19 Things You Must Do in Toronto (GTA) Before Spring Ends

Leo Tolstoy said that spring is the time of plans and projects. It is so indeed. Everything around us inspires us to live, act and enjoy life. Nature wakes up, streets are beautified by a palette of colours brought by trees and flowers and birds come back from warmer lands. Why not follow the instincts of the natural world and plan some spring activities you’ll do before spring ends? We’ve collected 19 ideas for spring activities that will help you feel the beauty of the season to the fullest extent.
See Cherry Blossoms
What About Magnolia Blossom in Spring?
Go Cycling
Take a Hike
… Or a Nature Walk
Find Some Inspiration in the Bata Shoe Museum
Spring is a Picnic Time
Enjoy the Festive Season
Make the Most Out of Long Weekends
Make It a Planting Season
Enjoy the Spring Equinox (20th March)
Bring Spring Home
Segway Tour on Distillery District
Tall Ship Boat Cruise
Enjoy the Outdoors at the Zoo
Visit a Food Market
Work Out Outside
Visit Wineries
Dig Up Some Trails
Things to Do in Spring at Home

1. See Cherry Blossoms

For about 4-10 days cherry blossoms will please your eye in the parks and many other locations in Toronto. The cherry blossom season in Toronto usually takes place from the end of April till the middle of May. There are over 3500 cherry trees around Toronto which were given by Japan to the people of Canada as a sign of friendship between the countries. If you love taking Instagram-worthy pictures, wear some light pastel colour or something with floral prints and charming pictures are on your phone. Otherwise, just come to enjoy the fragrance and the view.

High Park: the most popular park in Toronto has over 2000 cherry trees and the throngs rush here to take some vernal photos
Bellwood Trinity Park: Second most popular park where you can capture cherry blossoms with the CN tower in the background
Robarts Research Library: central location with smaller crowds
Toronto Island Park: nearly 30 trees are located on Centre Island
Centennial Park: there’re over 400 cherry trees here and the majority can be found in the Northeast corner
Broadacres Park: a small park with ca.100 sakura trees which doesn’t get busy during the cherry blossom season (location-wise )
Exhibition Place: you’ll find sakura trees near the Princess Margaret Fountain and close to British Columbia Road

NOTE: to preserve the beauty of sakura trees for future generations, you’re not allowed to pick the flowers or the whole twigs. Simply behold the beauty with your eyes and capture it with your camera.

2. What About Magnolia Blossom in Spring?

All the hype goes to cherry blossom. However, all flora lovers will strongly agree that magnolia blossom might break a record. From mid-April to early May, make it to Niagara Falls to find the startling magnolia pathway, which brims with pink and white colours.

Location: Magnolia Alley beside the Niagara Parks Floral Showhouse

3. Go Cycling

Cycling in spring is about enjoying the weather. Moreover, it might become your way of exercising. If you’re not a fan of cycling through the familiar streets, take a new route or enjoy a guided cycling tour near the Toronto Islands, the harbour and Distillery District with a guide who’ll tell you stories about the places you’re riding by and maybe even show you some hidden gems you’ve never seen. The benefits of fresh air, physical fitness and a company of new people don’t need further explanations. The tour requires basic riding ability and you’ll usually ride nearly 10-15 minutes between stops. There might be up to 8 people in the group and as few as 1 (+ our guide, of course).

Some Great Locations in Toronto to Go Cycling (if you decide to go on your own )

Glasgow Street
Tommy Thompson Park
Wellesley Street, Cabbagetown
Old brick homes on Bisley Street
Toronto Islands

Also, you may find these ready-to-use routes helpful.

4. Take a Hike


Many enthusiasts refrain from trekking the trails in spring. Rainy weather, muddy trails with puddles on the way are that alluring after all. In fact, hiking in spring can be particularly enjoyable. With animals emerging and baby critters entering this world, birds coming back from warmer climates, more sunshine, pleasant temperatures and leaves coming out on trees, spring offers a lot to behold in the natural world.


