The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

A beautiful holiday of love is around the corner. Some people criticize it saying that all the Valentine’s Day gifts have made the holiday commercialized and that we should celebrate love any day we wish not just on February 14. Well, WOWnGO agrees that Valentine’s Day is not the only time when you can or should express your romantic feelings, however, it often happens that because of all the duties of daily life we tend to forget about this. Thus, we believe that it is so great to have some reminder, which in this case, is Valentine’s Day.

While most of you probably already know the history and reasons behind this day, we’d like to give some hints on how to make this holiday special. Gifts certainly aren’t the most important things in a relationship but it is one of the thoughtful ways of expressing love. We’ll give you some of the gift ideas for Valentine’s Day and some recommendations on how you can spend this day.

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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas in Toronto

Valentine’s Day Gift for Her
Valentine’s Day Gift for Him
Affordable Valentine’s Day Gifts
Things to Do on Valentine’s Day in Toronto

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

Valentine's Day Gifts for Her
If you were going to give her a box of chocolate and a bunch of flowers again, forget about it! Here are a few unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her that she wouldn’t even expect!

Fashion Shopping Tour in Toronto with a Local Stylist: not every woman gets a kick out of shopping but every woman wants to look fashionable and comfortable in her attire. Rings a bell with you? Personal styling will be a perfect gift for her for Valentine’s Day then. A professional stylist will give her some piece of advice and help her get a look so that she doesn’t regret the money spent.
Shopping with a Stylist as a Valentine's Day gift for her

Dining Experience in Darkness: a delicious dinner sounds like a classical Valentine’s Day tradition. Well, traditions are good but we can always make them even better. What about a dining experience in total darkness? They say that when you cannot see anything, your other senses (including taste) sharpen and so you can feel the true taste of your meal.

Spa treatments: seasonal change and diverse weather conditions affect our skin, body and even well-being. A gift card for spa day sounds like an amazing Valentine’s Day gift for girlfriend or wife. They’ll have a professional massage, will be pampered and relaxed. This Valentine’s Day gift for her might be easily turned into a Valentine’s Day Gift for two. A romantic retreat for two is a perfect option if you want to spend this day together in an unusual way.
spa experience for her for Valentine's Day

Makeup workshop: Is she interested in professional makeup? maybe she just wants to learn to do her perfect everyday makeup and find out more about skincare? A makeup workshop or a series of makeup classes is the kind of Valentine’s Day gift which ticks the box.
makeup workshop as Valentine's gift for her

Spa to get a facial: all females would love to have healthy skin face. Giving your wife or a girlfriend a Valentine’s Day gift card for facial treatment will make her glow with happiness. A gift card can be used for skincare advice, relaxing elemental and advanced facials and some other health services like makeup, hair tinting, hair waxing and many more.
facial as gift for Valentine's Day

By the way, don’t take it so seriously with flowers. While some women might be skeptical about chocolate, most of them love flowers a lot. So, one of the experience gifts from the list above along with a bouquet of flowers will make this Valentine’s Day perfect.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Valentine's Gift for him
We know you’re looking for something that will show how much you care about him. Well, try to choose a gift that matches his interests or is symbolic in your relationship. For example, if your husband or boyfriend loves traveling, a plane ticket to the city he’s never been to will become a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for him. I bet, the gift will be even better if you go there together. So, you got the idea but if it happens that he literally has everything or you just ran out of ideas (after you’ve given him so many gifts), WOWnGO is here to lend a helping hand.

Food-Tasting: ever heard of the saying “A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach?”. However arguable it might be, men are never against some delicious food. We bet you already know his taste preferences and will be able to satisfy him. This amazing international food tour at Kensington market is a great Valentine’s Day gift for him. He will not just be full; he’ll be full of joy after having tried so many delicious dishes and beverages. Besides, this is a guided food tour where he also gets to find out about the history of the bohemian district.
Food Tasting as an experience gift for Valentine's Day

Bike Tour across Toronto Islands: is he a backer of an active lifestyle? What about a cycling tour across Toronto Islands? To make it more romantic, we suggest booking the evening cycling tour. To make this Valentine’s Day gift for him perfect, go cycling together. Some physical activity, scenic Islands and the two of you. I bet, nothing else is needed for a perfect Valentine’s date.
Bike Tour on Valentine's Day

Immersive Virtual Reality Experience for one hour: It is Christmas that is usually associated with wonders. Well, this Valentine’s Day gift for him will make it possible to do things he’d never be able to do in the real life and to go to places he’d never go to. If he loves games and has fun escaping from the real world, stop dithering.
Virtual Reality gift for him for Valentine's Day

