20 Personalised Father’s Day Gifts Canada

Father's Day gift ideas

Looking for personalised Father’s Day gifts? You’re in the right place!
Father’s Day in Canada is celebrated on the third Sunday of June. It is one of those special events when you can tell your father how much you love and appreciate him. Doing some activities together, treating him to a special Father’s Day gift and saying to him some words of appreciation are a great way to celebrate your dad.

Father’s Day is primarily about the dad-child relationship. So, a Father’s Day gift from a daughter or from a son of is a must. Be it a hug, a phone call, or something “more expensive”.

To make sure your Father’s Day celebration goes well, we’ve collected some of the best Father’s Day gift ideas that will certainly bring a smile to his face. Although it seems impossible to find a gift that fully shows how much you love him, we’ve got plenty of Father’s Day gifts in Canada to melt his heart.

And yes, a constant reminder: if there’s something your dad always wanted, help him tick it off his wish list. However, if you are still lost, keep on reading this guide on Father’s Day gifts in Canada from WOWnGO.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas from Daughter
Father’s Day Gift Ideas from Son
Father’s Day Gift Ideas from Wife
Personalised Father’s Day Gifts for Relaxation
Last-Minute Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s Day Gift Ideas from Daughter

Feel stumped for a unique gift for dad? Whether he is an engineer, a plumber, a businessman or already retired, we have some unique Father’s Day gift ideas to celebrate your dad on this special occasion.

Gourmet experience

Is your dad a busy bee who dedicates a lot of time to work? He often drinks coffee instead of breakfast and never has time for nutritious and delicious food? This delicious gift is not only about satiating your dad’s hunger, but also about bringing joy and relaxing a bit. Why not join him on this gourmet adventure, talk about life and spend some quality time together. After all, it’s all about experiences and things you do together. Check more food tours here.
gourmet tour for dad on father's day

Brewery tour

A beer-tasting experience gift is more than just sampling beer, although such pit stops are definitely an indispensable part of every brewery tour. This Father’s Day gift will let him visit 4 new craft Niagara breweries and explore all the great things there that can be found in one of the breweries. All of this is accompanied by a knowledgeable and engaging guide.
brewery tour for father's day


This one is for a real thrill seeker dad who is longing to feel the rush of the wind in his face. Sounds like your daddy? Don’t even hesitate over this Father’s Day gift! He’ll not only be one of those cool fearless guys in the neighbourhood (in this case humblebragging is allowed :D) but also have a lot of fun, and enjoy stunning spectacles he would never be able to see from the ground-level view.
skydiving on Father's Day

Indoor Skydiving

You know your dad dreams of skydiving but the fear is still there? Why not let him fly in the wind tunnel before segueing to the actual skydiving? By the way, tandem flying allows you to spend some time together because age doesn’t matter here at all.
indoor skydiving experience for dad


What about an on-water experience gift? A perfect adventure for a nature lover and a fish lover. In case your dad is a novice, it’s a good chance to learn new tricks and techniques. I bet he’ll love catching fresh pink salmon and bringing some home. A great gift for a dad from his daughter, especially if you have some memories of going fishing together in childhood.
Fishing on Father's Day

Father’s Day Gift Ideas from Son

The Father-son relationship is special in its own way. It’s always more than just being a dad; he’s been your friend who played with you, your teacher who taught you to ride a bike and gave tips on flirting with girls. I bet he even scolded you oftentimes but despite all the ups and downs which surely happened in your relationship, love has always been there. So, celebrate your dad or dad figure this Father’s Day with a unique gift he could only dream of.

Luxury test drive

You can barely find a man who’s not mad for cars. Aren’t you yourself the one? Not every daddy owns a Ferrari, Porsche, or some other luxury vehicle but everyone can get behind the wheel of one of them. I bet he’ll always remember this kind of experience gift.
luxury test drive on Father's Day

Airsoft stage shooting

Whether he’s a beginner or a true enthusiast, you cannot go wrong with a shooting experience gift for Father’s Day. While being safe, this experience fills you with excitement with every hit of the target. One hour of practice, a shooting session itself and an obstacle course as a cherry on top of the cake. Not a single dad would mind receiving something like this from his son.
shooting experience for dad on Father's Day

Archery experience

Except for giving a lot of health benefits like improving upper-body strength and helping you maintain your brainpower, archery is a fun activity. It gives insights into ancient periods when people had to hunt for food. This experience gift is a great combo of a practical history class, athletics and meditation. One more healthy bonus: this is an outdoor activity, so your dad will also catch some vitamin D.
archery lesson for dad

Whiskey tasting

Is your dad a fan of whisky? Take a look at these thematic whiskey tastings and give him the gift that he can genuinely enjoy with his family or friends or his son from the comfort of his home. A seasoned whiskey connoisseur will not only teach your dad and his companions how to professionally taste whiskey but also dive into the details of whiskey production and give you some tips for pairing whiskey with food.
whisky tasting gift for dad

Motorcycle driving course

Everything your dad needs to enjoy this Father’s Day gift in Canada is to have his M1 license. From there on, there’s a great variety of courses to try.
Getting his license will not only make it possible to quickly get wherever he wants but also have fun, meet new friends and be cool. Motorcyclists also say that riding their bikes is the best stress buster. So, riding a motorcycle is not only about strengthening your body (balancing, etc) but also about better mental health.
motorcycle driving course on Father's Day

Father’s Day Gift Ideas from Wife

Although Father’s Day sounds like a day on which daddies receive congratulations from children, it might also be about lauding your husband for his being a super dad.

