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Toronto, Canada
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Reviews (24)

We purchased these tickets because the description listed exhibits featuring shoes owned by celebrities/cultural figures such as Madonna, Marilyn Monroe, Elton John and the Dali Lama. None of these shoes were on display. So we were disappointed.
Published: 2022.03.05
I spent two hours in the well researched exhibits. The history of shoes is fascinating . The small exhibit on Indigenous shoe technology and artistry was not only moving but showcased the battle between humans and nature in the way clothing and footwear were innovated to protect humans from the cold. Go to this museum in the morning and you get it all to yourself!!
Published: 2021.12.02
This was very beautiful and pretty place I have ever visited in my life I love to visit it again and again
Published: 2021.11.23
Karen W
On the top floors there are two special exhibits which I enjoyed tremendously. One focused on gold but the final one focused on liberty and equality, which looks at how the challenges of women and minorities have been reflected in shoes and fashion.
Published: 2020.09.30
Loved exhibits, it’s intimate, it’s educational, it’s beautiful. The admission price is fair and it is the type of place you would come back to.
Published: 2020.08.28
Loved the museum! It covered many different time eras as well as styles of shoes. Not crowded so pleasant to take your time
Published: 2020.08.10
Martha B
The Bata Shoe Museum is beautiful. We had a lot of fun looking at the shoe collection, so many shoes that seem impossible to wear! My son wanted to see Elvis Presley's shoes but they were not on display, so that gives us an excuse to return. I must add that during these complex COVID19 times, the museum was incredibly clean, hand-sanitizer available everywhere, and we felt very safe walking through the halls. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. Altogether a wonderful experience.
Published: 2020.07.20
There were no lines and the staff member was not familiar with the process so it took longer. I was annoyed because I had limited time and the process backfired.
Published: 2020.02.25
Linda A
I had no idea a museum like this even existed. We spent about 2 hours there, intrigued from the moment we saw the window display of flowers made from shoes. The main exhibit traces the history of the shoe from prehistoric times to the present. The two special exhibits were equally excellent. Signage was very informative and interesting.
Published: 2019.11.23
I had a few hours to kill until a matinee theater show, so I went in here. It was far better and more interesting than I expected it would be. I so wish I'd had my camera, but the lighting is kept very dim to avoid damaging the old materials, they likely wouldn't have turned out well anyway. It was really interesting and well worth the time to go through. There is a lot of reading to do if you read every display description, but they are very informative. It's really unique and different and memorable, I highly recommend it, even to people that are not that into shoes.
Published: 2019.11.05
(Shoe buffs...see what I did there?) Seriously tho... this is a fascinating look at the evolution and development of footwear across time for various regions and cultures around the globe. This was an educational, fun, and inexpensive way to spend a few hours on a rainy and windy Toronto day, but I'd love coming back again any day. There's a permanent exhibition on the bottom two floors and two other exhibitions that rotate every 6 months or so. Highly recommend!
Published: 2019.11.04
You can spend an absolute age admiring all the items on display in this fascinating place. Fabulous displays of footwear from all eras abound.
Published: 2019.10.29
Very interesting place with numerous collection of footwear from ancient people, different places, and up to modern times. Informative, full of insights, foot fetish oriented. Lovely shoes and exhibits with decent admission fee.
Published: 2019.10.24
Nice museum ..good place to visit. Friendly and helpful staff. Exhibits interesting and well laid out.
Published: 2019.10.21
This museum has an extensive and fascinating collection, it is not just a quirky place reliant on novelty factor. It really details the cultural and anthropological significance of shoes throughout time and across many regions. I visited with my mom and we both loved it. It is very close to St George subway stop, so quite conveniently located. Wheelchair accessible. The only downside is that the 'coat check' is an unsupervised hallway space, so if you have luggage or any valuables it is not ideal.
Published: 2019.10.15
It was worth everyminute in this museum, throughout enjoyed. The history of shoes and it's evolution is very interesting. Foot wear from all over the world for all sort of climates ..a must visit if you in Toronto
Published: 2019.10.07
This was recommended to me by colleagues whilst at a conference in Toronto It’s really fascinating and quite beautiful. Some fascinating examples and stories Friendly, helpful staff Only downside - I was surprised that the museum didn’t have a cafe at all.
Published: 2019.09.25
I never would have imagined how interesting shoes could be. It was not just a museum but a fascinating history lesson. The building itself is a beautiful modern structure and the interior design continues the theme. The collection is extensive and walks you (pardon the pun) through the history of footwear from early man to what's on trend - and everything in between. And even though the display is huge it is only a portion of the collection - and that will still keep you absorbed for hours! Yes shoes! - but well worth it!
Published: 2019.09.15
Robin R
We really enjoyed our visit to the Bata Shoe Museum. The displays covered footware starting with the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans all the way up to the present time. I enjoyed the various aboriginal displays as well. The museum was easy to navigate and wasn't overwhelmingly big. I found the lighting a bit dim to see exhibits, but perhaps this is to protect the artifacts. Well worth the visit!
Published: 2019.09.13
If you like shoes and who wouldn't, what with instant gratification, this is made for you. The title of the exhibition: WANT says it all. From shoe history to famous shoes (Elton John extravaganza), gilded shoes, great North shoes, it is all there in a small but well formed museum. A bit of education and fun that does not take more than an hour.
Published: 2019.09.12
Went with my wife to this museum reluctantly but after the visit glad I did. Very interesting museum with a historical history of shoes from around the world. Overall recommend a visist to this museum
Published: 2019.09.05
Took my 12 year old granddaughter (who told me on numerous occasions) that she doesn’t like museums...She totally enjoyed the experience! Loved the kids’ activity package, the Raptors’ shoes and the two guides at the information desk who were full of interesting information and engaged her in discussion. Would have been more enjoyable if video had the music playing as there was no sound.
Published: 2019.09.03
Went to this museum at the request of my wife .Easy to find and close to Yorkville .Quite interesting especially the Inuit shoes and boots and clothes .Lacking what I would could “celebrity shoes”worn by famous people
Published: 2019.08.31
Hubby and I went here one Monday morning while on vacation in Toronto. It was pretty quiet of course since we got there not long after opening. We really enjoyed it! It's a great mix of fashion, history, and humanities. I truly think everyone will get something out of a visit to this museum, even if you don't like history (me) or fashion (my hubby). It is laid out very well. Took us about 45 minutes. The staff at the desk are cheerful and nice. I strongly recommend!
Published: 2019.08.28

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