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  • Brunch - Delicious market-fresh buffet with freshly prepared entrees, salads, and desserts.
  • Coffee and/or Tea
  • Reserved seating
  • Alcoholic Beverages - Creative cocktails, wine and beer from our well-stocked cash bar are available for purchase.

Toronto Brunch Buffet Cruise

Toronto, Canada
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2 hours
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My fam can eat and boy did they ever love eating and enjoying the beautiful water and Toronto buildings
Published: 2022.05.16
Too complicated system, even in proper time of cancelation Viator twisting and openly lied to me,like “Final sale” in order to do not refund my money.
Published: 2021.09.27
We went on the brunch cruise as a birthday gift for a family member. Booking online and boarding was well organized, and we were fairly lucky with the weather on the day we went. Staff were polite and professional. However, the food could perhaps be improved a little; the hot options just seemed a bit dry and not very fresh. Fruit salad consisted of almost all melon, in huge chunks - a nicer variety of fruit in that option alone would be a big improvement. Also, some grilled vegetables would be a nice addition as the only green item was caesar salad. Some have commented that the ventilation inside was poor and we also found it very stuffy; we went outside for the view but also just to get some fresh air. The ship did seem to circle the inner harbour a lot; perhaps it is not allowed to go further but it would have been great to go behind the Toronto islands, rather than just circling. Given this fact alone, 2 hours was plenty as we were seeing the same views. Overall a nice experience but I likely would go with another cruise option if we wanted to do it again.
Published: 2019.09.15
Martin L
Food was Ok, nothing spectacular. Views were worth seeing especially around the islands. Negative was that it was half an hour too long.
Published: 2019.08.30
We thought this would be a great addition to mini-vacatioin trip to Toronto. The big negative was the mediocre buffet. The bread rolls were only semi-fresh and the meat dishes were probably warmed over and the salad nothing special. We were warned it might be cool on board but actually the dining cabin was too warm and not enough open windows. The music during dinner was melted down big band for some reason...not relaxing at all. For the difference in price a non-dinner Mariposa cruise makes more can find a much better dinner on land for the price. Towards end of cruise the slo-mo circling of the docks was irritating. Hope the owners can improve.
Published: 2019.08.29
Sam A
Excellent customer service!! Breathtaking views! Children enjoyed the food and cruise Pleasant staff very warm and welcoming.
Published: 2019.08.27
We took the Saturday brunch cruise on the Northern Spirit. Be aware this cruise has assigned seating with communal tables. If you want a window seat it costs extra. The seating assignment process was complete chaos. After following the hostess to our fist seat we were told we were in the wrong seats, and were directed to a window seat. After drinking from the water glasses at our place setting we were told we needed to move again for a party of 4 that had paid for window seating. After being seated at the end of their ‘communal table’ another couple took the window seats they had evacuated because the ship was not full. Service was poor, food was mediocre. Can’t get off this boat fast enough!
Published: 2019.08.24
I want to give a shout out to Shay. It was my first time on the Mariposa cruise. I was there having an early birthday celebration with my family and friends. He blew us all away with his professional and friendly service. My family, friends, and I had a great time because Mariposa cruise is great and Shay made us feel at home. Thank you Shay!
Published: 2019.07.29
Taylor C
I don’t normally leave reviews but this was definitely not worth the money. There was no AC on the boat so everyone was sweating down below where the eating area was. You got some breeze when the boat was really moving but it was still an incredibly hot day. Food was just ok (scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, pastries), something that I would probably pay $10-12 for at a restaurant. Music was very loud up top so it was hard to talk. Staff were friendly and helpful but overall it just wasn’t worth the $94.
Published: 2019.07.05
We are a family from Toronto and did a brunch cruise on Saturday before Mother's Day. We did take our stroller on board for our toddler, and upon boarding, they made us carry it all the way upstairs to go across the ship and go right down carrying the stroller without any assistance. I understand this is their boarding procedure to check tickets on upper deck but just to walk right down after having tickets checked (???). I wondered if they would have done the same thing to guests on wheelchairs. It would have been much easier if they just checked the tickets downstairs for those who need special assistance or with small children. Views were amazing and seats were comfortable although it was an older ship. You can take nice pictures on the upper deck of CN Tower, Toronto Islands, airport etc. Our waitress Merv was excellent and attentive. Service was great. Alcohol is extra and tea/coffee are included in the buffet price. I do not see any point anyone paying extra for window seats as every group pretty much did have window seats. I guess if you are going alone or as a couple, it might be worth it. But we only saw large groups and each group was seated by each window. The major downside for me was the food.... Very limited choices and nothing was fresh. Very basic choices of food like ceasar salad, canned beets, scrambled eggs, fried potatoes, small breakfast sausages, smoked salmon... Prime rib looked okay but when it was my turn to get it, they just got a chunk of meat out that was completely overcooked and chewy... No better for dessert selection... When I went over, there were very few leftover pieces of cake and cookies and fruits. When I tasted the cake, I found out that I didn't miss out anyways. Overall, good experience. Just don't do it for the food. I left the ship with an urge to find something delicious to eat.
Published: 2019.06.06
Kellie M
Fabulous food and staff. Brunch was delicious and the environment was overall very pleasant. I will certainly come back for another meal.
Published: 2019.05.11
