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Toronto Food Tour: Taste the World in Kensington Market

Toronto, Canada
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2 hours 30 minutes
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Reviews (24)

Jeff G
Kensington market is an ethnically diverse neighborhood with small local shops and eateries. Our guide Odelia knew the area well as she used to own a chocolate shop nearby. We tried Jamaican patties, fresh roasted coffees with a spinach pastry made on site, Chinese bao buns, Vietnamese and Tibetan specialties and a fresh Stuffed churro. Go hungry and ask for Odelia as your guide. She gave us lots of history and local info.
Published: 2022.05.13
Christine C
Food was spectacular. We expected a food tour. And they delivered in spades. Exceptional food and such a nice variety. We didn’t anticipate the extent of the history that Damian provided for us.. Damian was an amazing guide. His knowledge of the history of the area and the food seemed endless. The personal relationships he has with the owners and staff in Kensington made the tour all that more personal.
Published: 2022.04.18
It was our first visit to Kensington Market and it was made even more interesting by our friendly and knowledgeable guide, Damian. The food was amazing and very different from what we had eaten before. The culinary adventure was nicely complimented with the interesting stories and history about Kensington Market from Damian.
Published: 2022.03.14
Jocelyn S
Was great. Had my son beside me and a friend on FaceTime. Appreciated the questions from the group. Learned a lot. The whole thing ran smoothly.
Published: 2022.02.16
Stevie B
Great experience to get to know the history and tastes of Kensington. Our guide was super knowledgeable. I learned a lot despite being from Toronto!
Published: 2022.01.13
I would definitely recommend this experience. Even though we went on a cold day, the walking was not to extensive and our host Odile was very knowledgeable. My favorite parts were the Turkish restaurant, the Jamaican patty, and the churros. We were STUFFED by the end of the tour. There were few sketchy parts where we had to walk through alley's but overall the experience was fun and safe : )
Published: 2022.01.01
Odile was a great guide! Tour was paced well with wonderful food experiences and great facts about the market and it's history. The market really is a unique jem in Toronto and this is the best way to visit!
Published: 2021.12.14
This tour was excellent from start to finish! The restaurants we visited were all top notch providing great samples of the cuisine they provide. Our guide,Damian was exceptional, satiating our knowledge appetite with great facts about Kensington Market and the food culture within it. Highly recommend!
Published: 2021.12.11
We had a wonderful time, exploring a neighbourhood we thought we knew!! Odile was a pleasure and showed us so many new things. The food choices were perfect!
Published: 2021.12.07
Such a fun tour! We had Odile as our guide and she was so lovely and knowledgeable. The food was so varied - never would you be able to sample from so many places on your own. It makes the whole neighbourhood feel more accessible and you'll be inspired and confident in exploring more on your own after.
Published: 2021.11.23
This was such a delicious tour! Odile, our guide, is so lovely and knowledgeable. She was so kind and is super smart and made the tour that much better. Also, loved EVERY single place we went to. Coffee at Moonbeam is literally out of this world, Ding Dong pastries are delicious, the Caribbean Corner has some fire patties, Best Istanbul made me realize I actually like pickles, I’ll be drinking butter tea all winter thanks to Tibet Cafe and Bar, and Pancho’s Bakery has churros that are to die for. Thank you!!! This food tour was amazing!!!!!!!
Published: 2021.11.22
Wonderful experience! Our tour guide Damien was very knowledgeable about foods from around the world, and how they all come together in Kensington market - within the context of Toronto/ world history. We tried different foods/ drinks and by the end of it were quite full. Damien kept a fun conversation going throughout the tour. It’s the perfect tour for Toronto residents / visitors - helps develop a true appreciation for Toronto’s diversity, and shows another side of Toronto. Can’t wait to try other tasty tours!
Published: 2021.11.14
