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  • Fixed-wing air tour of Toronto
  • Pictures in your camera with our client host
  • Includes new masks and new reusable Faceshields per Government Regulations for Air Operators
  • Gratuities
  • The listed price does not include a $30 per person fuel and COVID surcharge payable upon check in
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Exhilarating 120km Aerial Tour of Toronto with iflyTOTO

Markham, Canada
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24 minutes
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Reviews (24)

Amazingggg and the staff was so accommodating I would definitely go again!! The city is absolutely gorgeous from above
Published: 2022.04.19
No headsets nothing… worst customer service!! Over the phone it was great and at the premises, no professionalism. I wont recommend to anyone.!!
Published: 2022.04.11
I purchased the private tour as a gift for my partners birthday as a surprise. Although the views were amazing, please note that the experience they advertise on the site is NOT what you will get in person. Negative: 1. There is no private lounge like they advertise on the site. 2. We were not provided with any food or drinks prior to the flight like they say on they website and had to wait half an hour before anyone came to talk to us about our flight. 3. The plane used is NOT the plane you see in the pictures on their website or on this site. It is a small aircraft with 2 seats for the pilots and 2 seats for passengers (see images). You still get great views but it is not a luxury experience like they say. 4. The plane is COLD. They don't tell you this on the site but bring sweaters and blankets (especially in the winter). 5. When we called to tell the company about our experience and how it was vastly different than the one promised on the site and we would like half our money back, they basically said "well you got in the air didn't you?". They said we could have $40 back out of $330..... no thanks. Positive: 1. Our pilot was lovely. He was young and friendly and made us feel very safe and comfortable during the whole ride. This was good since we were closer to him than you would be in a car. 2. The views are INCREDIBLE. Seeing the city from the air is spectacular. I would recommend this experience but just remember that what you see/read is not what you get.
Published: 2022.03.14
Amazing tour .. worth every penny ! The pilot always made sure me and my girlfriend were comfortable and safe which I believe was important !
Published: 2022.03.07
I'm having the HARDEST time contacting the operators, They called me a good amount of time before my flight to tell me the rain cancelled the trip and I should schedule at a later date, I did not know at the time which date would work best for me and my brother so I told them I will contact them later and confirm. (FEB. 22) They said no problem and a week later I give them a text, no reply. Call, no reply. call again, no reply. I cannot believe this and I don't know how to contact them. They wont pick up or answer?? (MAR. 4)
Published: 2022.03.04
It was really enjoyable,comfortable and amazing! The pilot of polite. Everybody should try for sure.
Published: 2021.11.27
It was amazing, we were late for 30 minutes because of traffic but they still gave us a great opportunity to see the amazing view. You should definitely go there if you come to Toronto! You should check what is included in the package before you go.
Published: 2021.11.24
This was an amazing experience and very very fun! The service was very good because I had to reschedule many times and they were flexible! Would HIGHLY recommend!
Published: 2021.11.13
Simply amazing experience. From beginning to the very end, it was worth every single penny. My wife and I enjoyed it a lot
Published: 2021.10.28
Great experience overall. Would’ve been even greater if the wind was light but the ride was still smooth
Published: 2021.10.19
Amazing staff! Everyone was so sweet, it was a very cool experience. I took my boyfriend for a mini surprise for his birthday and he loved it!
Published: 2021.09.12
The staff was so amazing, and sweet! I took my boyfriend here as a surprise for his birthday and he LOVED it! It was so beautiful and fun!
Published: 2021.09.12
Was very excited to experience this with my partner for our anniversary, we were extremely disappointed with the customer service. Not only are there hidden fee’s that are only brought up to your attention upon arrival, but the owner was extremely unprofessional and unreliable. We were given no guidance on who to speak to upon arrival, very disorganized. No one is in the building to greet you, doors all locked, when you call the owner he does not answer his phone after multiple attempts. Very sketchy feel to this whole experience pre flight. After we complained about poor customer service the owner then proceeded to bash us over the phone to his pilot asking what we looked like. To make matters worse, he calls us again telling us our expectations are too high. We are paying customers, who at least expect human decency. Overall, the flight was great, pilot was extremely professional and friendly, not worth all the headache though.
Published: 2021.08.23
Really beautiful view, pilot was welcoming & very polite. Checking in was seamless & efficient. Upgraded our plane ride to 33min rather than 24min. happy that i did.
Published: 2021.08.21
Excellent flight. Aircraft was immaculate. Feels bigger than the pics. Our pilots were instructors with big airlines which is a bonus. They explained to us what to expect including some of the bumpiness. The group flying with us was wonderful and fun. A wonderful experience and will definitely redo with some of our visitors. I highly recommend it.
Published: 2021.08.19
The view was fantastic. Also a bit scary which added to the fun. The ride was bumpy so would definitely make sure to not eat heavy beforehand.
Published: 2021.08.17
I want to be very HONEST here as I believe there is some false advertising happening … a bit of bait and switch. First, I unfortunately would never do this again nor recommend to anyone. The 8 person executive plane which I booked my outing based on, was nowhere in sight. The day before our flight, company emailed offering to be bump us up to private for an additional $15 per person … I declined. There were enough people (whom we spoke to), at the time we arrived at Buttonville, on the same excursion, to fill an 8 seater plane if that was truly available. Instead, we were told we got “upgraded” to a private flight - in retrospect I wish we declined. What we got was a small ‘puddle jumper’ type plane that can only accommodate 3 ppl, if one person sits in the front with the pilot. It was a beautiful clear day, and while you expect some bumpiness what we experienced unimaginable! I support small businesses, but be forthright with offerings. Definitely not worth the $$$ ….DISAPPOINTED!
Published: 2021.08.17
sylvain p
Excellente tour with Nick we love it I recommand it, good fly around thé city of Toronto, thé pilot is very nice, he make us confortable in the plane,thanks flytotow
Published: 2021.08.08
The aerial tour of Toronto exceeded my expectations. Staff were friendly and helpful, the view was amazing. Got some really good pictures.
Published: 2021.08.05
New positive experience. It is good to do together with your friends or somebody significant for you to have a chance to share and discuss this experience. It feels safe.
Published: 2021.08.01
the experience was very good. i was able to take nice pictures of the city !!! We also went around the ocean :)
Published: 2021.07.30
Planned a birthday surprise for my husband, it went extremely nice even the crew was supportive. So far best thing to do..! Kuddos iflyTOTO
Published: 2021.07.13
Wait was longer than expected but it was worth it. We were upgraded due to weather conditions so we got a private flight. Highly recommend
Published: 2021.07.13
The first thing I would like to write about is that the trip was postponed due to weather conditions, and this was done by the operator on time and at a convenient time. A small nuisance was the increase in the cost of the flight, due to the initially "airport" taxes not included in the price - but in the end, this did not spoil the overall experience. The flight was true with professional pilots, both takeoff and landing were as comfortable as possible. The flight went smoothly - the weather was favorable. During the flight, it was possible to see and make both a photo and a video. From the plane, on the height of the CN Tower peak, there are very beautiful views of the familiar places of Toronto, the vast greenery of the suburbs, the transport arteries of the GTA, and the blue surface with many sails boats of Lake Ontario.
Published: 2021.07.11

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