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Reviews (24)

Just reviewing to say, avoid the cafe. Bad food for the price. And beware the ultrafast elevator doors that may try to beat you up. Great exhibits, a bit light on context in places.
Published: 2022.05.08
Awesome time ! Affordable ! Easy way to buy tickets and recover tickets when it’s time for the event ! I got a text message with a link to my tickets ! It was awesome and easy!
Published: 2022.05.06
ROM is a great museum that is enjoyable for you and your family. My favorite is the Natural History gallery which boasts our rich biodiversity and how it is continuously being threatened by invasive human beings. Definitely learned a lot from this exhibit!
Published: 2022.05.03
This is an absolutely beautiful museum. It combines information about nature and history and the exhibits were all first rate. There are a lot of things for kids to enjoy but as adults, we found it really a wonderful museum. We loved the entire experience and it is located in the most magnificent building in downtown Toronto!!
Published: 2022.05.02
I have a question!! I see you have to book times for each exhibit. From what I've learned it takes 3 hours at the museum. How do I choose the times for the seperate tickets? We are staying at the Marriott Eatons Centre and planned on shopping in the morning, have lunch and head to the ROM by 2pm and stay till 5:30 close. Dinner is near the ROM Will this give us enough time?
Published: 2022.05.02
It is fantastic and a great contribution to the generations in culture and art. The better in Canada
Published: 2022.04.24
Whale exhibit is interesting and informative as were the animals and dinosaurs. Grandkids loved it!!
Published: 2022.04.24
I visited the Royal Ontario Museum in April 2022. I bought my ticket online in advance the evening before. This is a massive museum and I only had two hours. So I focused on the Chinese art collection which was fantastic. Buddha statues, paintings, porcelain, coins and many other Chinese artifacts. I spent almost the entire two hours in the Chinese art collection looking at things carefully and taking some photos. There were a couple of dinosaurs which were a good photo opportunity. The Chinese art collection is only one part of this huge museum. I hope to come back and see more of the museum in the future.
Published: 2022.04.18
Kimberly S
The museum has great exhibits and that seem to go on and on forever! We especially enjoyed learning so much about Asian art and culture. All of the exhibits were amazing!
Published: 2022.04.17
Rachel C
Amazing museum, our favorite spot was the Earth's Treasures. We were disappointed in the prices at the boutique $$$ and not enough affordable souvenirs for kids
Published: 2022.03.19
The ROM was such an amazing day trip...the whale exhibit was very well done...we both learned so much! The dinosaur exhibit was a big hit too for us...we would definitely go again. Take your time and learn😀
Published: 2022.03.19
Jackson LOVED the bat cave! He went through many times! The hands on Biodiversity area was great too. The room with all the birds and the area with the insects were very enjoyable. The Great Whale Exhibit was awesome, as was, of course, the dinosaurs! We were pleasantly surprised with how well the cafe flowed and prices were reasonable. We were disappointed things in the gift shop were extremely overpriced. We were hoping to just get a little something to remember our day.
Published: 2022.03.18
We could pick the time our ticket was for, so we didn't have crowds of people all at one time. The Wild Life Photography Exhibit was so incredible, I could have stayed there another hour. We also really enjoyed The Whales and learned so much about these amazing fragile creatures. I vowed to stop eating fish after I saw this exhibit, and will write my MP about endorses more fishing laws so they don't become entangled in fishing gear. The building was incredibly well organized, good signage, and loved the shop. The employees were all very friendly and helpful.
Published: 2022.03.14
The ROM has lost its charm. I have been periodically visiting the Museum for the past 30 years. The website is difficult to use and lacks an accessible, positive user experience, similarly with its call centre. Good luck getting through to chat to anyone or getting a response to emails sent to the ROM expressing concerns. For a purported world class Museum, it pales in comparison to the Smithsonian and National Gallery. The exhibitions are quite decent and worth a visit, but firstly you have to get through the quagmire of a poorly designed website and CallCenter, coupled with oftentimes unfriendly and indifferent staff.