  • Check the weather forecast
  • Beware of rattlesnakes in the early morning
  • Be cautious about slippery patches
  • Apply an appropriate bug spray
  • Choose your clothes in accordance with the weather.
  • Wear light-coloured clothes so you can spot any insects
  • Start with shorter trails and lower elevations for your legs to get used to distances after the winter break

5. … Or a Nature Walk

If you still feel insecure about spring hiking or you’re a beginner, then you should remember that taking nature walks is always a great option. Go to a park or forest nearby. Considering your time allowance, get in the car and drive to the countryside or simply take a walk in the neighbourhood to behold the changes in the trees and taste the fresh breeze.

6. Find Some Inspiration in the Bata Shoe Museum

If we’re asked to describe a shoe, most of us would say it is made of leather or textiles and has a sturdy sole. However, do you know what a typical shoe looked like several centuries ago on modern Canadian territories, let alone in Egypt? Most of us wear shoes every day, but hardly anyone makes a big deal of them. What does it take to produce them, what role did they have in the past in comparison to the present and what they might look like in the future? Come to Bata Shoe Museum to learn some real facts as well as some “prophecies” about their future, find out about shoe manufacturing and why some top shoemakers are as popular as celebrities.

Along with a huge permanent collection of shoes, there are also temporary exhibitions. A visit to BSM is always enriching and inspiring.

7. Spring is a Picnic Time

With moderate temperatures, wondrous nature smells and noises, end of April-May are perfect for a picnic. Keeping it fancy or simple is your decision, however, we’d recommend choosing a location with nice views. Make a spring picnic at a riverbank, lakeside or some lush green park instead of a grassy knoll near your house. Beautiful views will set the mood of your alfresco dining.

  • Don’t forget about lots of water. No one wants to get dehydrated in the sun. Some experts recommend bringing pre-frozen water bottles.
  • Choose the food that is suitable for picnics and can withstand in the sun. If possible, keep the food that needs to be cold in insulated bags or coolers. Seasonal veggies on their own will not fill you up but will make for a great complement to the main dishes.
  • Choose seasonal fruits instead of cakes. Doughnuts, cupcakes and other small desserts that are served per 1 person will be great.
  • If you want to add some fancy notes to your picnic, think of making everything in one style and tone, i.e., choose a theme for your picnic. It could be a cheerful celebration of the onset of spring, with blankets and plates in spring colours
  • Think of games or other activities that will keep you entertained
  • Make it comfortable for you and your guests. Bring enough blankets, maybe some pillows and a lawn chair, if you have the latter. To make it easier for you, put the tarp under the blankets unless you’ve booked a place with a wooden table.

8. Enjoy the Festive Season


Mother’s Day, Easter and St. Patrick’s Day are just some of the spring holidays. Follow the traditions and indulge in a festive mood. Dress up and go on a St.Patrick’s day parade, hide Easter bunnies in the grass and celebrate your mom with some words of gratitude and a great gift.

Coming back to traditions, many observances have lost their original meaning and become a celebration of something wider in concept and everyone decides on their own how to celebrate them. However, sometimes following traditions may be fun.

Some fun traditions for St.Patrick’s Day:

  • Drown a little shamrock plant in a glass of whiskey for good luck
  • Drink a pint of Guinness
  • Pinch someone who’s not wearing green (only those that celebrate the observance)
  • Use some Irish slang like “Slainte” when making a toast (“Slainte” means health)
  • Make it a dry holiday (well, originally St.Patrick’s Day is a Christian holiday)

Some fun traditions for Mother’s Day

  • Share stories about the women in your family
  • Visit your mom at home
  • Bake a fruitcake for your mom (bound by English tradition)
  • Give Mother’s Day flowers
  • Take her out for lunch or cook Mother’s Day dinner at home (Mexican tradition)

Some fun Easter traditions

  • Attend an Easter parade
  • Find out the story of Easter through the Bible
  • Bake some classic Easter pastries like hot cross buns
  • Decorate Easter eggs
  • Observe Lent aka give up something you really enjoy during the period before Easter (food, activities, etc)
  • Roll eggs down the hill

9. Make the Most Out of Long Weekends

Ontario celebrates two statutory holidays in spring. These are Good Friday and Victoria Day.
This means that we have long weekends and should use the opportunities for spring getaways. Road trips within your province, finding charming spring blossoms, going wine tasting in local wineries or chasing waterfalls are all great ideas for long weekends in spring. Besides, spring is the maple syrup season, so think of paying a visit to a sugar shack.

