Christmas Gifts You'd Love to Receive

It’s already feeling so Christmassy outside, which means that more and more of us are looking for Christmas gifts for family and friends. Whether you’re looking for a practical, adventurous, fun or memorable Christmas gift, we cannot resist the temptation to give you some more suggestions on the best Christmas presents. From truly winter experiences like dog sledding and a skiing class to experience gift ideas relevant year-round, you’ll find everything anyone will enjoy.

What’s important we’ve collected lots of cool Christmas gift ideas for different budgets so that both those looking for luxurious presents and those with a lower budget can find something great.

As a bonus, our experience gifts are your lifesaver if you’re looking for last-minute Christmas gifts.

Christmas gift ideas 2021
Check this collection of gifts, if you're looking for ideas of Christmas gifts under $100.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Her
Christmas Gift Ideas for Him
Christmas Gift Ideas for Couples
Christmas Gift Ideas for Friends
Family Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas Gift Ideas for Her

Dazzle the important woman in your life with a Christmas gift she’s bound to love. Whether you want the gift to help her relax, learn something new, or indulge in an adventure, we’ve got plenty of great Christmas gift ideas.

Boudoir Photography Session - $1230 CAD

Bodouir Photography Session
Boudoir photography art with Kissed by Light is much more than just a photoshoot in lingerie. It’s about passion and sexuality, rediscovery of your inner energy and femininity, self-love and overcoming your fears. Although not the cheapest option, it’s an outstanding Christmas gift for women. It helps them enhance their confidence, improve their self-image and even open a new page of their life.

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Shopping with a Local Stylist - $220 CAD

Have a loved one who struggles with finding a glamorous look but still wants to look elegant? Our fashion expert will help everyone to find their style and comfort. This experience is not about some general tips which concern everyone. It is a super personalized fashion tour with a note of self-discovery. We bet any woman would be happy to receive such a gift experience for Christmas.

Shopping with a Fashion Expert in Toronto as Christmas Gift Idea
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Private Pottery Class - $53 CAD

Whether you want her to get the feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction, evoke inner creativity or just have fun, a private pottery class will successfully meet all these demands. Even if she has no clue how a pottery wheel looks like, it’s not a problem because a professional supervisor will guide her along the process.

There’s also a chance to get your creation shipped after the professional potter fires and glazes it. And here you are, your woman will be able to use her pottery item in her daily life.

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Underground Donut Tour - $56 CAD

If she loves donuts, this culinary adventure is for her. Several locations with the most delicious donuts in Toronto. She’ll be able to taste many varieties and fillings - chocolate- or maple-glazed, creamy and jelly and many more. Most importantly, she’ll be treated to fresh and hot donuts. Cool Christmas gift for her to warm up her winter weekend.
donut-tour-toronto - gift-certificate

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Makeup Lesson - $150 CAD

If she’s always dreamt of sparing time and money on daily makeup and cosmetics, this gift idea is a perfect choice. A professional makeup artist will advise on the right care products that suit her skin type. She’ll learn the techniques for applying natural-looking daily makeup and how to always look fresh. The lessons are especially suitable for beginners.

NOTE: the value of the gift certificate for this makeup lesson expires after 4 months after purchase.
Makeup-Class-Toronto - Gift-certificate

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Him

Make him smile with one of the thoughtful Christmas gifts for your man. Whatever you choose, it’ll become a joyful experience he’ll always remember.

Craft Beer Tour - $130 CAD

Is your beloved man a beer fan? Then he will surely enjoy our Craft beer tour where they can visit three breweries in Toronto, find out about how beer is made and try 5 oz beer in each brewery. He will become a real beer expert after this tour.
Three hours of facts, fun and beer will surely make an indelible impression on your gift recipient.
Craft-Beer-Tour-Toronto - gift-certificate-for-beer-tour-toronto

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VR Walking Experience - $28 CAD

The power and beauty of VR attract many game players. Whether your man is new to VR or quite advanced, he’s bound to love this 30-minute immersive walking experience. No borders and boundaries between the scenes. There’s just a holistic world that he can smoothly navigate. Headset on and he’s absorbed in a new real world. Don’t thank us, say thank you to all the creators of cutting-edge technology.

