Non-Christmas Gift Ideas for Christmas (2021)

It’s getting even more Christmassy outside, which means that more and more of us are looking for Christmas gifts for family and friends. When I was a student, I always wanted to present something Christmas- or winter-related to my family and friends for Christmas. Usually, it was a Christmas tree decoration, string lights, a Christmas sweater, or something similar. Since most people already have these items, I realize that these aren’t the best Christmas presents one can get. Do not repeat my mistakes and think outside the box. Christmas presents do not necessarily need to be useful for Christmas. So, what about some non-Christmas gift ideas for Christmas?

As always, we’re convinced that experience gifts are the best gifts, so have a look at our list of Christmas gift ideas. Check this collection of gifts, if you're looking for ideas of Christmas gifts under $100.
Christmas gift ideas 2021

Gift Voucher Ideas for Christmas

Professional Photo Shoot

Do you have friends or relatives who always wanted to become Canada’s top model? Make their dream come true with a WOWnGO Christmas gift voucher, even if it is for several hours. Our photographer will take the best shoots in the best locations in Toronto. And no worries, everyone is photogenic here.
Professional Photoshoot as Christmas Gift Idea in Toronto
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Craft Beer Tour

Is one of your loved ones a beer fan? Then they will surely enjoy our Craft beer tour where they can visit three breweries in Toronto, find out about how beer is made and try 5 oz beer in each brewery. They will become real beer experts after this tour.
Three hours of facts, fun and beer will surely make an indelible impression on your giftee.
Craft Beer Tour in Toronto as a Christmas gift idea
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Toronto from the Sky

Enjoy the sky and the stunning vista of Toronto’s landscape with a professional pilot. Hover above the CN Tower, Toronto Islands and many more prominent spots in the city. Give them a WOWnGO gift voucher for Christmas and this experience will definitely make a lasting imprint on the memory of your recipient
Aerial Tour above Toronto as Christmas Gift Idea in Toronto
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Food Tour in the Chinese District of Toronto

This food tour is for lovers of Chinese cuisine. Find out more about the Chinese district from the local chef with Canadian and Chinese roots and try a lot of yummy dishes. Chinese BBQ meat, creamy egg tarts, red bean and mochi desserts. Immerse in a different culture and change your menu for one day. Maybe some dish will become your staple after this tour.
Chinese Food Tour in Toronto as Christmas Gift Idea
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Shopping with a Local Stylist

Have a loved one who struggles with finding a glamorous look but still wants to look elegant? Our fashion expert will help everyone to find their style and comfort. This experience is not about some general tips which concern everyone. It is a super personalized fashion tour with a note of self-discovery. I bet any woman would be happy to receive such a gift voucher for Christmas.
Shopping with a Fashion Expert in Toronto as Christmas Gift Idea
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More Craft Beer plus Something to Eat

Sometimes we all want to have some rest from the big city life and just relax. Niagara on the Lake area is a perfect destination for Torontonians. It’s not far away plus its outstanding natural beauty doesn’t stop to impress. What if I say that you can also enjoy some tasty beer and have a delicious Mediterranean lunch there? This tour is definitely one of the best Christmas gift ideas.
Craft Beer Tour in Niagara on the Lake Area as Christmas Gift Idea
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Getting and giving a Christmas gift is a special moment. Turn it into a lasting memory with WOWnGO. We wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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