10. Make It a Planting Season

enter image description here
You already know that spring is the season of fertility and it means that it’s time to plant something to later reap the rewards. While it’s all clear with flowers which can be planted both at home and on a flowerbed, there might arise doubts about veggies and trees, if you don’t live in a house.

If you live in an apartment, you can plant vegetables on a window sill/balcony and later reap the harvest (you’ll just have a smaller amount of it). Check the vegetables suitable for window-sill planting and peruse the blogs with recommendations on planting in a balcony garden. There might be a difference in the sorts of seeds you’ll use, the light you’ll need and more.

If you are planting outside, gardeners recommend the following vegetables for spring :

  • lettuce
  • potatoes
  • spinach
  • radish
  • cauliflower
  • broccoli
  • Brussel sprouts
  • carrots
  • peas
  • onions

Planting a tree at home will give you aesthetic pleasure afterward. If there’s no house of yours, you can plant it for the sake of Mother nature and your health. Just join an initiative of some nature-related charities like Tree Canada. This environmental impact will be appreciated.

11. Enjoy the Spring Equinox (20th March)


Spring equinox is the time when astronomical spring kicks off. On this day, we receive an almost equal amount of daylight and nighttime. After that, days become longer and longer.

This period and the vernal season in general celebrate creativity, fertility and renewal. Some people love marking this day by giving back to the outer world (as if saying thank you for the beauty and energy you receive). Some ideas to celebrate the vernal equinox are:
- gather with family or friends at a spring-decorated table
- plant a tree or flowers
- donate some money or unwanted items
- send things for recycling
- spend more time outside and admire the natural world outside
- tell a story (maybe a spring one) because it’s also the world storytelling day
- clean through your wardrobe and give away unnecessary items

12. Bring Spring Home

spring-activities-bring-spring home
Spring is the season full of gentle colours. Whether you live in a house or in an apartment, it’s fairly easy to bring spring home if you love flowers. In spring, Mother Nature lets us add fresh natural fragrance at home and an extra pop of color. What do you admire the most on the street: green leaves on the trees, yellow and white daffodils, red, pink, or purple tulips, or something else? Head to a local floral market or a farm to buy some home. There’s no need to be a florist to create some floral perfection at home. Just don’t buy too many different sorts of flowers if you’re new to floral design. Keep it simple: you can really start with a bunch of flowers in a vase. Otherwise, you might want to read some tips on the web or try to copy something from florists.

13. Segway Tour on Distillery District

Kick off the spring season with an experience on two wheels. This experience is a 30-minute spin tour through the historic Distillery District. At a 10-km pace, our guide will take you on this 14-acre ride and tell you the stories about this neighborhood. The tour might not suit those who want to spend more time on Segways and ride swiftly since the area is fairly small. If the distance is fine for you, this Distillery District Segway Tour is one of the greatest experiences to enjoy the fresh and hopeful season of spring.

14. Tall Ship Boat Cruise

When May comes and spring reaches its peak in sunshine and temperatures, hop aboard the impressive schooner and enjoy a boat cruise around Ontario lake. Fresh food and drinks will be available to make the trip even more relaxing and enjoyable. You can enjoy the cruise for 2 hours either in the afternoon or in the evening. During the sail, you can feel free to explore the ship, talk to our crews, help raise the sails or simply enjoy the views.

15. Enjoy the Outdoors at the Zoo

Spring is the time of revival and you can perfectly notice it outside. Lots of green leaves, more daylight and many quadrupeds waking up after dormancy. Spring is an amazing season to visit the local zoo. At this time, many animals are highly active and mother nature will let you feast your eyes with new foliage. Earth Day (April, 22) seems like an ideal day to visit the zoo.

16. Visit a Food Market

Late spring brings with it delicious fresh produce. Catch the moment and go shopping for groceries to later cook something tasty at home and refresh the level of all the vitamins and nutrients that winter swiped from you. A farmer’s market sounds like a perfect solution.