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Half Day Supercar Driving Tour - $526 CAD

He’s a bit of a thrill-seeker and a bit of a luxury lover, then we’ve got a perfect Christmas gift for him. A luxurious and adventurous drive on several super cars including Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche and McLaren. Winding roads along the scenic hills and a forest will be an unforgettable Christmas experience gift for any man.

NOTE: Unless the participant has a full G license or G2, he needs to have G1 and someone in the car who’s fully G licensed. Otherwise, he can enjoy the views and the vroom and roar along the way from the back seat of the car.

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1-Hour Private Ski/Snowboarding Lesson - $149 CAD

Has your loved one always dreamt of leveling up his skiing/snowboarding skills? Here’s a chance to make his dreams come true in Mecca for winter adventures, Barrie. Whether he’s a complete novice or already has some hands-on experience, an instructor will customize the experience to the level of your beloved one. If you go together, a lot of popular winter activities are there to try, including other winter sports, fine dining and overnight stays.

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Snowmobiling near Toronto - from $199 CAD

Many of us love giving winter-related gifts for Christmas and many people enjoy receiving them. What about some winter fun with lots of snow in the fresh air? Snowmobiling perfectly suits this description. Whether he’s new to snowmobiling or already ventured to some trails, he’ll have a day full of fun. Starting from 1 hour-tours, both private and group experiences are available.

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Couples

We believe that experiences are gifts with WOW factors. If an experience is for two, you’ll get the most wow impression from it because an experience gift for two is also about spending time together and collecting memories. Check our collection of Christmas gifts for couples to make this holiday special and give one of the most precious gifts we can give one today, your time.

Private Pottery Night - $53 CAD

It’s considered that modeling clay has a relaxing effect on your nervous system. Consequently, modeling clay with your SO should have a relaxing, romanticizing and generally invigorating influence on both of you. Regardless of your initial level, you’ll be able to work with clay, center the pottery wheel and, finally, you’ll have a nice pottery item such as a mug, vase, plate, or bowl. Ultimately, this pottery night together is about some more time spent together along with a shared creation that you’ll keep at home and think of the pottery night together.

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Private Romantic Helicopter Tour for Two - $362 CAD

Just the two of you onboard a private helicopter soaring 2000 ft above Toronto. No need to raise your eyes to admire the power of the CN Tower and enjoy other architectural landmarks. During this 15 km route, you’ll ascend to many other places of interest and enjoy beautiful landscapes from a bird-like view.

TIP: make it incredibly romantic and book the helicopter date night during sunset or when city lights turn on.


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Professional Photo Shoot - $230 CAD

Do you have friends or relatives who always wanted to become Canada’s top model? Make their dream come true with a WOWnGO Christmas gift voucher, even if it is for several hours. Our photographer will take the best shoots in the best locations in Toronto. And no worries, everyone is photogenic here.

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Aerial Tour of Toronto - $228 CAD

Enjoy the sky and the stunning vistas of Toronto’s landscape with a professional pilot. Hover above the CN Tower, Toronto Islands and many more prominent spots in the city. Give them a WOWnGO gift for Christmas and this experience will definitely make a lasting imprint on the memory of your recipient.

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Kensington Market Food Tour - $67 CAD

This gourmet experience is for lovers of Chinese cuisine. Find out more about the Chinese district from the local chef with Canadian and Chinese roots and try a lot of yummy dishes. Chinese BBQ meat, creamy egg tarts, red bean and mochi desserts. Immerse in a different culture and change your menu for one day. Maybe some dishes will become your staple after this food tour.
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Christmas Gift Ideas for Friends

A private painting class or a dazzling light show? Which Christmas gift will you choose for your friend this year?

Private Glow in the Dark Painting Class - $53 CAD

Fortunately, there’s no need to be a skilled painter to create a charming canvas painting that will feast your eye at day and by night. You’ll just need a good mood and be open to new challenges. Stencils and guidelines are on us. In the end, you’ll leave us happy with a canvas painting that will glow even at the darkest times.

