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Ontario Place Segway Glide

Toronto, Canada
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Amazing experience with Erik and his historical tour! He had so much energy and was very engaging and informative. The tour flew by and the group had a lot of fun. Driving the segways was easy after a few minutes tutorial. I would definitely go back!
Published: 2021.09.21
Sheri B
OMG this was so great! My 14 and 15 year old's were able to participate as well. The trails were not busy and there was lots of room to ride around. Eric Bell was the BEST tour guide - he was knowledgeable and funny. My teenagers loved him. He was very patient as well. I would highly recommend this tour - you won't be disappointed. Great for beginners!! and we were allowed to bring and wear or own helmets.
Published: 2021.08.07
Easy to book online. Excellent COVID precautions. Friendly, knowledgable guide. We were given short intro to how to use the Segway. I felt safe and relaxed. Amazing scenery and interesting facts about area and the city. Did it with my 16 year old daughter. We both thoroughly enjoyed (we live in Toronto). Highly recommended.
Published: 2020.08.09
Great trip around Ontario place, segways fast fun and safe. Guide Graham Banville was informative humorous and knowledgeable and made the trip special.
Published: 2019.09.20
Our guide Michelle made the tour really interesting since Ontario Place has essentially been abandoned for some years. But don’t let that put you off if your lucky enough to have a guide as good as Michelle if will come to life! Job well done we had a great time!
Published: 2019.09.14
Paul M
My wife, daughter and myself took a Segway tour of Ontario Place as a great way to end the summer and have a fun outing before our daughter went off to University. We had a great time riding around Ontario Place and learning more about the area and Lake Ontario. Our tour guide Eric was great and very entertaining. We were still talking about the tour a few days later. I would highly recommend this.
Published: 2019.09.04
Eric was a great tour guide. We really enjoyed ourselves and his history of Toronto. We enjoyed #e-bae
Published: 2019.08.31
As a company based in Toront, we thought it was be great to booked a Segway Glibe for team building purposes and to learn more about the beautiful city. We couldn't have been happier with our guide Michelle. She was both informative and fun! I would highly recommend this for anyone who is looking for a fun way to experience Ontario Place.
Published: 2019.08.20
My son and I had a great time riding the segways ( first time experience). We really enjoyed the Ontario Place park trail with the lake view, nature scenery and local history that was guided by Dylan an enthusiastic and knowledgeable tour guide who made the learning process smooth and fun. Already recommend it to some of my colleague. Highly recommend!
Published: 2019.08.13
So we had a tour on a saturdaymorning at 10.30am and not knowing the place just went with the adress we got from them. It lead us to a big parking lot where you had to pay 30d flat rate??? So we searched a little furter and ended up paying 12d for 2h...? Then we walked to 'Ontario Place'-entrance and tried to find the wright spot with or 'maps' by foot. We came walked through the place where they were setting up tents for an upcoming festival... and got send back out by a security guy. So we walked the 10min back direction the car to 'Trilium Park' that we saw then... and walked from there to the 'adress'. By now it was already 10.20am so we had to be there for incheck. We walk-ran the whole path and couldn't see any segways or sign with 'go tours'... asked somebody who was running there and she didn't know...never saw segways there... only in the Distillery District???? So we ran all over the place... by now dead tired and too late... got at places where we couldn't go through, back on the festival... checking the board back at entrance 'Ontario Place',... like 15000 steps later, got a good workout... by now it was 11.20am...and ran all over the place. So we actually were walking back to the car... checking e-mails again... no knowing what to do... and suddenly we see some orange cones on our path and look to the left and see 3 segways against a container with no sign at all from 'go tours', only a board high up, half in sight from a dirty window with the gorilla.... we see someone sitting in a chair reading a book a little further... we go to the container and yelled 'hello'. Then the person looks up and ask totally realaxed if we're there for the tour???? We're in sweat, tired... confused??? Because we KNOW that she wasn't there when we passed the place at 10.20am, because we're not blind!!!???? So she realaxly says she was there???? And we're like NO YOU WERE NOT??? She doesn't blinch and says we could rebook or do the tour still now but only 45min instead of 1h, we're lucky because she's full booked for the rest of the day. So we hurry, get a helmed thrown at us, a very fast and furious style training like in the military... no smiles!!! Then she starts the tour... very like 'she's bored', oh btw it was a girl named 'Michelle' we had to put it in our review so... She stopped sometimes and explained some stuff that was ok, but no time almost for extra questions or some fun... we had to ask for a photo and when we wanted to take one from each other... she went on and waited impatiently... she came over fake, didn't care for us and like we're children... like with armsigns, warnings for not going to fast, not moving almost with segway... it was just funfilled, NOT!! She rambled her lines about the environment and then was in a hurry to leave us for the next customers... the place and weather was nice, the rest... not so!!! We had to run to the car back to not get a ticket... and got lucky because off course we didn't tihink about that anymore...
