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Toronto Great Canadian Food Tour

Toronto, Canada
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2 hours 30 minutes
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Reviews (24)

Would highly recommend this tour. Our guide Jusef was very upbeat and told us a bit about the history of the area. The food was amazing and he took us to places we wouldn't have found ourselves. He was very helpful in orientating us to the area.
Published: 2021.12.11
Kim B
Due to the Covid situation we (2 adults and 12 and 15 year old teens) had a private tour with William (the actor :-)). We had a really good time. There was a lot of information from William on Kensington and all our questions were answered. The food was really nice and also our boys loved it. We can really recommend this tour when you are in the area. The only thing we regret is not buying some more of those delicious rosemarin bagels with cream cheese.
Published: 2021.11.10
Tour operator did not show or answer calls/txt messages. Their initial phone number connects you with an offshore call centre that is not helpful.
Published: 2021.09.25
Well balance between history and food. Like the knowledge of the guide as much as his taste for food. Wife love the tour and Will go back for more. Many thanks
Published: 2021.08.09
The food that I got to say was super delicious! My tour guide was a very sweet person and he made sure that I tried all the best things that Kensington had to offer.
Published: 2021.08.09
Sheri B
My family and I did this tour and it was fantastic. My sons 14 and 15 really enjoyed themselves too. The tour guide was very knowledgeable of the area! He was funny and personable. The food was fantastic and the time flew by. I would highly recommend this tour. We will be back again!
Published: 2021.08.07
It was one of the best short tours in my life. Such a great passion and knowledge! You may say "a food tour should be about food". This one was mostly about history of Toronto and the whole country. However - food was really good. Great impressions! I am interested in other programs with "Chops and Forks".
Published: 2021.07.27
It became a private tour, since the other person didn't showed up, and I really enjoyed it! Jessica was the perfect tour guide, she knows a lot about Canadian culture (and many more, trust me!) and always answers my questions between her explanation. The tour is well designed since we have the equivalent of a full meal over different places, with starter, main dishes and deserts. Everything was super good! Thanks a lot! If you're looking for a good way to taste Canadian culture, go for it!
Published: 2020.03.09
The Great Canadian food tour has been one of the highlights of our stay in Toronto. Having never experienced a food tour before, we didn’t know what to expect, but Jusep was the best guide we could have wished for! He was super fun to spend the tour with & was so enthusiastic about the food & history we experienced whilst walking around Kensington Market. Everything we ate was honestly so delicious & left us wanting to go back again! Thank you Jusep for making the tour such a memorable experience!
Published: 2020.02.02
Bill S
This tour in Kensington Market allowed us to sample many unique Canadian foods, such as peameal bacon and poutine. However, the best was the "taco" at the Pow Wow Restaurant. We would never have had the opportunity to try that delicious food without having gone on the Great Canadian Food Tour. Our guide Jessica was also wonderful, very friendly and provided us with very interesting information about the Canadian foods and the Kensington Market area. Ask for Jessica!
Published: 2019.10.25
We are foodies and really enjoyed Jessica’s help as she navigated us through a dynamic area called Kensington Market. This tour was specifically focused on tasting things you would not get to try outside of Canada and it did not disappoint. We visited 6 places and had no wait at any of them. We were seated and learned much about each stop. Do not eat before hand! The starter “taco” tells you you are in for a treat but you also get history, a sense of the neighborhood and you start to feel more like a local. Jessica was awesome and we hope she looks us up when she comes to Nola!
Published: 2019.10.06
I was with my parents in Toronto and we wanted to do something special. This food tour was amazing! Jusep did a great job (he’s the owner of Chopsticks+Forks)! Our group had just a capacity of 5, so it was very nice to go around in a small group and talk to the other two guests. All the places we went to had delicious food and I would highly recommend to do this food tour. You’ll get to now typical Canadian food and Canadian history as well. Best thing I did in Toronto!
