51 Best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas You Should Consider in 2022

Best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Every Type Of Mom

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

One of the biggest celebrations in May is approaching and you have to make sure you know how to make this day special for one of the most significant people in your life. Mother’s Day is a great occasion to tell your mom once again how much you love her and how grateful you are to her for her unconditional love. A unique Mother’s Day gift for mom is what she certainly deserves. If you still have no clue about what to present to your mom on this day, you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find many amazing gift ideas for Mother’s Day for different types of moms, gifts for wives, Mother’s Day gifts for mom from a daughter and much more.

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Different Types of Moms
Mother’s Day Gifts for New Moms
Mother’s Day Gifts for Expecting Mothers
Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Wife
Mother’s Day Gift Ideas from Daughter
Affordable Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Different Types of Moms

Active Mom
Is your mom the one who doesn’t like a boring routine but enjoys meeting new people, trying new activities and visiting exhibitions? Have a look at these cultural and entertainment experiences and choose your gift for Mother’s Day.

Escape Room: great actors, incredible props and unique games in the magnificent mansion of Casa Loma will be a perfect gift for a mom that loves solving puzzles.
escape room adventure as Mother's Day gift

Paint Pouring: a relaxing activity that will let your mom demonstrate her creativity while mixing colours and creating unique patterns.
pain pouring experience gift for Mother's Day

Ontario Art Gallery: a perfect place for an art lover. With a collection of more than 95 000 artworks from diverse periods, your mom will find something interesting regardless of which art style she prefers.
visit Art Gallery of Ontario on Mother's Day

Shopping with a Stylist: not every woman finds it easy to choose clothing that is both elegant and comfy, especially when it comes to special occasions. A fashion professional will help your mom find her style and show her how to enjoy shopping.
personal stylist as Mother's Day gift

Photography Workshop: if your mother is an active Instagram user or she just loves decorating your house with pictures of your family and friends, the gift of learning photography might be the right one. After this workshop, she will also be able to take wonderful pictures on her own. What’s important, it’s suitable for both beginners and serious enthusiasts.

Whether she loves cooking on her own or enjoys trying new things in local cafés, we are sure she will appreciate a gourmet gift for Mother’s Day.

Chocolate Tasting: is your mom a sweet tooth? She will be fond of this experience gift for Mother’s Day then. She’ll travel between several countries and understand what it takes to produce chocolate out of a cacao bean. After that, she’ll get a chance to sample some delicious confectionery. You can add several unique bars of chocolate or pralines to your Mother’s Day gift if you wish.
Chocolate tasting experience as Mother's Day Gift

Food Tour in Kensington Market: this gourmet treat opens doors to unexplored cuisines from around the world. She’ll travel the world in 2.5 hours and try the most delicious meals from different cuisines and the famous Toffle. Besides, this Mother’s Day gift also lets your mom get to know the history of Kensington Market as well as the food and culture in Toronto.
Mother's Day on Kensington Market Food Tour

Chocolate Making: she loves sweets so much that you’ve repeatedly heard how cool it would be to learn to make home-made chocolate? Let her attend an online workshop where she can become an amateur chocolate artisan.
Mother's Day chocolate workshop

O.NOIR: to get the true taste of food, you don’t need to see it. Experts even say you’d better not see it. While dining in darkness, your taste and smell abilities actually sharpen. I’m sure you’ll be able to surprise her taste buds with this truly unique experience gift for Mother’s Day.

Cooking class: this gift is a great chance to relax, master your cooking skills and learn more about a specific dish or cuisine. Choose something that best fits your mom. Is it pasta making, cooking classic French pastries, mastering pizza dough or learning about Caribbean cuisine? I bet, any foodie mom will love this kind of Mother’s Day gift.
cooking class as a Mother's Day gift

Icewine and Chocolate Tasting: what about a truly Canadian bon vivant experience?
Luxury tasting of 1st-class Icewine which is perfectly complemented by slices of Cheddar cheese, pairings of nuts and chocolate. She’ll learn a lot about ice wine and a glass of bubbly will be served too.
wine and chocolate tasting as a Mother's Day gift for a foodie mom

Nature Lover
Getting to spend some more time outdoors is one of the best gifts for nature lovers. Whether your mom loves being outdoors and listening to the sounds of nature, enjoys watching birds while having a walk or regularly accomplishes a challenge like going on a 2-day trek, she’ll be thankful for a gift that will bring her closer to nature. So, spoil your mom with a Mother’s Day gift for nature lovers and give her an experience of a lifetime.

