Whether you’re visiting Toronto as a tourist or have lived here for ages, we welcome you to our selection of Toronto food tours. Foodie or not, you’re bound to fall for the experience because food tours are a way to explore new places, taste new cultures and learn important bites of history. Some of the food tours are a great opportunity to travel through Canada or even deliciously visit several different countries because, as you might know, Toronto is a very multicultural city and this multiculturalism is perfectly visible in our food tours, some of which take place in the places where immigrant vibes have always reverberated.

Continue reading to discover different districts of Toronto and the delicacies they offer.

Toronto Food Tours in Kensington Market
Secret Food Tours in Toronto
Toronto Food Tour in St. Lawrence
What Food Tours in Toronto Are Good For Avoiding Crowds?
Are these Food Tours Interesting for Locals?
Do Your Food Tours Include Drinks?What Are the Best Toronto Food Tours?
Are There Self-Guided Food Tours?

Toronto Food Tours in Kensington Market


Great Canadian Food Tour

Whether you’re a vegetarian or omnivore, come to the eclectic Kensington market to taste the great Canadian cuisine. Brimming with multiculturalism, street food and clothing shops and boutiques, the place is an ideal one to try all the essential eats of Canada. This gourmet tour spans far in space and time. It starts with an East Coast dish where cod fish is its main ingredient and deliciously extends through the whole Canada up to delicacies of the sunny BC. You’ll get to try dishes born before Canada became independent and those freshly invented. All of this with NO NEED to wait in long lines if you’re enjoying our service.

NOTE: Unfortunately, intolerances to gluten, eggs, nuts or dairy products cannot be accommodated.

DURATION: 2 hours 30 minutes

Kensington Market Tour: Taste the World

Travel the world of different cuisines at Toronto’s Kensington Market, stroll through the streets to enjoy the murals and small vintage shops, learn stories behind the places and of course, taste some of the best dishes. Have you ever heard of Toronto Truffle or the so-called Toffee? It is an exclusive dessert invented by the organizers of the food tour that will take it to the highest level. You’ll become the ultimate insider after this Kensington Market tour. Besides, many visitors of the tour have said that it is so worth it cause you’ll try the tasty food that you otherwise probably wouldn’t.

DURATION: 2 hours 30 minutes
GROUP SIZE: up to 5 participants
PRICE: CAD $94 per person

Secret Food Tours in Toronto

Do you know what makes real Canadian maple syrup differ from fake one? Find it out on this scrumptious group food tour in Old Toronto. Wander around the heart of the district, nibble on some deli treats like a classic Canadian Peameal bacon sandwich, some classic Canadian pastry and enjoy a secret dish. Canadian history and a company of great people are the added bonuses you’re bound to enjoy during the tour. You’ll also have a stop near the Hockey Hall of Fame.

NOTE: There’s an option to book a private tour.
DURATION: 3 hours 30 minutes

Toronto Food Tour in St. Lawrence

St. Lawrence Market Food Tour


One of the best food markets in the world surely has some great food tour on offer. Join this St.Lawrence Market Food Tour for tasty food and insights about it, for a nice walk and a historic tour. You’ll also find out about the samples which are unknown outside of Toronto, learn which products played an important role in the lives of immigrants and generally deepen your knowledge of the senses hidden behind “Canadian”. Beverages and desserts are included as well.

DURATION: 3 hours

Private Food Tour at St.Lawrence


Gather with your foodie friends in a group of 8 and enjoy the delicacies of St.Lawrence Market. Once recognized as the best food market in the world, according to National Geographic, it is a great place for tasting and exploration. Many locals and even chefs come here for fresh produce. The Market even features a museum and a gallery, so there’s certainly a lot to explore and pair your gastro-adventure with a cultural one.

TIP: this tour is a real must if you’re either a newcomer in Toronto, or just visiting the city, or if you’re from the area but haven’t experienced much of the market.

DURATION: 3 hours
GROUP SIZE: minimum 8 people
PRICE: CAD $386 per person

Toronto Food Tours in the Old Toronto

The Junction Food Tour + a Historic Walking Tour

Some people immediately fall in love with this tour because it’s perfect for avoiding crowds. Others love it for the location. If you’re looking for a trendy food tour or want to avoid crowds, book this one at the Junction.

The hip neighborhood, trendy shops, cafes and bars make the Junction vibes so charming that everyone wants to come back. Discover the neighborhood through food and history, visit 5 distinct restaurants and find out why the neighborhood lived with a ban on alcohol until mere 2 decades ago.

DURATION: 3 hours

Donut Tour in Toronto

If you have a sweet tooth, join us on this underground donut tour in Toronto’s city centre and Bob’s your uncle. Different shapes, styles and flavors of donuts are complemented by some walking and history. Just come with an empty tummy because there will be many delicious goodies.

DURATION: 2 hours

Toronto World Food Tour


Sample 5 absolutely different cuisines at some of the best locations on King Street West and let us know which one became your favorite. Is it Mexican, Thai, Italian, Peruvian, Asian or Canadian? You’ll also enjoy a dessert but it’s not the end of the tour. The cherry on top of the cake will be some tantalizing cocktails in a bar.

DURATION: 2 hours 30 minutes
GROUP SIZE: up to 10 people
PRICE: CAD $235 per person

What Food Tours in Toronto Are Good For Avoiding Crowds?

These WOWnGO food tours are good for avoiding crowds:

  1. Toronto World Food Tour
  2. Explore and taste The Junction
  3. Great Canadian Food Tour
  4. Kensington Market Tour: Taste the World

St. Lawrence Food Tours: We cannot guarantee that you’ll avoid crowds to the fullest but if you book a tour in the early or late afternoon, the odds are in favor of a more peaceful atmosphere.

Are these Food Tours Interesting for Locals?

On these food tours, locals feel like tourists. Many Torontonians come to the familiar districts but learn a lot of interesting facts from the history and culture of these neighbourhoods. They also find out about new food spots which later become some of their favorite ones. We highly recommend the tours for locals and tourists alike. Contact us if you’re not sure which food tour to choose if you’re a local.

Do Your Food Tours Include Drinks?

Most food tours also include drink. Some of them include alcoholic drinks, however, these food tours focus on delicious foods rather than drinks. Check our wine, beer or whiskey-tasting tours if you’d like to sip your way through the drinking trail.

What Are the Best Toronto Food Tours?

All of our tours are great but all depends on your preferences. Carefully check the descriptions of the tours to find a suitable option. We have food tours that focus on Canadian cuisine, world food tours, food tours for those with a sweet tooth. Another criterion to take into account is pricing: WOWnGO offers food tours with average price as well as some more expensive ones.

Are There Self-Guided Food Tours?

No, we offer guided tours only. If you want to go on a self-guided tour in Toronto, you can check some suggestions here. However, we encourage you to go on a guided tour in Toronto at least once.


  • It’s not only about delicious food, but also about gripping stories from history and culture
  • Engaging stories about the market you’re touring
  • No need to plan your itinerary
  • Opportunity to meet new people


Hopefully, you’ve found a food tour in Toronto you already love. See you soon at one of the meeting spots.

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