Published: 2019.09.25
On a rainy Sunday, surprisingly we got a private tour since we were the only guests who had booked the tour. Our guide Jessica was very lovely and we had very nice chats about the food culture in Canada and the multicultural infusion that can be best experienced in Kensington Market. The food was very good and was a mixture of must-eat like Putine but also new interpretation of canadian classics like Peameal Bacon Sandwich. Don't expect to keep any dinner reservations afterwards you will try serveral different delicious dishes.
Published: 2019.09.16
Mark W
We chose this tour on the recommendation of a Canadian localand the timing was ideal prior to our late night flight back hime to the UK. Jessica was our guide and within minutes we were chatting away like long lost friends, her knowledge of Canada and the various foods we ate was excellent and we came away full of food and knowledge. Would definitely do one of the other tours if we come back to Toronto.
Published: 2019.09.07
I was traveling to Canada to visit a friend, but she was a bit of a picky eater who lived outside the city. This tour proved to be a great way to try some of the local favorites and without forcing her out of her comfort zone! It did force me out of mine though! I originally booked a group tour, and somehow ended up with a solo tour due to weather! William, my tour guide, was a star though and ensured that the experience wasn't awkward at all! He was very informed about the area and the food we were eating! My biggest regret of the day was that I was going to a baseball game that night so I couldn't take my left-overs with me!
Published: 2019.08.25
How can anyone go wrong on a food tour, experiencing the many different specialties of the area. It's the guide that truly makes the difference! Jessica was our friendly guide with the welcoming smile. She led us around the Kensington Market with just enough information to keep it interesting but not overwhelming. With each stop, we would say this was our favorite....until the next stop. We asked and Jessica recommended other places we could stop at on our own. It was a delightful 2 hours of yummy food and an opportunity to enjoy the "vibes" found only in Kensington Market. I would definitely recommend bringing a water bottle with you as drinks did not come with served food.
Published: 2019.08.18
My friend and I did the Great Canadian Food tour, with Jusep as our guide, and it was simply the best time. The tour was very thoughtfully and deliciously designed--the right amount of food, the right number and type of stops, the right amount of walking, the right combination of information and casual conversation. Everything was delicious--I won't say more in case of spoilers, but please believe me, it was memorably scrumptious--and the tour accommodated my vegetarian diet. By the end of the tour we were full and happy, and felt like we had gotten to know Kensington Market a bit better, enough to wish we had more time to spend exploring it. Jusep himself was amazing. He felt like a new friend--one that is super funny and easy to hang out with, who knows all the cool stories and best food. We took his advice on a place for dinner the next night and were very, very glad we did--it, too, was phenomenal. We can't recommend this company and our tour enough. Thank you, Jusep!
Published: 2019.08.10
We had a great time eating our way through Kensington Market on this tour. Big thanks to Ethan, our incredibly friendly and informative guide, for making it such a fun afternoon!
Published: 2019.07.08
We went today to experience the Canadian food tour and were warmly greeted by our guide Ethan outside the Pow Wow cafe. Ethan was informative and very entertaining. The food was delicious from start to finish, i would highly recommend this tour. Despite me living in Toronto for all of my life, I've never been to Kensington Market, and what a great way to explore this amazing part of the city that is home to many eclectic people and great eats! We definitely want to do the Korean tour too! Thanks Ethan for a great afternoon. If you're looking for a food tour...this company rocks!
Published: 2019.06.29
We had a great time on our recent tour! Our guide, Jessica, was excellent. We went on four food tours with three different companies during our trip to Toronto, and this was the best of all the tours. We learned a lot about the dishes and the history of the area. Jessica had a tablet with her, which was a nice way to show us even more about everything we were experiencing. The other tours all had good food, but not as much information as I would have liked. This had both! This was our first time to Canada, and we enjoyed getting a chance to try and learn about Canadian foods. We also liked learning about the local restaurants we were visiting, as well as their owners. Of course, the food was great. Jessica was very easy to talk with even though we were the only two people on the tour. My only complaint is that Chopsticks and Forks only offer two tours!