Cycling tour across Toronto Islands: exploring the history and beauty of Toronto Islands while riding a bike at a comfortable pace is a truly nice experience-based gift for a nature lover. A beautiful skyline, amazing waterfront and interesting stories that many locals have never heard of.
cycling across Toronto Islands on Mother's Day

All-inclusive Canoe Trip: how about a 3-day immersion in wild nature in the heart of South-eastern Ontario. A gift that will let your mom paddle a canoe, watch the birds and other wild critters, learn to cook over a fire pit and just enjoy herself surrounded by nature.
canoe experience for mom on Mother's Day

Horseback Riding: has she ever ridden a horse? If not, it is time she hopped on to take her first class. Fresh air, friendly and knowledgeable guides will help get the taste of horseback riding. The only decision left to make: beach riding, trail riding or maybe a sunset beach ride?
horseback riding adventure on Mother's Day

On-farm experience: visiting a local farm is a great getaway idea that doesn’t require much time and she can go even on weekdays. From exploring the intricacies of lavender growing to enjoying honeybee viewing and watching the horses perform in equestrian shows. This Mother’s Day gift will certainly make her day.
on-farm experience as a Mother's Day gift

Climbing: let your mom learn the ropes. Say Happy Mother’s Day with this unique climbing experience gift. She will not only spend the whole day outdoors but also learn the nuts and bolts of how to safely rock climb.
climbing experience as a Mother's Day gift

Mother’s Day Gifts for New Moms

The first time doing something is always memorable, whether it is the first day at the university or the first time she celebrates Mother’s Day. A thoughtful Mother’s Day gift for a new mom will create warm memories of this special day in her life.

Photo Shoot: pictures help anchor memories. I bet, there has already been a lot of them since she gave birth to a new life. This is a great gift of time, memories and the gift of time spent together.
newborn photo shoot as Mother's Day gift

Sauna: some time in an infra-red heated room opens pores and gives a great feeling of relaxation. A new mom hasn’t probably had any time for such spa treatments recently so she will surely appreciate such a gift for Mother’s Day.
sauna experience for mom on Mother's Day

Meditation: although having a kid is undoubtedly one of the greatest pleasures in life, this tends to be stressful. Meditation will let her achieve a deep state of relaxation and get rid of intrusive thoughts.
Meditation practice as a Mother's Day Gift

Salt Cave Halotherapy: ideal relaxation gift which is also a great skin treatment. All she needs to do is come and chill in a salt cave and enjoy Himalayan salt doing its thing.
salt cave spa on Mother's Day

Hot Spring Bath: spoil her with a chance to naturally detox her skin and relax her mind while soaking in a hot spring away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Sounds like a great pastime gift for Mother’s Day.
hot spring bath on Mother's Day

Mother’s Day Gifts Expecting Mothers

She doesn’t have her cute baby in her hands yet but you already feel it in your body and take care of it. WOWnGO thinks a pregnant woman already deserves to celebrate Mother’s Day. Moreover, we have some exclusive Mother’s Day gift ideas. Why exclusive? Because they’re suitable for pregnant women only!

Pregnancy Massage: the magic and beauty of pregnancy are undeniable! However, no one cancelled hardships like aching muscles, leg cramps and mood swings. So, help your mom-to-be forget about them for a while and pamper her with this amazing therapy.
pregnancy massage for mom-to-be for Mother's Day

Maternity Photoshoot: being pregnant is a unique period in a woman’s life that is certainly worth being captured in a photoshoot. Although you will not be able to see the kicks and bumps of your baby in the pictures, they will certainly bring you back to these memories.
Maternity Photoshoot as a Mother's Day Gift

Pregnancy Spa Package: a perfect retreat that leaves an expectant mom feeling refreshed. Half of a day just for herself enjoying professional pregnancy massage, lunch and other pregnancy-safe spa treatments.
pregnancy spa package for a mom-to-be on Mother's Day

Luxury retreat: a weekend getaway to Niagara Falls sounds like a perfect way to unwind. This gift grants her a chance to escape from the city and enjoy a walk across breath-taking natural surroundings and indulge in relaxing spa therapy at the end of the active day. I guess a mom-to-be will enjoy the luxury retreat with her loved one.
weekend getaway with a pregnant woman

Gourmet gift: while she can guilty-free eat, a gourmet treatment is one of the best gift ideas. Don’t worry if she’s cautious about healthy eating. This is not a problem with the range of restaurants on the market. I bet she’ll be happy to receive a gift card but even happier if you join her.
gourmet gift for Mother's Day

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Wife

Moms usually receive greetings from their kids on Mother’s Day. However, she will be touched if you (her husband) will also join the children on this occasion. Saying thank you with a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift for your wife on this day will pleasantly surprise her. It is also a great occasion to spend time together (especially when children are far away) and reminisce about intimate family moments, so do it in a special way.

