12 Creative Ways to Give Gift Certificates

We’re convinced that experience gifts are a perfect treat for everyone, however, a gift certificate itself might look boring and inconsiderate at first glance. You don’t want your loved one to get upset at the sight of a plain piece of paper, so why not embellish your thoughtful gift a little bit?
In this article, we’ll suggest 11 ways of presenting your experience gift certificate: from different envelope wrapping ideas to special folding techniques, pranks and a lot more.

How to Wrap a Gift Certificate Creatively

1. A Gift Certificate Makes for a Great Bouquet Wrap

Is this a gift for her? Complement it with a bouquet of flowers wrapped in paper. You can print one big gift certificate in A1 size or print several smaller ones in A3 size. The size of the paper also depends on the size of your bouquet, so you might need a bigger version of your certificate if the bouquet is extra large. Don’t worry about the certificate and the code on it, you still have an online version and you won’t lose it. To make sure, she notices the type of paper wrap, customize the gift certificate by leaving a personal note with her name and some wishes while ordering it on our website.

You can check how you can wrap a bouquet of flowers in paper here.

Another idea is to buy a paper-wrapped bouquet and then tape up your WOWnGO gift certificate.

NB! First, think of the size of your bouquet and then of the size of the gift certificate, you’ll need.

2. Frame It (Might Sound Weird but It’s Not ⬇️ )

Using a photo frame for a gift certificate might seem odd unless you think outside the box. The gift recipient can later use this frame for a picture from the experience. Whenever they look at the picture from the experience day, they’ll think of you and the emotions they felt during their WOWnGO adventure.

3. Fold It

Giving them a flying experience? Fold your gift certificate into a small paper airplane. For a whale-watching tour, make a paper whale as a hint, for a brewery tour, and origami beer mug, or a kayak for a kayaking adventure. Relate the experience you’ve chosen for them with a paper figure that describes this experience and give it to them. You can also put your figurine into a small gift box.

If you’ve chosen several experiences, make several paper figures and tell them to choose which one they won’t.

If you cannot describe your experience with a specific paper figure, you can make an occasion-related figure. Say, make a Santa Clause or a Christmas tree if you’re giving a Christmas gift. However, a figure that describes an experience seems more interesting since you can ask them questions and give clues for them to guess what the real present is.

If origami doesn’t sound appealing or seems too challenging, you can buy some experience-related objects they might need for their experience. When they see an essential oil bottle in the basket (that matches well with a spa session or massage experience), tell them there’s something else for them and nudge them to thoroughly inspect the gift basket.
You might give a new beer glass for a brewery tour (I’m sure they’ll buy some delish craft beer while on the experience to drink it at home). A back-country skiing experience goes well with a pair of ski gloves, a new backpack or a water flask that will be useful for a via ferrata tour, and a pair of binoculars for whale watching. But remember NOT to give them the things they already have. No one wants more clutter at home.

5. Send It to Their Real Mailbox 📬

Is this your old friend or a relative whom you haven’t seen for ages? They certainly don’t expect any gifts from you. Send them one via post. They won’t realise what’s inside till the moment they open an envelope and see the certificate.

How to Wrap a Gift Certificate: “Envelope Wrapping”

Giving a gift certificate folded into 2 halves won’t look attractive but if you slip the gift certificate into a cute occasion-related envelope, it’ll be absolutely different. You can buy an envelope, order a customized one or make a DIY envelope. In either case, make it occasion-related. If you’re giving a Christmas gift, choose some Christmas-related paper and embellish it with an artificial snowflake, fir tree branch, or any other Christmas symbol. Gift certificates for Mother’s Day can be tucked into a pretty spring-style envelope. In a similar vein, you can make an envelope for any occasion.

2. Experiment With Materials 👝 💌

If you want to hide their gift certificate in an envelope, think of diverse envelope ideas. From paper envelopes to fabric ones to faux leather ones and embellished cardboard sleeves, you can use your imagination and experiment with materials or textiles.
If you don’t want to test your craft skills, you can always order something like this.

Funny ways to Give a Gift Certificate

1. Pull a Prank

What about giving them a gift box with cards of the experiences you’ve chosen for them. Say, 3 pictures of exotic cars, 2 pics from famous Canadian breweries and 1 with a kayak on it. “Should these go to my Vision Board?, they’ll think. Give them the gift certificate after they’ve given you a look of surprise and perplexity. If you cannot give the gift certificate in person, fold it and place it under all the pictures in a small envelope.

2. Plan a Gift Scavenger Hunt

Add a little bit of adventure to your gift-giving. You can hide the gift certificate (thank God it’s so small and you can fold your gift certificate into a secret square note) and they won’t notice it until they’ve solved all the clues of your scavenger hunt. Just choose a place, write scavenger hunt riddles, print them and cut them out.

3. Back Side of the Gift Certificate for the Paper Gift Bag

Print out your gift certificate, make a gift bag out of it and leave the gift bag empty because it is already the gift. To keep the intrigue to the maximum, hide the front page of the certificate inside and make the back side of it visible. For the gift bag not to look boring, you can paint sth on the front side of the certificate, write some wishes or fill the front side with colour or pictures and print it out.

Watch the video on how to make a gift bag and don’t forget which side of the gift certificate should be outside.

How to Give a Gift Certificate: Make a Surprise

1. Add a Twist to Their Workday or … Make It Professional

Inbox is probably the place where you least expect to find a gift (excluding a 10% discount in newsletters 😁). Just imagine them checking their inbox with all these tiring business emails and voilà, a gift experience has rolled up. The spirits will soar immediately. When they realize what kind of gift it is, checking the mailbox will no longer seem that tiresome.

2. Mislead Them With a Traditional Gift Box

When you see a traditional gift box, you immediately think of a traditional gift. Surprise, surprise: not this time. Give them a low-key gift box and they’ll never guess what’s inside. Choose an extra large box and fill it with lots of paper, or another filler. You might put some fruit inside or even another smaller box to keep the intrigue. The certificate should be in the last box they’re gonna come to. Don’t put too many boxes inside it (unless the person loves pranks) cause they might get frustrated. They’ll think of everything but the adventure they’re about to have.

3. Leave It in a Visible Place

Print out a gift certificate and put it in a visible place so that they can see it before they can even see you. This can be their desk, their night table near the bed (good morning and surprise surprise), their bathroom, or any place you can be sure of.

If you want to spice up their workday, go for this presenting idea. At the same time, it is a restrained and professional way of surprising your boss or colleague.

Who said that presenting a gift certificate is dull? Hopefully, you now know that you can always make it fun or even turn it into one more adventure. Good luck! Don’t forget to share your results with us and tag @wowngo on Instagram Stories.

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