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Toronto Bar Hunt - $17 CAD

Does your friend love bar atmosphere and scavenger hunts? Then Toronto bar hunt will be a perfect budget and fun gift for them. With three amazing bars, photo and video challenges, your friend will have a fun night full of memories. Take your other buddies and join your friend altogether to make it a memorable bar hunt.

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Illumi Mississauga - $36,95 CAD

Gift your friend a dazzling world of lights and make this Christmas even more sparkling. More than 20 million shining lights supplemented with great music and multimedia performance
will light up the magical atmosphere in everyone’s heart. Give your friend a personalized electronic gift card welcoming them to the show to get them illuminated ✨

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Whiskey Tasting - $75 CAD

If your friend is a fan of whiskey, this experience will be a perfect Christmas gift for them. Whiskey tasting is a great gourmet experience and a socializing activity. Your friend will sample three sorts of Canadian whiskey and a whiskey cocktail at the end of the tour. They’ll engage in a discussion with the whiskey expert and other fellows in the group, learn about the glasses that are appropriate for a whiskey tasting, find out the details of how to taste whiskey and even find out how to recreate the whiskey cocktail at home.

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Spa & Massage - from $84 CAD

Quality spa massage is an ideal way to refuel and smoothly dive into the new year, especially if your friend is a workaholic. There’s a big range of spa services on offer: from facials and massages to body polishes and hydro therapies. There’s something for everyone. Deep relaxation is guaranteed. Besides, your friend will get therapeutic benefits from many of these treatments.


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Family Christmas Gift Ideas

Cold winter days become much warmer and cozier if you have some fun with your family. Look at the Christmas experiences for families and plan your family pastime activities with us.

Little Canada | Visit the Miniature Wonderland - $39 CAD

Is your friend an avid traveler that dreams of exploring the whole world, including the whole of Canada? Their dream might have not yet come true but we’ve got a temporary solution. Toronto is home to the biggest “little attraction” that showcases all of Canada with hundreds of attractions, notable landscapes, moving vehicles and even petite figurines of people in the movement. Cities in all four seasons, in daylight and nightlife, are represented. Book and your friend will be stunned from what they see.

Everyone who visits Little Canada, can stay there forever. In the littlizasion center, one can take a free scan of themselves in a booth and decide to become a part of the people inhabiting Little Canada.

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Visit to the Museum of Illusions - $29 CAD

Even the biggest museum hater will love a tour around the museum of Illusions in Toronto. With informative exhibitions and Instagram-friendly spots, this place fuses fun and education. They say, “don’t always trust your eyes.” And this resonates so well with this place. It turns out that optical illusion is very powerful. It’s better to pay a visit and check everything on your own. Just keep in mind: in the Museum of Illusions, eyes and brain don’t get on well together.

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Dog Sledding Adventure - $474 CAD

Dashing through the snow. On a one-horse open sleigh. O’er the fields we go. Laughing all the way.

No horses on this tour but fun and laughter and fluffy snowy trails are guaranteed. Amazing healthy and active dogs along with the beauty of winters of Northern Ontario will light up your family weekend. A must-do Canadian activity for all families craving for fun. Coffee or hot chocolate, hot chili lunch near the campfire and the freshness of the forest will be there for free.

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Lumina Night Walks at Toronto Zoo - ca. $85 CAD (3 ppl)

With the nightfall at Toronto Zoo, there comes the magical Lumina Night. It takes you into the future and back. It’s a unique journey where you can see humans and nature live in harmony. Glowing lights, dazzling illumination and video projections let you explore the hopeful bright future. See the powerful secrets of the future with the Toronto Zoo.

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Toronto Scavenger Hunt - $17 CAD

Whether you’re a family of three or 5+, in this Toronto Scavenger Hunt roles will be allocated to everyone. The only prerequisite is being eager to learn more about Toronto in a fun way. You’ll find out the cultural significance of some buildings, and learn the old stories hidden in the district you cross every day. All of this while fulfilling engaging challenges. Oh yeah, the second prerequisite is to be calm in case you’re not the one to become the Scavenger Hunt King.

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