Even if he says he has everything or you and your kids are the most valuable gifts for him, he’ll definitely be pleasantly surprised with a unique gift for Father’s Day. Any gift is always more than just a physical object or even a memorable experience. Father’s Day gift from the wife is a way to thank him for his support, care, friendship and of course for great parenting.


Is he a new dad who’s had a lack of sleep recently (similar to you, in fact)? If you have parents or other close people who can look after your kiddo during your mini-break, this will be one of the best gifts from your wife on Father’s Day.
getaway on Father's Day

Escape room

Whether you opt for a real or a virtual one (I’d personally go for a real one), you cannot go wrong with an escape room on Father’s Day. Doing something together with your husband such as solving puzzles in an escape room helps you bond and have fun together. I bet both kids and the daddy himself will cherish these moments of happy moments together.
visiting escape room on Father's Day

Scuba diving

I bet he’d never expect a gift of exploration of the underwater world from his wife. With the perfectly clear water, he’ll be able to see the shipwrecks and discover the waters of one of the lakes. By the way, did you know that scuba-divers are the ones (in addition to astronauts) who can experience the feeling of weightlessness?
scuba diving lesson on Father's Day

Theme park

Those who consider Father’s Day a day that should be spent with kids should think of this fun family gift. Not only kids will love this place (remember it’s a Father’s Day celebration, in the first place) but thrill-seeking adults as well. From antique carrousels to giant roller coasters, there will be something for everyone in an amusement park. And don’t forget to treat him to a delicious BBQ lunch as a part of your Father’s Day gift.
getaway to a theme park on Father's Day


Does your hubby show interest in winemaking and love to sip on wine occasionally? Visiting one of the 80 vineyards in Niagara is a perfect way to celebrate the father of your kids on Father’s Day 2022. Strolling through wine plantations, visiting wineries and enjoying the stunning views of Niagara wine country sounds like a perfect Father’s Day gift. Don’t forget to bring several bottles of local wine home.
winery tours as a way to spend Father's Day

Personalised Father’s Day Gifts for Relaxation

Barbershop experience

We love our daddies regardless of how they look. However, they’ll surely enjoy having their haircut done or their beard trimmed at the barbershop. Apart from leaving this grooming spot all spiffed up, he’ll love the pampering process itself. A professional barber, nice music and relaxing vibes await him there.
barbershop gift certificate for Father's Day

Helicopter Flight

Treat him to a flying experience gift this Father’s Day. Enjoying the bird’s eye view of beautiful Toronto will soothe his soul. Some noise, and breakneck speed but no need to wait at traffic lights to see some of the most beautiful spots of Canada’s largest city.
helicopter flight for dad on Father's Day

Toronto Tall Ship Boat Cruise

A relaxing way to behold Toronto’s skyline while sailing on Lake Ontario. Your dad will be able to enjoy a drink or order some food or small noshes. This 2-hour cruise will surely help him unwind. By the way, sounds like a perfect Father’s Day gift from my wife.
Tall Ship Boat Cruise on Father's Day

Horse Ride

Except for having fun and returning to nature, horseback riding helps you relax your muscles and has a positive impact on joints. If your dad is a nature lover, this type of gift will help him relax and recharge with positive emotions and the feeling of harmony.
horse riding lesson for dad on Father's Day

BBQ lesson

Whether he’s new to grilling or wants to sharpen his skills and make your backyard grill parties even tastier, he’ll absolutely love this gift. Professional cooks will share their techniques, give tips and tell a lot about barbecuing. Which type of class your dad will prefer as a gift: learning to grill a chicken, cooking smoked mussels, grilling lamb chops, or something else?
BBQ lesson for dad on Father's Day

Last-Minute Father’s Day Gifts

A great thing about Father’s Day gifts from WOWnGO is that you can literally get them at the last moment. You simply choose one of the gift ideas we mentioned above (or search for more on our website) and instantly receive your gift certificate.

Does your last-minute Father’s Day gift go beyond your budget? It’s never embarrassing to split the gift price with somebody else, like your sibling or mom.
last-minute Father's Day gifts


  1. When is Father’s Day in Canada?
    Canada annually celebrates Father’s Day on the third Sunday of June.
  2. Which day is International Father’s Day?
    There’s no universally accepted date for International Fathher’s Day and it is celebrated on different days and in different ways depending on the country. For example, Canada, the USA, the UK, Ukraine, France, etc. celebrate it on the 3d Sunday of June. Germany observes Father's Day 39 days after Easter (on Ascension Day). You should check for a specific country to find out more.
  3. Is Father’s Day the same date in every country?
    Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June in many countries, however, in some countries the celebration falls on different dates.

Haven’t found your perfect Father’s Day gift, don’t get upset! Check the catalogue of experiences gifts for Father’s Day from WOWnGO and you’ll definitely find a great one. We’ve got you covered with everything from Father’s Day gifts from daughter and wife to the best relaxing Father’s Day gifts. Just give him something special and personalized instead of one more Best Daddy Coffee mug.

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