Ideas for Christmas Gifts under 100$ in GTA

One of the most wonderful and most important celebrations of the year is about to come. Yes, you guessed correctly, I am talking about Christmas. We all love Christmas because it brings joy, pervades streets and homes with a magical atmosphere and brings gifts. Receiving a Christmas gift is so delightful, however, finding it is sometimes complicated. Despite knowing a person so well, we don’t know what to present. It seems as if a person had every single thing in the world, but we still want to give them our attention and make other people a little bit happier with our Christmas gift. For those who ran out of ideas, WOWnGO made a list of 10 best Christmas gift ideas under 100$.

Have a look at the list of unique Christmas gifts for 2021 and choose one for your loved ones. We have something for everyone whether it is your girlfriend or boyfriend, spouse or relative.

a Christmas Gift for your loved one in Toronto

Indoor Christmas Gift Experiences under 100$ in Toronto

There are plenty of Christmas experience gift ideas for those who prefer warm and cozy places at cold times. Enjoying art and culture in the city galleries, exploring the unknown in the museums, or playing some games in the VR arcades. See below for more details about these Christmas gifts.

$39 - Little Canada Admission Ticket

Travel fans will love it. All the popular landmarks and hidden gems of Canada in one place await new and repeat visitors. With all the moving vehicles and people in motion, the place feels very real and marvelous at once. By the way, all those visiting Little Canada can leave their trace there and "stay there forever". Just make a 3D picture of yourself and your little figurine will complement the oasis of all things Canada.
Little Canada Admission Ticket - Christmas gift
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17$ - Bata Shoe Museum

I bet you have never seen as many diverse and unique pairs of shoes in your life. Take a glance at shoes and shoe-inspired objects. From Chinese lotus shoes to ancient Egyptian footwear and 19th-century cowboy boots. You’ll hear about the evolution in shoemaking, differences in style and function of specific shoes throughout the period of 4,500 years. Apart from the collection of over 1000 shoes, Bata Shoe Museum offers three other galleries featuring changing exhibitions. Everyone from kids to adults will discover something interesting for themselves.
Ticket to Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto as Christmas Gift
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29$- Museum of Illusions

Embark on a fascinating adventure and make your brain work in trying to realize what’s going on around you. Immerse in the world of illusions, take astonishing pictures and just have some fun while broadening your knowledge about this crazy world.
Getting a lot of positive emotions from the Illusions Tour sounds like a decent Christmas gift (despite being inexpensive), don’t you think so?
Ticket to Museum of Illusions in Toronto as Christmas Gift
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For all the art lovers, a tour through the Art Gallery of Ontario will be an unforgettable experience. Take a glimpse at spectacular pieces of art, from classical European masters to great Canadian painters and modern artists from around the globe. Satisfy your friend’s inner aesthete with this unique Christmas gift experience.
Ticket to Art Gallery in Toronto as Christmas Gift
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Outdoor Christmas Gift Experiences under 100$ in Toronto

If your loved ones are those active and energetic people who enjoy spending time out of the house, the list of these Christmas experience gifts will suit them well. Moreover, one of these gifts will also be great for those who have to seat in front of their screens 24/7. Physical activity is necessary for everyone. Being outdoors lets us supplement the level of vitamin D, gives some rest to our brains and helps us refresh our physical resources.

89$- Bike Tour Across Toronto Islands

What about a morning bike tour across the beautiful Toronto Islands? Islands attract the biggest number of visitors in warm and sunny seasons like spring and summer. However, we will persuade you how eye-popping they are in late autumn and winter. As you have probably noticed, December in Toronto is not that snowy. So, a morning cycling tour will be a great Christmas gift idea. Explore this beautiful area on a snow-free lane while riding a bike and listening to gripping stories. The magnificent skyline will surely make an impression on anyone and you will surely enjoy the tranquillity, which is hard to find in pre-Christmas time in Toronto.

You might also like the wintery Toronto downtown bicycle tour.

Morning cycling tour across Toronto Islands as a Christmas Gift
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48$- Segway ride through Distillery District

Anyone who enjoys the speed and likes Distillery District will love this Christmas experience gift.
Distillery District amazes at any time of the year. When it comes to the Christmas period, there is no chance it will not impress someone. A beautiful Christmas tree standing in the Victorian-style area where all the shops and galleries remind you of the upcoming magical time of the year. After a few minutes of training, you can simply enjoy your ride on a Segway and get a Christmassy mood.
Segway ride in Distillery District in Toronto as a Christmas Gift
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31$- Distillery District Ghost Tour

This gift is for lovers of haunted places, mystery and puzzling stories.
Christmas is often associated with magic, kindness and the victory of benevolent spirits. Kevin from Home Alone got his family back, Scrooge from A Christmas Carol underwent a dramatic transformation from an evil to a good man. Find out which spirits inhabited the most legendary area of Toronto back in the early days. Benevolent or wicked ones? ;)
Ghost tour in Distillery District in Toronto as a Christmas Gift
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96$- Food-tasting Tour

Not everyone enjoys cooking Christmas dishes, but everyone loves tasting them. A great idea for an experience Christmas gift for foodies.
Visit the most vibrant and multicultural place in Toronto where you will find so many delicious dishes that your eyes will dart around. What we suggest is you take a food-tasting tour at Kensington Market. Such a variety of dishes from diverse cuisines can only be found in Toronto. Savor the food and learn the history and culture which disguise behind it. Vegetarian options are there plus there’s no pork on the menu. And don’t worry about the number of calories. First, it’s Christmas time. Second, you’ll easily walk off your calories.
Food-tasting tour in Toronto at Kensington Market as a Christmas Gift
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Christmas Gift Ideas for Gamers: Immerse into the Virtual World

48$- VR Experience Arcade

Escape for an hour from your thoughts and experience the magic of virtual reality. From hard-core games to meditation options, the list of adventures is huge. Either on your own or with someone else, enjoy the adventurous experiences in Toronto’s highest-rated Virtual Reality Arcade. Sounds like a great gift idea for Christmas, doesn’t it?
VR experience in Toronto as Christmas Gift
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28$- VR Walking Experience

Eager to transport to another reality and not only warp into the next scene but also literally walk or run through the corridors of the virtual world? This half-an-hour experience is surely for you. Why not spoil your gaming lover with this unique Christmas gift experience?
Walking VR Experience in Toronto as Christmas Gift
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Finding an inexpensive Christmas gift is not so complicated with WOWnGO. Still looking for Christmas gift ideas? Check the collection of WOWnGO gifts and set filters to match your price expectations :)

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Merry Christmas Canada!

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