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Toronto, Canada
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Reviews (24)

The exhibit we saw called I Am Here was amazing. So moving and so thought provoking. Also, the exhibit of 20th century Canadian artists was wonderful.
Published: 2022.05.13
The Art Gallery of Ontario features a massive collection of Canadian and European art. Every exhibit has a unique story to tell. Both tourists and locals would love AGO because there’s so many things to marvel at.
Published: 2022.05.03
I visited the Art Gallery of Ontario during my visit to Toronto in April 2022. I bought my ticket online in advance the night before. I was impressed with the architecture of the building both inside and outside. The paintings by the Group of 7 Canadian artists were very interesting. A lot of lakes, mountains, landscapes, winter scenes. There was a small Impressionists section. I had a snack in the museum Bistro before leaving. Banana bread and cappuccino. The museum had a nice gift shop.
Published: 2022.04.18
We visited the Robert Houle exhibit. The gallery is a beautiful place with lots of natural light. Wonderful to see so many families out exploring art together. The exhibit was beautiful and discomforting and engaged the viewer in a dialogue that confronts what we think we know about our history.
Published: 2022.03.20
Suzanne L
Great Picasso exhibition, albeit quite gloomy, we also enjoyed the Matthew Wong paintings. Beautiful and impressive arrays of blues in a contemporary manner. Thoroughly enjoyed our visit. COVID protocol was applied and the staff were pleasant. We went for coffee at the museum restaurant after and enjoyed our time, service was excellent. As the weather was beautiful for an autumn day we walked until the Queen’s park.
Published: 2021.11.21
Stunning gallery and well curated exhibits. Very easy to navigate and take in the artwork. Current Picasso exhibit is particularly impressive - shows a side of the artist we don’t usually see.
Published: 2021.11.07
We visited the Warhol exhibit. The number of people in the first 2-3 rooms exceeded the limits posted and made viewing uncomfortable. We were there on the first days of the exhibit so I thought maybe the staff was beginning to regulate crowds. Our friends visited three weeks later and complained as well of too many people in the first few rooms. The ball park is bad enough, but the AGO? How disappointing that Covid restrictions aren’t being followed and security isn’t counting,
Published: 2021.09.05
Must see exhibits on now -Warhol & Matthew Wong… Lunch at the Bistro - nice menu selection, wonderful friendly staff, and affordable Give yourself 3 hours to enjoy the entire gallery exhibits.
Published: 2021.09.01
My son and I went to see that Andy Warhol exhibit at the AGO. It was excellent. Very well displayed. I have never been disappointed with shows at the AGO and this one was not an exception.
Published: 2021.08.27
Great date spot! Lots of art works to ponder and interpret, lots of time to discuss important life questions. And learn something about art!
Published: 2021.04.04
Katrina T
Took in the illusions of magic and the greats. Enjoyed the display With live acts of magicians. Saw the Infinity Room by kusama which was a treat!
Published: 2020.03.13
Had a leisurely day to spend a day here....to reflect, to imagine, to thoughtfully review and immerse oneself in the wide array of art pieces. Always a treat - great annual event.
Published: 2020.03.08
Great history of blood suckers. Some real....some not so real. The whole family would enjoy this exhibit. AGO always does a terrific job. Can’t wait for the next exhibit.
Published: 2020.03.08
John S
Had lunch in the AGO members room which was great, the butter chicken pot pie was superb! Went to exhibit for Magicians and was impressed. I wish I had more time to really explore the AGO. When I’m back in Toronto I will definitely plan a day to hang out here. All the staff were very helpful.
Published: 2020.03.06
Building was very impressive, lots of galleries with some chairs to sit in. Nice little coffee bar in the amazing building-length atrium. Some of the modern stuff I think is junk - if I could produce a reasonable facsimile it's not fine art! Free Wed evenings after 6 pm., though you have to line up. At least the line moves quickly...