Published: 2019.06.10
Though I had never been on a food tour before, while planning a trip to Toronto, I found out about the food tours offered by Chopsticks+Forks and when I saw that there was one featuring Canadian foods, I was on it like a hobo on a peameal sandwich! After all, who doesn't love going to a foreign country and sampling some of their culture? Our guide, Fenny, who was lively, funny and full of lots of history of not just the foods we were eating but about the area we were eating them in, was just great as she led us on what has to be the tastiest tour in Toronto's Kensington Market (which reminded me a bit of the Haight-Ashbury District in San Francisco but funkier!) During the course of the 2-1/2 hour tour we went to six of the area's eateries where we didn't just sample a taste of but had full servings of four savoury foods and two sweets. Honestly, if you walk away from this tour hungry, there's something wrong with you! I've included photos of all the foods we tried and the places where we had them so you can see how delicious everything was. I honestly couldn't recommend the Great Canadian Food Tour high enough as it was a terrific way to spend our first full afternoon in Toronto. We got to experience some truly delicious food as well as enjoy the famed Canadian friendliness that I'd heard so much about. If all food tours could guarantee to be as good as a Chopsticks+Forks tour, I'd take a food tour everywhere I went! On a final note, I'd also like to mention that one of our group has a diary allergy and accommodations were made ahead of time so that they didn't miss a bite! Two well-fed thumbs up for that!
Published: 2019.05.23
Earl q
Had a great tour with Ethan. He was very informative about Toronto and Kensington. He was great at giving recommendations outside of the tour and spots to try while visiting. His history quizzes were great and very informative. I even learned a bit of Canadian history! The establishments were welcoming, friendly and extremely tasty! I did not turn away anything and left fulfilled. The tour is worth every penny and fun as well. Thank you Ethan, food spots and tour! Until next time. Aloha
Published: 2019.05.20
I have never been on a food tour;however after spending 2.5hrs with Yusep I am planning on including a food tour as a must activity while visiting any city. You can tell that the guide did his homework and is very passionate about the work, best combo if you ask me. You learn so much about the history and culture of the city while stuffing your face with great genuine Canadian food.This was a great way to show my out of country cousin what Canadian culture is all about. I cannot emphasize more that this tour possibly is the best way to introduce what Canada is all about in a timely manner. I am just grateful that I found something to do in Toronto with my out of town friends that does not involve seeing the CN tower and Niagara falls. Best of luck Yusup hope everything works out well for you Namkyun 토론토에서 무엇을 할지 고민을 한다면 한번 이 음식 관광을 한는것을 추천 합니다. 가이드도 무척 친절하고 정말 많은 지식을 가지고 있어요. 제가 한국말이 쓰는것이 부족해서 이정도 밖에 못 쓰지만 가격대비 좋아요. 그냥 저 믿고 3시간 있으면 해 볼만 합니다. 남균
Published: 2019.05.18
Franz R
Wir waren nur eine kleine Gruppe mit 5 Personen - wir mit 3 Personen aus Deutschland und ein älteres Ehepaar aus den USA, die aber mal für 3 Jahre in Deutschland gelebt haben. Somit hatten wir eine sehr interessante Kombination und konnten uns prima in puncto Essen austauschen! Jusep liebt seinen Job und macht das ganze daher zu einem Erlebnis - auch weil er seine Gäste immer mit einbezieht. So lässt er alle deutschen Vokabeln die er kennt, aufblitzen und während der Verzehrprobe erkundigt er sich nach persönlichen Dingen - Interesse an seinen Gästen halt! Ach ja, das Essen! Vorzügliche Dinge haben wir bekommen - sehr sehr lecker! Testet es - ihr werdet es nicht bereuen!
Published: 2019.09.25

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