Published: 2019.08.12
Theresa C
Myself and two pals did the Segway tour yesterday at Ontario Place Eric Bell is an excellent guide who not only was great to teach us on how to use the Segways but imparted a lot of local history along the way. We had a great time!! Highly recommend.
Published: 2019.07.28
Julia H
Excellent activity for a family with 0lder children. The four of us were brilliantly looked after by Graham who made sure we stayed safe whilst having fun and seeing the sights at the same time. This tour is ideal as there's plenty of time to really appreciate the experience. It's not too crowded and there are open spaces where you can spend a bit of time just having fun on the Segway. I have two left feet and no sense of balance or coordinator and can ride the Segway with no problem so it's certainly a suitable activity for most.
Published: 2019.07.25
The segway tour around Ontario Place was such an amazing and exciting experience. The scenery was beautiful and the segways are so much fun/easy to learn! Not to mention the nice breeze coming from the lake along the tour! Michelle was our guide and she was extremely knowledgeable about the area and very fun to hang out with! We loved our experience and will definitely be going again...and making sure that we get Michelle as our tour guide!😁
Published: 2019.07.23
I want to thank Jason and his team for an excellent experience. I was planning on writing this review even if we didn’t end up being able to go on the tour. And because of the excellent customer service we received, everyone I have talked to in the last couple of days has heard about this company and how accommodating they were, even without going on the tour as yet. This company could bottle up their customer service know-how and sell it. Now for the tour, we did the tour at Ontario Place and the kids loved it. I personally did not know that Ontario Place had changed so much. It was the perfect place to have the tour. It wasn’t too busy, it was scenic and it had things for people to do who didn’t go on the tour. We had a group of kids we wanted to give a great experience to, with a date that could not be moved, and Jason and his team found a way to make it all possible. To me the customer service we received was just as valuable as the tour itself. And together they made the whole experience totally worth. And we have we have smiling kids as proof to show for it.
Published: 2019.07.22
Our family of 3 including my child age 12 years old enjoyed a wonderful experience of Segway at Ontario Place in July. Michelle our coach is very friendly, funny and helpful. We enjoyed her touring about the Ontario Place and Toronto. Due to the Honda Indy, the roads around Ontario Place were blocked so I could not book the Segway tour online, then I emailed to their office. Jason replied me very quick and kindly offered us the tour, we are very grateful. We are happy that my child enjoyed this experience very much. We are planning to try their Distillery District tour soon.
Published: 2019.07.15
A fun hour along Lake Ontario. Eric, our tour guide, is whom you should ask for. Made the hour fly by for my 14 year old son and I. And the segway is a blast to ride.
Published: 2019.05.20
Having had 10+ Segways rides in many USA locations, we are likely tough critics. The Ontario Place GoTours ride led by Eric fulfilled our expectations and more. Nice and long, some tricky parts along the route rather than just the flats, great vistas of our great city and the lake and the energy and enthusiasm of Eric. We might just make it an annual event!
Published: 2018.09.16
My son and I did this tour. Great time, super easy to learn and fabulous views of the area. This tour is for only 2 persons also so you get to travel at your own pace.
Published: 2018.08.15
It's a fun way riding the Segway to browse the island, whilst learning a bit of the background of Toronto. It was a nice day to enjoy the view of Lake Ontario, as well as the city's skyline from the island. Eric is nice and funny, it is great to have him as our guide! We had a great time! Thanks!!
Published: 2018.07.27
Our guide Joseph provided a wealth of Toronto history. This is a good tour for first timers and folks a bit timid but for those who have experienced Segway tours in other cities such as San Francisco and Chicago this was a bit sedate. Beautiful scenery and Joseph was very safety conscious so I would recommend experience to others.
Published: 2018.07.26
It’s a little bit out of the way but this is a gem of a tour. One hour of Segway in a park environment. Dylan was awesome. Interesting and enthusiastic with his guided tour. Felt like we covered miles of distance, variety in terrain with short stops for fascinating facts and history of Ontario Place. Thank you Dylan for what was one of the highlights of our holiday. Transport can be confusing so we walked it in 40 minutes with a stop for ice cream. We set of from Robertson Cres / Queens Quay West (where you get off the hop on hop off bus for the island ferry). Head west (keep lake on left) along Queens Quay West following the cycle lane! (You could take advantage of the Bike Share Toronto hire bike). Eventually, Queens Quay West will come to an end at Stadium Road. The cycle route carries strait on so follow this as it bends right then left past the gun implacement on your left. Join Rememberance Drive here and follow this through the park or follow the path round by the lake. Keep following Rememberance Drive keeping the lake to your left. (Drop your bike off in the bike rack. If you walked all the way you could collect a bike from here to ride back). Stay on this path keeping the lake on your left. Crossing the bridge on your left, enter Ontario Park. Stay on the path closest to the lake, (keep you eyes open for an ice cream kiosk on you right after the large shelter / pavilion. Not far to go now). After a couple of hundred meters further along the path you pass through a set of gates, the Segway is just through the gates on the right. Enjoy the experience, we did.
Published: 2018.07.13

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