Indoor Date Ideas in Toronto this Winter (2021-2022)

For some people who are always cold outside in winter, going on a date when the weather is frightful is a kind of ordeal. Although it’s snowing, gorgeous Christmas trees and all these sparkly snowflakes create a festive atmosphere, those who are super cold outside on a crisp winter day in Toronto, cannot think of any joyful date idea in winter. I am not even speaking of the dates on rainy winter days. So, wonder what to do on a date in winter if you are always cold?

WOWnGO has made a list of 10 indoor winter date ideas in Toronto where you’ll feel warm. What about some pleasantly warm places and highly engaging experiences? The only time you’ll need to spend outside is while reaching the destination.
Indoor date ideas in Toronto

High Culture Indoor Date Ideas in Toronto aka a Dive into Art

If you are art fans, you simply want to get better acquainted with art or you want to introduce art to your better half, Toronto has many art-related institutions to help you spend a great indoor date on a winter day. A date in a museum or a gallery might be a very gripping one.

The building of AGO already draws attention and evokes your aesthetic ego. When you get inside, it’s getting even more interesting. Hundreds of thought-provoking pieces of art from all over the world and from diverse epochs. Paintings, photographs and impressive exhibitions vary depending on time. In such a place there is not only be a lot to see, but also a lot to discuss.
Indoor Date Idea for winter in Art Gallery of Ontario
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Royal Ontario Museum

Did you know that the Royal Ontario Museum is Canada’s biggest museum of natural history and world culture? Recognized as one of the most renowned museums in North America, it has something for everyone who is eager to learn more and see different parts of the world in one place. If you enjoy history or love learning about different cultures, this is a great idea for an indoor date for your couple.
Indoor Date Idea for winter in Royal Museum of Toronto
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Museum of Illusions

Don’t fancy spending much time outside cause the weather is slowly turning cold? Have fun in the Museum of Illusions. Pause the reality and challenge your brain. Forget what you think you’re seeing; you’ll have to look again. Here you can kill two birds with one stone, that is have fun and broaden your knowledge at once.
![Indoor Date Idea for winter in Museum of Illusions]( "Indoor Date in Museum of Illusions)
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Indoor Date Idea for winter Abstract Paint Pouring

Let your creativity flow during the Abstract Paint Pouring Experience. Express your feelings and yourself on a canvas, relax and get a beautiful artwork in the end. You choose the paints, the colors, you choose whether to use a brush or to let the paints flow by tilting the canvas. What about each of you makes two separate pictures and you interpret them after you have finished them? I guess such activity may help you find out more about each other; at least about your artistic nature.
Abstract acrylic paint pouring in Toronto
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Hockey Hall of Fame

If you’re hockey fans, visiting this place must be on the list of things to do indoors for a date. . Explore large exhibitions of artifacts that date back to the days when the game was founded. Go to the hockey theatre, play with the greatest goalkeepers in the animated room, find out and see the sculptures of the hockey legends.
Indoor Date Idea for winter in Hockey Hall of Fame
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Special Occasion Date Ideas in Toronto in Toronto

Celebrating a dating anniversary, a wedding anniversary, or any other special occasion? Pay attention to these date ideas for couples.

Private helicopter Tour for Two

The scenery from the sky is always something special. Even the biggest city in Canada seems to be so tiny. Enjoy the views, experience the thrill together (by the way, thrilling activities or those with an edge of danger strengthen a relationship) and spend a great time with each other. Just two of you at a height of 2000ft. Oh yes, make sure your other half is not terribly afraid of heights.
Date Idea for winter Private helicopter tour in Toronto
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Evening with a Magician or an indoor date idea at home

This will be a truly magical date night full of mystery and amusing jokes. This is another kind of thrilling activity which you can do without leaving your comfy sofa. I bet you’ll be totally stunned by what you see. After the show, exchange your impressions and ideas on how the performers pulled the tricks.
 Evening with a magician in Toronto as Indoor Date Idea for winter
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Indoor Date Ideas to Transfer to Another Reality from Toronto

To enter another reality Harry Potter had to take a risk and straightly run straight ahead to 9 and ¾ platform. No risky experiences on your date. Just choose between these two experiences.

Virtual Reality in Toronto

Looking for some entertainment? Virtual Reality Arcade in downtown Toronto offers you multiplayer content. You can choose anything from horrors and shooters to escape rooms and adventures. Enjoy your inside date night in the world of cool games.
Virtual Reality Experience in Toronto as Indoor Date Idea for winter
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Mystery and Magic Show

Enjoy the mysterious show of the Las Vegas-style in Toronto. You and your other half will be blown away by hilarious jokes, great magic tricks and mind-reading! You can also play games before the event and enjoy food and drinks. I am sure, you won’t regret it. If you want to be right in front of the stage, book seats on the main floor.
mystery and magic show in Toronto as Indoor Date Idea for winter
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