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  • Brunch
  • Complementary Mimosa
  • Cruise through the lagoons
  • The listed price does not include a parking fee
  • Drinks (available for purchase)
  • Hotel pickup and drop-off

Toronto Obsession III Brunch Cruise

Toronto, Canada
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2 hours 30 minutes
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The perfect way to spend Valentine’s Day! Let’s hope we’ll be able to do it again soon. We have great memories of that day!
Published: 2021.01.27
We took the evening sunset cruise version on the Obsession III which included dinner. You can purchase wine (bottles) in advance when you book your tickets, but there is no advantage to doing this. The wine on the menu is readily available and the price is the same. The booking will tell you to get there 30 minutes in advance, and you should arrive at least that early. There was a big line up when we arrived, and the on-boarding moved slowly-they take a photo of each couple or party as the board to try and sell it to you later. There is upper and lower floor seating and it is first come first served-you can’t reserve. Don’t be disappointed by about not getting the seat you thought you wanted. You can easily walk out to a viewing deck while you are waiting for dinner, and once you are finished, you can go out on deck again and admire the view all you want. In fact, my preference turned out to be the bottom floor where I was seated, because they leave that floor alone, but the top floor, they clear after dinner, and move the tables to the sides for guests to enjoy the music and dancing available if they want. The dinner was fine, nothing worth raving about. The views are amazing-the Toronto Island, the evolving city skyline as sun sets ,the planes landing and taking off, the water traffic..this boat cruise makes viewing all that very enjoyable.
Published: 2019.08.31
This was supposed to be a fun couples brunch on the water but it quickly became apparent that this was not going to be that at all. Although reservations were made weeks in advance they didn’t seem to know where to sit us. We were told to go upstairs, then downstairs and was finally sat awkwardly at a table in the middle of the floor where people’s rear ends were skimming our table when it was time to line up for food. No announcement was made that food was being served so once people realized what was going on the rushed to the line. The food was diner quality at best and if you drank your orange juice or mimosa while waiting for food to be served you were offered room temperature water or coffee (all in plastic/foam cups). Since I drank my juice immediately upon being seated due to the heat and up and downstairs travel I was told orange juice would be extra. Needless to say we paid extra for the orange juice. No announcement was made that dessert was being served or that the cruise was over. It was all a guessing game. Disappointed.
Published: 2019.07.25
This is an old ship. I saw many more modern and appropriate ones sailing around the harbor. You get one small mimosa on boarding and after that you pay for any pop, beer, alcoholic beverage, juice, tea, etc that you might want including bottled water. You can get water poured out of a plastic jug in a plastic cup if you wen5 to a counter and poured it yourself. Coffee was not offered but if you asked you were directed to a table at where they had paper cups and a carafe of coffe to help yourself. There was also milk/cream in the type of containers you might get at a MacDonald’s. My first cup was with cream that had gone bad and curdled when poured 8nto the coffee, guess they had this out of refrigeration for too long. Food was ok, scarambled eggs, sausages, etc. nothing special. I must say that if you really want to see the harbor and Toronto skyline, etc. ,this is no way to see it as the food Is served on the lower level and the views from there are not very good. Getting the food and eating etc, takes most o& the t8me so by the time you are finished and go to the upper deck the cruise is mostly finished. Other ships seem to have better layouts where you can see the scenery while seated at the table. To conclude, I would not use this ship again but would seek other cruise ships.
Published: 2018.09.16
James H

We had a fantastic day on the brunch cruise even the rain could not spoil the day the staff where just great and the food was superb we both enjoyed the day

Published: 2016.05.10

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