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  • 15 km private helicopter tour - approximately 7 minutes in the air.
  • A 6" x 8" print of the two of you next to the helicopter
  • Local taxes
  • Entry/Admission - Toronto Heli Tours
  • Gratuities
  • Hotel pickup and drop off

Romantic Jewel - Private Helicopter Tour for 2

Toronto, Canada
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7 minutes
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The staff is friendly and approachable, I'm not too satisfied at all with the flight time, I felt the time started counting when you don't even adjust your headsets, around 5 min when we achieve the height to make some turns. you start to descend.
Published: 2022.05.08
Katya M
Amazing service and fantastic flight! We enjoyed it very much. Views from the above are breathtaking!
Published: 2022.03.01
Was a great fun/experience. Due to high winds our date got re-scheduled twice.. safety first. Staff called and was friendly and helpful on the phone. Next time I will pick the evening time slot to see the sunset and city lights. It is abit in the pricey side for 8min ride but well worth it.
Published: 2022.02.22
Great experience and an unbelievable view of the city! Toronto Heli Tours were great to deal with, made our communication simple and overall provided an amazing experience. Would highly recommend
Published: 2021.11.23
Great staff, fun experience. Definitely give it a shot! I wasn't sure what to expect but once we got off the ground I was having a good time!
Published: 2021.11.22
Seeing the city from a bird eye view was so amazing and such an experience we will never forget the staff were great the customer service was soo nice and and communicated effectively with us my only suggestion is its too short for the amount of many you pay they should try to make the tours a lot longer only con with this experience!
Published: 2021.10.17
The amazing views, kind staff, easy process. This was an amazing tour would definitely try again. definitely recommend it for travellers or just another way of seeing the city.
Published: 2021.08.02
I had such a great experience on your. I did as a surprise gift for my boyfriend and he loved it. They accommodated us well even though we were late due to traffic. I felt really bad but they were so nice about it.
Published: 2020.10.20
My wife and I took this tour to celebrate her birthday and it was probably the best time we had ever had. It was an unbelievable experience and definitely one we will never forget
Published: 2020.10.17
I booked this for me and my boyfriend, am afraid of heights but the staff were very friendly and nice, it was such an amazing experience being up there lol. I would definitely go back sometime soon and highly recommend Toronto Heli tours. Thank you for the wonderful experience.
Published: 2020.08.25
I took my fiance for her birthday. I called in to buy the tour. They told me 15 minutes for $315 over the phone. We got 7 minutes from take off to landing. 3 mini rotations around the core. The staff was courteous and professional.
Published: 2020.07.14
Great experience, the crew was great aswell. Price was affordable and the view of the city was excellent
Published: 2020.02.21
Asanté A
It was amazing seeing the city from above, the crew was very nice and professional but the ride itself was a bit too short imo, they did say though that many factors could impact the duration of the tour yet we weren’t notified of any specific reason but overall it was an awesome experience for my girlfriend and I.
Published: 2019.10.30
It was a good experience. Gave us a good view of the city. My friend and I thought it could’ve lasted just a couple minutes longer considering we did the private tour and how much more it cost.
Published: 2019.10.21
Booked on the day. Very friendly and professional service. Incredible value for money for an amazing life experience. Thank you so much!
Published: 2019.09.07
My wife and I both greatly enjoyed the entire experience. From my initial phone contact with an attentive gentleman who booked the experience till the young lady whom saw us off with our gift basket of goods this was a great experience. It was the calm and lighthearted approach to introducing us both to the needs to know of the adventure we were to embark on. It was the viewing room and the basic yet appreciated amenities it offered. It was the allotment of time to view thier roster of aerial chariots while anticipating the magnitude of what was ahead. Yes, it was the first time for us both. It was the guides ensuring we were prepared and felt in good hands. It was the photographer whom instructed and suggested best practices when approaching the chosen chariot. Her photos captured the spirit of the occasion as lighting in a bottle, just for my wife and I. It was the calm yet friendly demeanor of the pilot who captained the flight in a manor which left no doubts. The team/staff was appeared young, yet it's clear they only require time and support from owner/management to refine what is already a very good experience for those who invest in the experience. Finer options for beverages and appetizer options while awaiting would serve to enhance such a magical experience. My wife and I appreciated the pilot offering up suggestions for best viewing takes as 2000 feet up there is alot to see in all directions. Concluding with a careful landing and delivery back to the viewing area to find a warm greeter seeing us off with a basket of wine photos of our experience and other goods was the cherry on top! The tasteful ontario wine and chocolate ,so suitable, segwayed magical evening flight experience into a most memorable night. A most worthy investment all things considered. Clearly, I would recommend Heli tours Romantic Toronto Helicopter Ride to those in love up for an adventure and those wishing to jumpstart a love adventure.
Published: 2019.07.31
The tour was a little bit short! Just 6min... BUt the crew was really friendly and allowed us to go even though we were really early!
Published: 2019.06.16
The staff members were very flexible in accommodating us despite being late. We thoroughly enjoyed our helicopter ride!
Published: 2018.05.28
Tim W
Everything from booking the flight, to the staff, to the directions, to the flight itself, was top notch. We went on the private, sunset flight. My plan was to propose while in the air, and the staff gave me some great suggestions and helped facilitate the proposal so it went smoothly (like wait until the end of the flight to propose, etc). The staff photographer spent some extra time taking photos for us as well. The staff and the experience were nothing short of remarkable. I would highly recommend this for anyone wanting to see the city of Toronto from a unique perspective. The helicopter ride was actually quite smooth, and the view from the panoramic windows is incredible.
Published: 2017.11.14
Rocco F

I have never done anything like this before! It was the craziest experience to be able to hover over Toronto and get as high and as close to the CN tower from an external perspective as I did. The pilot was amazing, the flight was smooth with very little turbulence and the view was breathtaking!! Totally worth the money and I would so do this again.

Published: 2017.01.09
Rosanne D

Time goes by quick but very fun and professional. A great experience and highly recommended.

Published: 2016.10.22

The ride was ok the sericxe however was a big downfall. The way they advertised it was horrible. I though I bought the one with a teddy bear chocolates and wine.. And I was so excited to get them especially because that info was in my voucher. When we got there all we got were 2 pictures. Not good

Published: 2016.07.04
Tony M

They were very quick, experienced and knowledgeable about what they did.

Published: 2015.06.22
Arianne N

I surprised my bf with this for his birthday, and we had such an amazing time! The staff were great and the place was very easy to find. The staff were very knowledgeable and was very professional. Excellent customer service!!
We will recommend this to our friends!

Published: 2015.06.07

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