The overall experience was good, but the price paid (window seating) was pretty high taking into the consideration the food service available on-board and the seating that was given to us. Our table was very close to the engine and next to the bar at the lower deck. There was a loud noise blocking any nice conversation. Additionally, since we were close to the bar, there were a lot of cruise staff just behind us creating a lot of distractions. In terms of food, it was ok, but again, there are areas of improvement considering the price paid. The roasted beef was left on the meat station without any heating and getting cold. The breakfast sausage was terrible (please consider replacing brands). Additionally I suggest adding non-alcoholic drinks without additional charges. At some point, all of our silverware were collected of our table and there was no immediate replacement so we could eat again after a quick walk on the upper deck. The staff was great and it worth mentioning.
Published: 2019.04.29
Great for cruising around in the Toronto harbour but the buffet needs some work. The staff are very friendly and the cruise is nice. Just the food needs some work and some small adjustments to what condiments are provided.
Published: 2018.09.25
Beautiful scenery all around the harbour and islands. Their staff were so friendly and helpful in all aspects of the trip. Would recommend this for families and friends. A lovely experience.
Published: 2018.08.29
Had a great time with Shannah serving us on our Brunch Cruise! The food was delicious, service was good and the views amazing!
Published: 2018.07.09
Jacques P
The 3 hour cruise was nice but the temperature in the dining hall (main deck) on our vessel (Showboat) was terrible. It was a very hot day and despite the website indicating that Showboat has a "controlled climate dining area" that was not the case. Outside the dining area it was fine but sitting in there while we were waiting to sail or during dinner was not fun at all.
Published: 2018.07.04
My fiance and I booked a lunch brunch with Mariposa Cruises. Boarding was not an issue. We had a table to ourselves which was very nice. Now our server had a sense of humour but was very slow, When he explained the 3 drinks that were available we were both under the impression they were free. When he finally returned and we ordered a drink we were told there was a charge, We said you said they were free before, So we settled on unlimited pop. The food itself was hot . The roast beef was on the dry side and a gravy would have bee nice to have with it. The actual cruise around the islands was excellent, The disappointment in the food did not make the the experience bad just made it average,
Published: 2018.07.03
Samia M
Was looking for a private cruise for a birthday party and found Mariposa. The whole experience from start to finish was beyond our expectations. The view was breathtaking. The crew on board were friendly, knowledgeable and respectful. The staff were accommodating and made sure everything ran smoothly start to finish. They were just as excited as we were. Would highly recommend for a unique birthday experience. Allison was a pleasure to work with and we would come back again.
Published: 2018.07.03
i was really surprised at the terrific quality of the food, generally buffet's can get treated as a second class meal. The beef and chicken was cooked well, buns fresh, salad appears to be very freshly made. The employees do their best to keep the lines moving at a good pace and they get people up in an orderly fashion. Our server Marshall was awesome. He really went out of his way to make sure people had what they wanted genuinely cares that you enjoy your meal. The only unfortunate part of this cruise is getting on and off. There is no ramp for seniors or people with mobility issues, it was painful to watch how they get on and off. There are other boats who do the same cruise that seem to have a mobility ramp.
Published: 2018.06.27
Mariella D
I love the day. The food is really good (the eggs were cold, but was nothing bad) Marshall was our waiter and he was really nice and professional.
Published: 2018.06.23
Went with my girlfriend who was in town from the UK, and we both had such great experience. Leroy attended to our table and he was the best. I look forward to doing this again
Published: 2018.06.19
We only went on this cruise to use up our remaining Aeroplan points (because you can't actually fly anywhere for 8000 pts) so our expectations were low and just assumed that it was just a cheesy tourist cruise with lousy food. We were pleasantly surprised (as we boarded the Showboat on a perfect sunny day) that the ship was nice and clean, the tables were set with white linen and the crew were very nice people. The first part of the cruise took us into one of the canals in Toronto Island. It was actually beautiful and peaceful in there and on the way back the skyline was spectacular. Really on par with any world class city. The second half of the cruise towards Wards island and the Port of Toronto was not as pretty but still relaxing. Food was served after about 30 minutes and it was surprisingly good. Roast beef buffet with some salads and brunch options. I just had to go up for seconds. We have some visitors coming from the UK later this summer and may have to break the bank to take them out on this cruise. It seems pricey at $60 each but actually worth every penny.
Published: 2018.06.18
Barbara T
Fourteen friends took me for a "big decade" Birthday Celebration yesterday (which was also Father's Day), and all of us had a wonderful day. It was busy, because of Father's Day, but the staff were warm and welcoming, and everything went beautifully. (A special shout-out to Khai, whose beautiful smile and gentle attentiveness made me feel like the most special birthday guest ever, and Sophia, who was a terrific server for all of us. What a memory!) Another time I might book the upper dining room (more windows, less loud music), but really, both levels are fine. The food is good, the atmosphere is relaxed, and what I love most is that anyone can get up, walk around the decks, and watch Toronto and the Islands go by, any time. It was really fun, and a terrific way to have a private party in a public space. I'm so glad we did this!!!
Published: 2018.06.18
The lunch dining cruise with my family last weekend was superb. Lauren and Melanie Rentz made sure everything was organized and ready prior to our sailing. On the day itself, we were taken cared of by awesome crews esp. Gabriela and Catherine, who did a fantastic job. The boat was clean and well-kept and we loved the jerk chicken served during the cruise. Highly recommended to everyone. Mariposa Cruises, your’re the greatest!
Published: 2018.05.30

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