Published: 2022.03.07
Romy F
Big wide museum with everything from rocks to mummies, dinosaurs and Chinese tombs. Not very linear so make sure you check out a map once in while. Also wise to decide what to prioritize because kids will get tired and won’t have the energy to follow anymore.
Published: 2022.03.05
We visited yesterday for the first time. Amazing place and if a tour guide named Lynn offers to show around. Definitely say yes
Published: 2022.02.28
The annual nature photography show is wonderful as usual. Also very interesting are the special exhibition on "Great Whales" and the permanent exhibition, "Dawn of Life".
Published: 2021.12.17
The Royal Ontario Museum is huge!! We spend approx. 2.5 hours here and visited all of the exhibits, but particularly enjoyed the Chinese and the Egyptian sections and the “Evolution of Style” exhibits in the European Gallery. There is so much to see and absorb that you really need more than one visit to appreciate all the ROM has to offer.
Published: 2021.12.12
Having heard so much about the special exhibits and the new Dawn of Life gallery, we decided to spend 3 days visiting the ROM. The highlight of our visit was the Dawn of Life Gallery. We prepared for this by attending the ROM Speaks lecture "Reimagining the First Animals. The content was intriguing. Maydianne Andrade was an outstanding moderator. Best of all both Marc Laflamme and Jean-Bernard Caron stayed in the gallery for about 1 1/2 hours afterwards to answer questions and share their enthusiasm about the Ediacaran and Burgess Shale fossils. The gallery is colourful, well thought out and effortlessly educational. 5 stars all by itself. The Great Whale exhibit was stunning and thought provoking. We loved it. Wildlife Photographer of the Year was breathtakingly beautiful and confounding, "How on earth did that person take that picture?" Breaking the Frame was a tour de force on the development of the art of photography. The Cloth that Changed the World not only had stunning chintz on display and signage that provided interesting information on the effect of manufacturing techniques and trade on world history.
Published: 2021.12.10
I went to the ROM specifically to look at the display of Mayan artifacts, particularly those collected by Dr. Pendergrass. What I found was one single room housing the displays of North America, Central America, South America and AFRICA all in a space smaller than that assigned to Greece. Not one mention of Mayan, Inca, or Aztec cultures at all. The display that was there about Indigenous cultures was so limited in scope as to be a disgrace. I will NEVER return to the museum.
Published: 2021.12.09
The newest exhibit has to be the best one, a lot of effort was put into it and thebwwit was well worth it
Published: 2021.12.06
The new exhibition Dawn of Life is so informative and educational. I highly recommend visiting this as well as the Whales, Photography and Chintz exhibits. We are lucky to have the Royal Ontario Museum with its wonderful collections and it is a treasure that Canadians should be very proud of.
Published: 2021.12.04
I was disappointed in the Great Whale Exhibition. While the whale skeletons were amazing and there was much information provided about the animals, all interactive exhibits were nonfunctional. With some effort and simple disinfection many could have been safely operated. There was an awkward attempt to introduce an indigenous perspective on sustainability. It would have been interesting to learn exactly how First Nations historically hunted and used the whales and how we could learn from them. There was very little of this. A summary of this portion of the exhibit could be essentially described as 'Settler Bad' coupled with references to Turtle Island, an insistence in calling Canada 'the country now known as Canada' and a song by an elder. An opportunity missed to share knowledge.
Published: 2021.11.06
VIator does not provide "skip the line" service because the code cannot be scanned by the Royal Ontario Museum scanners. Embarrassingly, we were forced to go back to the line for people purchasing tickets then told that out tickets cannot be scanned by the ROM scanners. The ROM staff were generous enough to give us free tickets otherwise we would have lost out on the experience. Useless service. I do not recommend.
Published: 2021.10.17

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