Craft Beer Tour through Niagara: not every man gets a chance to sample some of the best beer sorts from some of the best breweries in the Niagara region. Amazing beer, scenic Niagara on the Lake and a yummy 3-course lunch. Can you resist the temptation?
Craft Beer Tasting as Valentine's gift for him

Distillery District Segway Tour: gazing at the same old buildings of the Distillery District that you’ve seen so often seems boring? Well, maybe it does to the naked eye. However, doing this on a Segway with the wind in your face is much more fun! The moment he learns to ride a Segway (our instructors are real experts in their field), he can kick off the adventure
Segway Tour as a Valentine's gift

Affordable Valentine’s Day Gifts

We believe that it’s always about attention and thoughtfulness rather than the amount of money you spend on your gift. Here are some great Valentine’s Day gift ideas for any budget.

Gift Card for Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada: explore astonishing galleries that feature the underwater world from different parts of the world. Come close and see some amazing fishes, discover new jaw-dropping species, learn more about ocean wildlife and just feel as if you were a real ocean explorer. By the way, if you feel like staying at home on the V-Day 2022, you can explore the Aquarium through the screen of your laptop.
price: $30-43
V-day at ripley's aquarium

Paint Pouring Session: if your partner is far away from being a die-hard romantic and you want him/her to pour out their feelings more often, give an experience that helps open and unwind. Paint pouring is an unconventional painting method where you just let the paint flow, mix the colors and get a unique flowing pattern at the end.
price: $43
Paint Pouring Gift for Valentine's Day

Ticket to Museum of Illusions: we’re strongly convinced that anyone who’s never been here yet, should do it! This is the place where you can pause the reality and challenge your brain because your eyes will see something your brain will not understand. As a matter of fact, the Museum of Illusions is not only a fun place but also a place where you get to know some amazing facts and learn to better understand the world around you.
price: $29
Valentine's Day in Museum of Illusions

Indoor Skydiving (Take-off experience): an equally great Valentine’s Day gift idea for him and for her. If your partner loves thrilling experiences, thinks that he/she was a bird in their previous life, floating in the air is the best experience gift idea.
price: $60
Indoor skydiving experience gift for Valentine's Day

Have a look at the Gifts for her and Gifts for Him, many of Valentine’s Gift Ideas there are still affordable.

Things to Do on Valentine’s Day in Toronto

You decided not to spend time looking for gifts this year but rather spend a nice day together, however, a romantic evening with pizza or sushi doesn’t sound that appealing? Here are some Valentine’s Day experiences for two which might make the 2022 celebration memorable!

Floating: Ever wondered how it’s like to lie in the dead Sea and not sink at all, even for a second? While flying on a Vacation to Asia sounds impossible right now, here’s a viable alternative. Thanks to the big amount of Epsom salt and high content of magnesium sulfate in the floating bath, you’ll be able to float for 60 minutes and relax your body and mind. A perfect way to escape from routine and celebrate the Day of Love in a special way.
Floating bath experience gift on Valentine's Day

Romantic Tour in Toronto: You are probably not new to the city but do you know the romantic stories that hide behind so many places which you pass by on daily basis? Immerse in the romantic atmosphere of Toronto, listen to stories, take pictures and fall in love with each other again.
Romantic Valentine's Day tour in Toronto

Romantic Photoshoot: love is in the air on this day, so capture these moments with a professional photographer. It’s great to have some pictures that will trigger warm-hearted memories of the V-Day 2022 sometime in the future.
Romantic photoshoot on Valentine's Day

Take a Dance Class: don’t be afraid to go dancing together if neither of you has any experience. They say, while dancing we are not only physically close to each other but also spiritually. Besides, such a passionate dance as bachata will surely ignite a spark in your relationship.
Bachata as Valentine's Day activity

Royal Ontario Museum: things to do on Valentine’s Day should not necessarily be romantic. If you are history buffs or simply would like to get better acquainted with world history, you should visit the largest museum in the whole North America! While spending the whole day there might be too much, begin on the V-Day and see if this is something for you. By the way, you'll keep warm on such a date.
We have more ideas if you're looking for other indoor date ideas in Toronto for Valentine's Day.
Valentine's Day in Royal Ontario Museum

Hopefully, you’ll no longer lose sleep thinking of gift ideas for your better half.
WOWnGO is sending good vibes this Valentine’s Day!

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