Published: 2020.02.21
Anna L
I'm mostly giving this a five star rating because I feel as though it has a lot to offer for people under the age of 25 (not many places are free for young adults). However, I would say this place is worth a maximum 4 stars if I had to pay. The main reason for this is because I wasn't a huge fan of the exhibit itself; majority of the rooms only had a couple of artworks in it; it is obvious that the AGO is primarily focused on modern art as opposed to fine arts. Personally, I like paintings with lots of detail as opposed to simplicity/minimalism, but if you're the type who enjoys modern art you'll probably love this place. However, having one object in the middle of a giant room just isn't my style. I spent a good 2.5 hours in this place with my best friend on Valentines Day, but if you take your time to explore every nook and cranny and to enjoy the artworks for what they were in its entirety, I can see one spending a good 4-5 hours here.
Published: 2020.02.14
This is an excellent gallery with a varied selection. Love the mirrored room and the Canadian art. The modern art is also quite interesting. For $10 more you can get an annual pass and visit more than once. Nice that 25 and under are free. My teen enjoyed it as well.
Published: 2020.02.11
I love going here and enjoying me time - such a diverse collection and always interesting visiting exhibits! I have been there for functions too - private events and the service is amazing! There are some interesting stories behind many of the works and it is a fabulous location - near transit - restaurants - shopping and hotels Enjoy
Published: 2020.02.10
Went to AGO All Hours last night and was super fun. I tried calling all day since I saw that Saturday posting and there was no customer service/hot line. However after our anniversary dinner we thought let's try. At 9:00pm we saw that it was still open and bought tickets for the hour. We got through most of the galleries rushing but still enjoyed the night and creativity. Really enjoyed the futuristic portion and Canadian art. We were very happy that we got to see the Yayoi Kusama Infinity Mirrors. Thanks AGO!
Published: 2020.01.26
The Museum is very close to public transportation. The Subway is three blocks away. This is a great museum to visit, but it's really big. I was overwhelmed and ended up spending less than an hour and a half. However, this is my issue, not the Museum. But if you're like me, I suggest you visit the Museum a few times. I enjoyed looking at the Ship Models on the Lover Level and visiting Yayoi Kusama's INFINITY MIRRORED ROOM - LET'S SURVIVE FOREVER on the second level. If you visit this exhibition, make sure you take your camera/cellphone with you. It's so worth it. I really enjoyed Peter Pitseolak photographic exhibition on the second floor (available until March 26, 2020). I also looked at some photographs and religious artifacts. Admission is free on Wednesday from 6 - 9 p.m. which is great!
Published: 2020.01.01
Cynthia U
this has long been one of my favorite museums. the building alone is magnificent and the permanent collections are worth seeing. currently soon to be gone is the early Rubens exhibit. and the mirror exhibit where you can only stay for one minute.
Published: 2020.01.01
As the main art museum, AGO has something for everyone interested in art. Works on view range from contemporary, classic masters, religious, indigenous, intuit, and sculpture. Attended with a member, so was able to enjoy the Member's lounge, set in their historic home section of the Museum; lovely for lunch and tea. Gift shop is quite extensive.
Published: 2019.12.29
Really lovely museum and one of the best all around museum experiences I’ve had in a long time. Coming from the US I was less familiar with many of the Canadian artists and their work is stunning! Also the building itself is gorgeous and not massive - definitely possible to see it at a reasonable pace in one day. Plus a lovely cafe and gift shop. Exceeded my expectations.
Published: 2019.12.25
George C
The AGO really is a major museum, though not on the scale of the Met in New York, or the Louvre. Not long ago, the building had a bit of redesign by famed architect Frank Gehry, who grew up near-by. The addition looks great and works well. They now have a policy of admitting everyone under 25 for free, all the time. The regular one-time admission is $25, but for $35 one can get a year's pass for unlimited entrances, including all exhibitions. The permanent collection includes the largest collection of works by sculptor Henry Moore, some of the finest pieces by the famed Canadian artists "The Group of Seven", a great, gory masterpiece by Reubens ("The Slaughter of the Innocents"), a stunning installation by Yayoi Kusama, and other fine works. The visiting exhibitions are impressive, often making the rounds of other great institutions. This past summer the Gallery mounted a marvelous exhibition of the work of Indigenous artist Brian Jungen: an astonishing collection of sculptures on indigenous themes (such as totem poles) made from cut up Air Jordan sneakers. The works were surprisingly effective and even moving. All in all, the AGO is well worth a visit every few months.
Published: 2019.12.15

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