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Toronto, Canada
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Reviews (24)

My second time with different children. Being March break , a bit crowded but manageable. Had to explain some things , however they were only 8 and 10 years old. A bit pricy , but it is Toronto. All in all I do believe they learned from it too . Of course I enjoyed it also .
Published: 2022.05.05
Very cool!!! A must see. Spent an hour there with my grown son, and we both had fun. Staff was very friendly
Published: 2022.05.01
Such a cool fun little afternoon we had. We decided to go check out this museum of illusions and boy oh boy did we have fun!!! The staff were super friendly and helpful. All the exhibits were super cool and mind blowing. Lots of interactive exhibits and rooms. Great opportunities for pictures to remember this day by.
Published: 2022.04.21
Not really worth the money. Very few attractions and it was packed with people. I assume there is no control on the time the people can spend once you get in while in your booked time.
Published: 2022.04.01
Make sure your phone is fully charged to take a ton of pics. Also recommend a small puff before going in.
Published: 2022.03.22
The concept of a museum of optical illusions is a good one. But this was just a rip off. It’s very small and is basically just pictures on the walls of the same worn out optical illusions that most people have seen before, many times - most of them are constantly doing the rounds in social media posts. We were out within 15-20 minutes. For the high ticket price this really was a complete joke, sorry.
Published: 2022.01.11
Very cool attractions…older teens loved it! Fun photo ops! A little smaller then we were expecting but a cool experience!
Published: 2021.12.29
Purchased tickets as a gift. I was billed given an order#, etc. but received no tickets. Contacted Marko (as he deals with problems) with the details but, he says there is no record of the transaction? I spoke directly with staff at Museum of Illusions, and they can see date, time, Order #, amount, and that it was billed? I told Marko This, and he has not refunded me my funds or provided tickets??
Published: 2021.12.21
Was a nice experience to my family and myself, mostly for the little ones but we enjoyed the experience too
Published: 2021.12.20
NOT WORTH IT. Waste of money absolutely overpriced for what it was. Small venue and crowded, finished the tour in under 20 minutes. Only cool part was the moving tunnel. Most of it is just framed optical illusions on the walls.
Published: 2021.11.06
Small puzzles and Infinity Room were cool and challenging. Plan to explore all the exhibits for full value.
Published: 2021.10.17
Isa b
Short activity. Doing everything with 2 teens took us less than 1 hour. But we enjoyed it. it was a rainy day in TO and this had an appeal to the whole family. Hubby had already seen many of the illusions online, but I had seen less. It was fun to try and figure out puzzles and mysteries. they had a small gift shop too. I liked that it got us interacting, instead of being bystanders of a screen.
Published: 2021.09.08
Not worth the money..... takes less then 15 mins to see everything. Thought this is the magic one. It was not ....
Published: 2021.09.07
We couldn’t make it on time for the slot we reserved, so we tried calling them several times. No answer. We couldn’t change it online either. We got there, the employee told us she could MAYBE let us in for the next half hour but it wasn’t guaranteed. She said if we didn’t want to, she could refund us. We ended up asking for a refund instead, but she then told us she didn’t have the authority to process a refund and that we would have to email hello@museumofillusions.ca. I had to write to them TWICE because they were unresponsive. I ended up getting a half-hearted email telling us they couldn’t refund us and that we could email them to change the time for a future date (although I had specified in the initial email that we’re from out of town and no longer in Toronto). Wrote them back and still haven’t gotten an answer nor have I gotten my money back from an experience I didn’t have. HORRIBLE customer service.
Published: 2021.09.06
Upon reading “Museum” - imagine of a spacious building comes up in mind, however, that’s far from reality Main attractions for me are: Circulating room - DO NOT GO THERE WITH DYSLEXIC Few hypno stuff and pretty much it, takes 15 minutes to finish everything and leave I was expecting a number of people for such a small building to be drastically lower, amount of children running under your legs, creating obstacles and possible ways to harm others is no joke
Published: 2021.08.28
Not worth the price! Very tiny couple of rooms with mostly plaques on the wall. There are only 4 or 5 cool, instagram-worthy displays out of the 70 illusions. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone.
Published: 2021.08.27
This is a fairly limited series of illusions, some of which are commonly available, but still enjoyable, especially the room that shrinks/expands - kept 3 adults and 2 teens entertained for 45 minutes- and plenty of hand rub available for cleaning post use of puzzles etc.
Published: 2021.08.24
We were able to get in a bit early (yeah) it was nice and quiet. Kids had an absolute blast as did the adults. Very fun, educational and thought provoking.
Published: 2021.08.18
The mirrors my kids really loved it. And I also liked the turn table overall is was a great experience.
Published: 2021.08.15
It is a generous 3 rating. There was not much there for the money. Overpriced and very small. It had cool illusions but there was not enough of them to look at and interact with.
Published: 2021.08.15
I bought the ticket for Thursday and was sent a message that the company doesn’t reopen until Friday even though online it said they were open already.I sent an email to cancel my ticket and no one replied to help. Never got a refund
Published: 2021.08.13
Our family of four (kids 11 and 14) was engaged and entertained for about 45 minutes. We took a lot of fun pictures and had a good time figuring out the puzzles. Was it worth the price of admission? Debatable because I think it was still about 25% higher than I’d like to pay. But, we’re glad we went.
Published: 2021.08.09
It was a lot smaller than I expected, and although there were some cool illusions, I have seen a lot of the illusions online. It was a but disappointing but the few illusions were neat.
Published: 2021.08.06
Great place with very fun and amazing illusions. It's great for young and old alike. Too bad it's a pretty small place
Published: 2021.08.03

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