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Dog Sledding and Snowshoeing Tour from Toronto

Toronto, Canada
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Reviews (21)

We went dog sledding and it was so much fun!! Mike is a great tour guide and took many pictures of us.
Published: 2021.03.18
Amazing day! Dog-sledding was the highlight! Dogs were super friendly and learning how to manouver the sled ourselves was amazing. Lenka was very organised and friendly.
Published: 2021.01.28
Screaming Heads Snow shoeing and Dog Sledding. It was a nice experience. Lenka is so organized, so warm and felt safe during the entire trip. Took photos and making sure we all enjoyed our trip. Nice Lenka, looking forward for more trips with you.
Published: 2021.01.16
This was my first experience of dog sledding and I enjoyed every moment of it. I would like to do it again in future and highly recommend everyone to experience it.
Published: 2021.01.12
Absolutely amazing tour- couldn’t recommend it enough from start to finish. Lenka and Chris were the perfect hosts. The instructor Ed was knowledgeable and went through everything with us before going out with the dogs on the sleds. Gorgeous setting in North Ontario ,covered in snow. You will not be disappointed- 100% recommend to anyone looking for a true Canadian experience/ adventure.
Published: 2020.12.30
Ended up with just a small group of 2 because some guests didn't show up, and business was quite bad in general due to the worldwide COVID situation. But still had a pretty good day! Lenka was friendly and accommodating! This tour felt very un-touristy, which was great! Snowtubing was super fun, and dogsledding was really quite an experience too. Very lucky and happy to have had the chance to try these things, esp for someone coming from a tropical country! It's a little pricey, yes, but quite worth it if you're unlikely if you don't think you'll get a chance to do something like this again in the near future.
Published: 2020.03.30
Dogsledding was really once in a lifetime experience. Ed's instruction and guidance was perfect. My son drove and I sat on the basket. Dogs were so sweet and very smart. We ran through an unbelievably beautiful forest. We patted and hugged dogs. We enjoyed lunch, roasting and marshmallows, and snowshoeing. Lenka, our guide, was very helpful and thoughtful. She was a careful driver and a fun person to talk to. She kindly took us photos and videos. Also she took us to a nice washroom at the right timing so that we had no trouble at all. I am truly thankful to her, Ed and his coworkers, and dogs for our unforgettable Canadian experience.
Published: 2020.03.28
Highly recommend. 100% This day trip made my first trip to Canada amazing and unforgettable. The snow tubing was fun- I felt like a kid all over again. The dog sledding was even more awesome than I anticipated. The dogs were so loving and beautiful. Mike (guide) and the dog's owner were super informative and fun. The scenery was so beautiful. I would do this all over again in a heartbeat. Just sign up already!
Published: 2020.03.07
An excellent day out to start my holiday. Lenka was a friendly and welcoming host. Each activity was fun on its own but as a package was great value for money. I would highly recommend this to anyone travelling solo or as a group
Published: 2020.03.02
An excellent trip with very friendly hosts. Lived up to all my expectations and more. Lenka even provided personalised photos to help remember the experiences. Highly recommended trip
Published: 2020.03.02
My colleagues and I booked this tour in advance and that process went very smoothly. We received a friendly and personal follow-up from Lenka. Mike was our fantastic and very professional tour guide that day telling us a lot. The tour was so much fun and we experienced an amazing day. Travelling Chicken is a great tour operator and we would highly recommend them if you like to do any outdoor activity.
Published: 2020.02.28
viona v
We were in Toronto only for a day and it was a very busy fullfilling one! We had the best guide and cook and also had an amazing time dog sledding with experience people who care about the dogs welfare as well
Published: 2020.02.18
A friend and I booked this trip and had the most incredible day!. Lenka was so friendly and professional! The whole day is full of adventure and amazing scenery. Travelling chicken has thought through all the little things like preparing a nice warm chilli and hot chocolate in the heated yurt for once you have finished your sledding. Honestly could not recommend this trip more. 12/10!!
Published: 2020.02.04
As a middle aged solo traveler it is sometimes hard to find tours that suit. This tour was simply wonderful. Lenka was accommodating and attentive, a skilled organizer and hospitable guide. The snow tubing was exhilarating and the dog sledding exceptional. A truly unique experience. Thanks to Ed and Rachel for their instructions and knowledge. Significantly, it was fantastic value for a solo traveler. Getting places is tricky, car hire etc is expensive for one. This experience would not have been easy on my own, maybe not possible. Thanks Lenka. I highly recommend for all ages and types if traveler.
Published: 2020.01.29
Had an absolute great time on this tour. It’s an early start and a huge day but it‘s worth every cent! I was even able to rent snow gear as I didn’t have any. There was a friendly atmosphere built and fostered by Lenka which made the tour inviting and fun for a solo traveller like me. The activities were amazing and the included lunch was delicious and satisfying. Would 100% recommend this tour!
Published: 2020.01.22