While in Toronto for a long girls weekend, my friend and I decided to try the Tasty Tours food tour at Kensington Market. It did not disappoint! Our guide, Odile, was very knowledgeable about the neighborhood and it’s history. She was really nice to chat with and provided some great travel insights. The food was amazing and very diverse. Most of what we tried was new for me and not available in my hometown. Believe the reviews when they say to come hungry. We were so full from our tour that we didn’t eat dinner. I highly recommend Tasty Tours and this tour with Odile. It was very enjoyable and by far the highlight of my trip!
Published: 2021.11.12
What an amazing tour of lots of hidden gems you would normally never stumble upon. Odile, our tour guide has been magnificent. Hands down the best experience we've had during a week long stay in Toronto.
Published: 2021.11.12
There was no Experience Rating option for "GOOD" - so this tour was somewhere between average and very good.... and for 90 minutes - we packed in allot! Visiting from Ottawa and looking for something different.... this was different! Damien, our guide, was very informed on the history of the market from its origins as a Jewish market to the current coronavirus challenges, he had little tid-bits of info that we would never have known. There was ALLOT of food, and a wide variety!! Moonbeam Coffee Company - Israel (Boreka & Coffee) Ding Dong Pastries & Cafe - China (Chinese Pork Bun) Caribbean Corner - Jamaica (Jamaican Patties) Tibet Cafe & Bar - Tibet (Momo's) Best Istanbul Restaurant - Turkey (Classic Turkish Doner Wrap) Pancho's Bakery - Portugal (Churro's) By the end of the tour, we were stuffed! ** the TOFFLE - (The Toronto Truffle) - was a nice added touch. :)
Published: 2021.11.05
We were looking for a fun family excursion in the city and came across this idea online. My wife and I have lived in Toronto 25 years and never been to Kensington Market. What an experience! Our guide Odile had intimate knowledge of the area that really added to the experience and brought this tiny neighbourhood to life. The food itself was delicious and diverse (not to mention plentiful). I highly recommend this tour and think it's suitable for teens/adults/elderly.
Published: 2021.11.02
We have lived in Toronto for many years and loved learning more about Kensington Market and discovering some new restaurants and foods! Our tour guide was very knowledgeable about the history and the area.
Published: 2021.11.01
Itay P
I visited the market before , but doing the tour give me new perspectives , and allow me to discover hidden gems. We had a wonderful time , with our guide Odile .
Published: 2021.10.29
This was a fantastic experience. From my initial email for information to working with us on booking our private tour and finally to the tour the service was excellent. We had 4 adults and 4 kids ages 4-12 on the tour and we all had a wonderful experience. We tried new foods and learned so much about the history of the market and the restaurants we went to. I would feel comfortable now going on my own when in Toronto again to try some of these places again and other new ones. Highly recommend it for anyone wanting to try lots of different foods.
Published: 2021.10.27
This is a lovely activity to do on a nice sunny day. They weren't kidding about being full by the end of the tour. We couldn't finished all of our food and had to take it to go. We were stuffed. There were five stops on our world food tour, essentially we sampled food from 5 different countries. I frequent Kensington Market often, yet these places were all new to me, which was great! I also met some nice new people on the tour which was a bonus. I would recommend this tour. Plus, Odile (our guide) is very knowledgeable and friendly.
Published: 2021.10.16
Thé tour was fantastic! Damian was great at providing behind the scenes Information on the area as well as each places we stopped. The food was amazing. Highly recommend it
Published: 2021.10.15
Terrifically informative and dee-lish experience! Our guide Odile was a lovely Parisienne with a taste for food and a formidable knowledge of the Kensington market. 5 stars! Terry from Toronto
Published: 2021.10.15
The food was excellent,we get a big portion from each stop that we where able to get the full flavor ,Damien was an excellent guide
Published: 2021.10.03
Odile was great. We learned stuff we didn’t know. Stumbled upon this by accident when I was looking for something else and decided to try this on a whim. Would go again.
Published: 2021.10.03

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