or love sampling new dishes, whatever the age, we have you covered. Check these experience gifts to enrich the lives of the people who let you explore this world.

Anniversary Gifts for Parents

1. One night Getaway to the Woods - Wilderness Getaway

Are your parents those amiable guys who love meeting new people? What about a one-night getaway into the wilderness? This off-grid experience with tents, cooking with wood and getting warm by the fire will be complemented by white water rafting for adrenaline junkies or a soothing Thai Yoga massage for those seeking for relaxation.

Wilderness Adventure Tour

2. Toronto World Food Tour

Your parents surely treated you to many yummy dishes in your childhood. We’re sure, they’ll appreciate it if you refuel their tummies with some scrumptious yummies. Canada is such a multicultural country that there’s surely a lot to explore for everyone when it comes to the food scene. If they love many cultures and you want to get them acquainted with the specialties of several cuisines at once, this world food tour is just a must-do.
Toronto World Food Tour

3. Victoria Whale Watching Tour

Spotting the inhabitants of the ocean in real life is a truly amazing experience and luckily for Canadians, it can be done from several locations throughout the country. Bring your parents on this whale watching tour and they’ll be eye-to-eye with the most intelligent creatures in the ocean. Furthermore, they’ll learn some insightful and funny stories from the tour guides.
Victoria Whale Watching Tour

4. Butchart Gardens Experience

Treat your parents to a great floral experience for their anniversary. Gorgeous Butchart Gardens on Vancouver Island are a national historic site that enchants with its beauty every season. From stunning fragrant roses in summer and russet colours in fall to illuminated trees in winter and graceful tulips and daffodils in spring, your parents will be in love with them at any time of the year. The floral splendour will definitely hold their gaze and an elegant afternoon tea will further elevate the experience.
The Buchart Gardens

5. Romantic Helicopter Ride for Two

If your parents enjoy the sky, love privacy and have always dreamt of looking at their hometown from a bird’s-eye-view, a helicopter ride is a perfect anniversary gift idea then. With breathtaking views and a great pilot that will ensure their safety, this heli adventure will become a truly amazing life experience.
Romantic Helicopter Ride for Two over Toronto

6. Manitoba Sunset Cruise

lovely seals, delicious food and refreshing beverages are awaiting your parents on this evening cruise. They’ll take in the splendour of the Pictou Harbour and the New Glasgow River while listening to the captain’s stories about the surroundings.

Manitoba Sunset Cruise

Whether you were looking for an anniversary gift for your better half, parents or friends, we hope that you found something special that will make their celebration meaningful and memorable. Visit WOWnGO for even more unique gift ideas.

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