Activities To Help with Stress and Celebrate Stress Awareness Day in Toronto

Small problems at work, relationship problems, difficulties meeting deadlines, illness and many other misfortunes are just some of the factors which cause stress and might lead to serious issues. Although we cannot eliminate stress altogether, it is important that you realize when you are under stress and learn to manage it or avoid it when possible. We’ll also suggest some stress relief activities for you.
Some factors which cause stress

Is Stress Always Bad?
Signs of Being Distressed
Some General Tips
Activities to Help you with Stress
How to React to Failures and Challenges?
Give Some Positive Emotions to Those You Care About

Is Stress Always Bad?

Remember the excitement you had before your first kiss, on your wedding day, or on the first day at college? Scientists briefly describe this state as eustress, which means beneficial stress.
Eustress motivates us to live, dream and achieve goals. It makes our lives more vivid, helps us recharge and set the direction in our life. Experiencing eustress positively affects your mental and physical health. On the contrary, negative stress might be referred to as distress.
positive stress or eustress

Signs of Being Distressed

Feeling overwhelmed, being unable to focus on anything for a long time, feeling as if you were in danger or anxious, mood swings and growing fatigue are some of the most common signs of being stressed. If these signs are rather infrequent, there isn’t much to worry about. It is perfectly normal to feel sad or tired sometimes. However, if this turns into your lifestyle, there might be a cause for alarm. Science has proved that toxic or prolonged stress may cause early aging, some diseases and make your body less resistant to different infections.

Some General Tips

  1. Take a break and forget about everything from time to time
  2. Find a hobby, i.e., find time to do something that brings you joy
  3. Practise deep breathing or other meditation techniques
  4. Have a walk for at least half an hour each day
  5. Listen to music
  6. Sleep not less than 7 hours a day
  7. Exercise regularly
  8. Eat well and healthily
  9. Seek social support: talk to your friends, relatives, or a psychologist
  10. Do not take up too much at once, set priorities

work out to manage stress
Taking these measures is not only a helpful way to manage stress but also to prevent it!

Activities to Help You With Stress

While negative stress usually comes without invitation, opt for eustress and positive emotions. Try some new stress relief activities.
Here are some experiences for ultimate relaxation from WOWnGO to help you distract.

  1. Get energy for the whole day right in the morning! Go on a bike tour near Toronto Islands. Being especially popular with locals in spring and summer, it becomes forgotten in fall and winter. Enjoy the tranquillity of the area and find your harmony. We’ll take care of everything you need for a warm and comfortable cycling tour.
  2. Get some eustress from the aerial tour over Toronto. The breathtaking views of Toronto will make your obsessive thoughts fly away.
  3. One of the best ways to find your inner harmony is through enjoying nature. There is probably no person who would deny the scenic beauty of Niagara. Being outdoors the whole day enjoying the sounds of water and scenic views. Being outside decreases the level of stress hormone in your body and your heart rate.

Switch activities! Keeping a work-life balance is possible when you switch from physical to mental activity or vice versa. It’s recommended that if your job relates to mental activity, you do some physical activity afterwards. If you work physically during the day, switch to some mental activity.

“Mental Activities" and Experiences to Relieve Stress

  1. Museum of Illusions
    This place will make your day. It will not only try to make your brain figure out what is going on around but also bring you a lot of fun.

  2. Royal Ontario Museum
    Listening to some interesting facts from history, learning more about nature and world cultures will conjure up your brain activity and help switch from your physical working routine to something new.

3.Acrylic Paint Pouring
Exercising your creativity also helps reduce stress levels. Studies shows that creative activities can help overcome negative thoughts.

Try new activities to combat stress

Don't React to Failures and Challenges too Strongly

• No one is infallible and we all make mistakes. We all learn and become wiser through experience, so do not torture your inner self for having done something wrong.
• Do not rely on alcohol while under stress. While an occasional beverage is not that harmful to your health, habitual treatment of distress with alcohol, cigarettes, or drugs will have an adverse impact on your health.
• Sometimes you do the best and try to solve a problem, but in the end, it doesn’t work anyway. The thing is, it is not always about you exclusively, there are different factors that you cannot control.
• Always be ready for a failure but do not dwell on it. Strive for the best and hope for the best.

Give some positive emotions to those you care about

Some people might not even realise they stress too much. Take care of your loved ones and help them overcome this period. Talk to them, hug them, kiss them, tell them you love and support them, encourage them to go for a walk or do a work-out together. If you can afford, present something to them they would never buy but would love to have. By the way, caring about others makes us forget about our own problems, so take more time doing it

Giving positive emotions to others, especially those who are going through troubling times will not only help a person to distract from problems but will also positively affect their mental state and bring more smiles into this world. I guess it will also make you happier :)

give happiness to others

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