Best Toronto Farmer’s Markets to Visit:

  • Cabbagetown Farmer’s Market: a food market that advocates sustainability, eco-friendliness and health. The farmers and vendors on this market sell the veggies and other goodies that are good for nature and you

Address: the cross of Winchester and Sumach St., Cabbagetown

  • Leslieville Farmer’s Market: a food market in Toronto that supports local farmers and small vendors. Also, strives for sustainability
    Address: 150 Greenwood Ave, Toronto

  • Deeply Rooted Farmer’s Market: a farmer’s market that focuses on Black and Indigenous vendors and strives to combat inequality within quality food

Address: 455 Cosburn Ave, East York, ON

Address: 1053 Dundas St. West TO

Address: 275 Keele Street

Address: 92- 95 Front St East, Toronto, ON

Address: 50 Wabash Ave Toronto, ON

17. Work Out Outside (At Least Give It a Try)

Spring is a great time to start working out outside. No gym membership is required. The sounds of birds singing and fresh air — are just three random benefits of outdoor exercising. There is a lot more, in fact. Spring is a great time of the year to start working out if you haven’t done so before. If you’ve been working out in the gym before, however, going outside is a great idea even to simply break the routine. Sunny days and fresh air give you some extra strength. You will see more and more people outside working out which always encourages to keep on exercising (this is a real way to make new acquaintances and make your activity routine social). Vitamin D, better sleep, lower blood pressure and a mental boost are a few more benefits of outdoor workouts. Besides, many people say that working out outside feels more relaxing than in the gym. Last but not least, most of us don’t need to go far to find a place to exercise which also means neither a car, nor a taxi, nor extra time is needed to reach the destination.

18. Visit Wineries

With moderate temperatures, flowers opening their buds and fewer people around, spring is an ideal period to tour Niagara wineries. This Niagara wine tour takes you from Toronto to Niagara wine country where you’ll taste wines from 4 different wineries and enjoy some meals. The tour lasts 9 hours in general and will have 2 options of meals. You can either have lunch or a cheese&charcuterie experience between tastings. While booking, you should leave a note about which meal option you prefer.

19. Dig Up Some Trails

Have you noticed that you become more energetic when real spring starts? So, what about directing your energy in trying to brave the wild trails of Northern Ontario? Drive to the north for a wilderness experience on ATVs. Whether you’ve got experience on ATVs or not, you’ll enjoy the adventure because the training is provided. Besides, after playing in the mud, you can enjoy some modern-day pleasures in the lodges. All the gear and ATVs are provided, all you need is the readiness to have fun.

What Things Can I Enjoy in Spring at Home?

Some of the activities above can be carried out at home and some near your house if you live in one.

Enjoy these spring activities at home:

  • Plant flowers, trees or vegetables
    Spring brings warmer temperatures and more daylight with it which makes great conditions for veggies to grow. Plant some veggies on your window sill or in the backyard. Also, planting flowers is a great idea. They’ll cherish your soul for years if you take care of them after you’ve planted them.

  • Workout Outside
    Going to the park to exercise there might be time-consuming for some people. So, if you live in a house or have an exposed balcony, the solution is here. You can work out in your backyard or on the balcony. The key here is to to it in the fresh air and enjoy the sunshine.

  • Bring Flowers Home

Grab some at a farmer’s market or a nice floral shop and put a bunch on the table you’re working at or in the kitchen where many of us also spend quite a lot of time. Freshness will permeate the air and beauty will please your eye.

St.Patrick’s Day, Easter and Mother’s Day are some of the great occasions spring brings. Cooking pastry, making small parties and decorating your house might make your spring season even more joy-fuelled. Check some ideas for Easter, St.Patrick’s Day and Mother’s Day.

  • Have Lunch or Dinner on the Balcony/Terrace
    Terrace and exposed balconies make for a perfect place to enjoy your meals when the sun warms on your shoulders. Toronto usually gives us such pleasure in May but depending on your location, you might start enjoying your patio meals already in April or March.
    After everything you’ve read here, we bet, you agree that spring is an amazing season that brings warmth to our hearts and gives the energy to take up new activities. Hopefully, you’ve expanded your spring bucket list with some items from this article.
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