Where do I even begin! I am avid traveler and love trying adventurous things, so when I saw that dog sledding was an option that I could participate in while visiting Toronto, it was a no brainer to book the tour. I placed my deposit and followed all of the suggestions that was sent to me via email. This email was key to my overall enjoyment of the trip - without it I would have arrived completely unprepared coming from Texas. I bought all of the essentials that were recommended to keep me from freezing while enjoying the activity. Please adhere to the email it will definitely make your time outdoors more pleasurable. You will receive everything as promised: hot chocolate, roasted marshmallows over a campfire, hot chili, etc. There are outdoor restrooms at the dog sledding campsite, but our tour guide was kind enough to stop at a few places along the way to allow us time to use the indoor restrooms or grab a quick bite to eat. Speaking of the tour guide.... Lenka was AWESOMEEEEE and we all adored her. She took beautiful photos of us as we were dogsledding, snow shoeing, and snow tubing. Thank you Lenka for such an amazing day outside of Toronto. It was all very exhilarating and an experience I will cherish for the rest of my life. If you have a chance to book this tour please do so, I promise you will not regret it for one moment. My fiancé has not stopped raving about it to his friends since we came home!
Published: 2020.01.22
I messaged lenka already on a thursday for a weeekend trip but still she found a way to book us slots for the sunday schedule. Was supposedly to be picked up at york mills but was instead arranged to a place nearer me as i was the only one for pick-up there. Good thing she communicated it very well to me! The tour went well as scheduled and we got lots of pictures! Thanks! This tour is very much recommended! 👍
Published: 2020.01.21
So, my family wanted to experience snow, dog sledding, snow shoeing, and snow tubing. We booked a trip to Canada to specifically do this adventure. We bough snow boots, warm gloves, and snow pants to be prepared for this trip. I called the tour operator, Travelling Chicken, and spoke to Lanka multiple times to ensure this trip was available and that it would happen. We booked the trip, payment was immediately taken, we received a confirmation email and we called once again to confirm the pick up location. We woke up super early, paid for an Uber and proceeded to wait outside in the cold for an hour (15 minutes early and 45 minutes past our pick up time) before having to pay for another Uber just to turn around and go back to the hotel. After arriving at the hotel I tried to call the tour operator one last time...still no answer and I left another message. I called the dog sledding operator, Ed, one last time who picked up and informed us that Travelling Chicken did not have any tours scheduled with him for that day. Absolute garbage service. No communication and completely destroyed this trip.
Published: 2020.01.01
Travelling Chicken are an excellent company to book a tour with - their website is clear and easy to use, providing a full itinerary and exhaustive information on what to expect and what to bring (as well as providing the opportunity to hire protective clothing if required). They responded promptly to email queries, and were generally easy to reach an communicative. The start time of our tour changed (from 6:30am to 9am) and they contacted us to reconfirm - the later start actually worked out much better for us! Lenka was our driver and guide, and took us north of Toronto to Sundridge (c.3 hours away - make the most of the pit stop at Tim's!) where we met the dogs. Due to the change in itinerary, we started off with a hearty lunch, which Lenka prepared for us in a little heated tent. The owners of the dogs gave a quick briefing on operating the sleds, before we split in to two groups - my group had 45 minutes of self-guided snow shoeing along a lovely powdery trail through the forest. We met the returning group and swapped over for our dog sledding experience. The dogs were very energetic, but well behaved and responsive to our commands. The actual trail was great fun - but quite hard work as we had to help the dogs up the hills! There were plenty of opportunities to switch between operating the sled and sitting in the basket, and both riders could operate the sled in tandem if they preferred. We were an uneven group with an odd number, but this just meant that one person rode with one of the owners. After the experience, we headed south towards Barrie and stopped off at Snow Valley for our Snow Tubing. This was much more fun than I was expecting! And because we arrived late, there was only a very short waiting time to hit the tubing hills. We didn't have time to do any more than the 3 rides included in the tour, but I think 3 is plenty. Definitely try riding in pairs, you go much faster! We arrived back in Toronto around 10:15pm. Lenka was kind enough to drop us directly at the subway stop. Everyone was very friendly, making it the perfect trip for small groups or even solo travellers. I felt the tour was good value for everything which was included.
Published: 2019.02.07
Mis amigos y yo tuvimos una muy buena experiencia en todas las actividades que se desarrollaron durante el viaje. Fue un largo dia pero lleno de aventuras, siempre hubo muy buena comunicacion con nuestro guia turistica, el lunch y aperitivos fueron deliciosos. En lo personal estaba un poco asustada con el paseo en trineo pero resulto ser facil y divertido, ame caminar con los zapatos especiales para la nieve. Disfrute mucho aventarme en el salvavidas con mis otros 4 amigos. Definitivamente recomendado asi como el viaje con ellos a las Cataratas del Niagara el cual tomamos un dia antes. Gracias a todo el equipo Travelling Chicken por hacernos pasar un super dia!.
Published: 2020.01.13
Es increíble la falta de seriedad del operador, quien comercializa y presta el servicio. Estuve en el sitio se nos citaron para el tour en la madrugada con mi hija de 8 años y nadie apareció. Logré hablar con un teléfono indicado en la reserva y la persona me dijo que se había cancelado la actividad, pero nunca me avisaron. Mi hija había esperado.con mucha ilusión el tour y quedó desconsolada. A la fecha NO me han devuelto el dinero!!!! Que pésimos servicioS
Published: 2019.12.31

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