Weekend Getaway: Niagara-on-the-Lake boasts about its food, wine and romantic ambiance. Leisurely cycle along the Niagara River Recreation Trail, enjoy a pleasant stroll through Niagara Parks or some other great activities. Break your serene routine with an entertaining Shaw Festival and a romantic dining experience.
weekend getaway with wife on Mother's Day

Scandinavian Baths: let your body and mind rest and relax in the tranquillity of nature. Heat your body up to release its negative energy and close pores while plunging in cold water. After this amazing Scandinavian Hydrotherapy, relax and grab some snacks in the bistro.

Wine tasting: visit 4 top-notch wineries in the Niagara region and sip on different sorts of wine. An invigorating outdoor day in the scenic area will help you spend an amazing day together.
wine tasting with wife on Mother's Day

Aerial Tour: pamper your other half with a romantic aerial tour. Take her to the sky and soak in panoramic views together. I bet your wife will reminisce about this Mother’s Day gift, at least every time she goes through the souvenir pictures from the flight.
Mother's Day aerial tour with wife

Stone Massage and Dining: experience the pleasure of hot stone massage which will help your body and mind to fully relax or head straight away to the dining room or a terrace restaurant to enjoy your 1-class gourmet experience. The mother of your children will cast her mind back to this Mother’s Day gift experience from husband.
stone massage for a couple as Mother's Day gift

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas from Daughter

There’s no better present for your mom than time spent with her girl. Although you’re no longer a little girl, she loves taking care of you, listening to you and spending time with you. Let’s make a small change, let it be yourself who takes care of her and arranges an activity for the two of you. A Mother’s Day gift to share seems like a perfect solution.

Photoshoot: When was the last time you took pictures with your mom? Give a photoshoot to your mom as a Mother’s Day gift and enjoy some more time together. This is a truly bonding experience and the process itself is fun. I bet you’ll love reviving memories through these pictures.
Mother's Day photoshoot from daughter

Kayaking: if you’re both into outdoor sports or if you simply love spending time on the water, this is a great gift that also lends you some time together. Besides, kayaking makes both of you work as a team and, consequently, allows you to bond more. Isn’t it something that you want with your mom? You can either take a kayak lesson together or simply rent a kayak and get the ball rolling.
kayaking experience as a Mother's Day gift

Body Muds: Remember Louis Litt from Suits? If he was right about something 100%, it was that mudding is great. Enjoy a private confab while your skin detoxifies and softens. Sounds like a great way for mom and her girl to spend Mother’s Day.
body muds as a Mother's Day gift

Pottery: what about trying a new activity? This Mother’s Day gift will get her to unleash creativity and come home with potteries that she made on her own. Don’t worry if both of you are newbies. Consummate professionals will pass on their passion for clay and help you nail the workshop.
pottery workshop as Mother's Day gift idea

Aquarium: escape into a submarine adventure in the heart of Toronto. With an awful lot of stunning galleries, you can behold the life of the marine habitat, discover many facts about the inhabitants of freshwater and saltwater. If Covid allows, you can even enjoy live music and beverages after hours. Sounds like some quality mother-daughter time on Mother’s Day.
Tour in Aquarium on Mother's Day

Affordable Mother’s Day Gifts

However cheesy it may sound, a Mother’s Day gift is not about the money, it’s about the warmth, love and attention. So, a limited budget is not an obstacle if you want to bring a pleasant surprise.

$20: Obstacle class: give your mom the gift of fun! This indoor playground for adults will help her to let her inner child loose. Just sign a waiver and buy an experience gift card on the phone.

$23+ Comedy Night: is she a laugh-seeker? Make a reservation for a live comedy show and make her Mother’s Day an entertaining one. Besides, if she loves the comedy industry, Comedy Bar also offers workshops in stand-up comedy, improvs and more.
comedy night on Mother's Day

$35: brows groom & design: one more beauty gift idea for Mother’s Day that she will love because well-designed brows significantly enhance the overall look. If she has never been to an eyebrow artist, she should pay a visit once.
eyebrow design as a gift for Mother's Day
$47: Distillery District Segway Tour: not only will she have fun riding a Segway (instructions will be given, no worries if your mom is new to it) but also will she find out about the history of the Distillery District. A great outdoor activity gift for Mother’s Day.
Distillery District Segway Tour on Mother's Day

$31: Toronto Harbour Tour: impressive skyline, soaring skyscrapers and entertaining narration with lots of interesting information is what awaits your mom on this amazing harbour tour.

Mother’s Day is a reminder of who brought us to this world, whom we should celebrate and spoil (in any way you can, whether with a luxurious gift or with a humble one or simply with the words of gratitude and love). Moms really deserve it!

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