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A touch tricky to find within the building, we really enjoyed our visit to the hockey hall of fame. There were interactive exhibits, NHL, women’s league, international leagues & minor league displays. At the end, there was a store with a nice amount of gear for sale. The opportunity to be a broadcaster and take shots on goal were great fun!
Published: 2022.04.28
I visited the Hockey Hall of Fame in April 2022 during my visit to Toronto. I bought my ticket online in advance the evening before. I entered the Hockey Hall of Fame via Brookfield Place and then by taking an escalator down. This is a fantastic place. There was a special exhibit on Wayne Gretzky. All NHL teams had an exhibit with uniforms and other items. I watched a film on the history of the NHL but did not have time to see the entire film. The film covered the Philadelphia Flyers "Broad Street Bullies", the New York Islanders, the Edmonton Oilers and a lot more. Soviet Union versus Canada, the Miracle on Ice USA win over the Soviet Union in the 1980 Winter Olympics, hockey from various countries, and much more. But the most thrilling thing was to see the actual Stanley Cup and the original Stanley Cup as well as the Con Smythe Trophy, various championship rings and many other things. I definitely will return to the Hockey Hall of Fame my next time in Toronto.
Published: 2022.04.18
We were in the city for a Hockey Tournament. This was booked as a team bonding experience for our youth hockey team. Pros: - Parking right at the Hall of Fame was only $12 for the day on a Saturday (cons if you have a raised pick up truck you will need to find alternate parking - height clearance was only 6'6") - They have interactive shooting and hockey simulators - They have an interactive sports caster booth - You can have your picture taken with the Stanley cup Cons: - They did not have enough staff - they knew that a large group was coming (it was booked in advance) yet they only had 1 attendant for the goalie simulator (there are 2) so only 1 was running and the same for the shooting simulator. This meant long wait times. - event was kind of boring for a bunch of 10 year olds
Published: 2022.04.08
Our grandson shared that he really liked the 3D movie, the trophy cups. Most importantly was having a picture taken with the Stanley cup. That was the best!
Published: 2022.03.20
The interactive part of the HHOF was great fun! Such a beautiful space overall and a wonderful history lesson.
Published: 2022.03.17
If you are at all interested in hockey you really need to take a couple of hours and visit the shrine to the game. We suggest starting upstairs in the "Classic" Hall of Fame. Soak in the history and the amazing people who have shaped the game!
Published: 2022.02.16
Great fun, very informative before going to the hockey match in the evening! We spent 2 hours in there without even noticing , could have stayed way longer!
Published: 2022.01.08
Although I occasionally watch hockey with my husband, I’m not a huge hockey fan as he is! However, the quantity, quality and detail of the displays at the Hockey Hall of Fame really impressed me and I enjoyed every minute of our visit.
Published: 2021.12.12
My daughter and I were in Toronto for a couple of days. My grandson is a excellent goalie for his team here I Surrey, BC. We needed to get him a wonderful Christmas gift to show him our love.
Published: 2021.12.05
It’s a great fun place for fans of the game and those who are new fans to the game worth the 25 $ It’s show the beginning of the game to now the skates of early show how little protective they had
Published: 2021.11.24
Very well done exhibits, film and memorabilia tracing the history of hockey. The building itself is a beautiful old building that is worth the visit. Despite the fact that we found the place difficult to find, it was worth the price of admission.
Published: 2021.11.08
If you’re hockey you have to visit here. My last time was 5-0 years ago at the old one at the CNE grounds!. This is a world class exhibition and contains an unreal amount of memorabilia…
Published: 2021.11.07
An overwhelming number of displays with no clear structure. If you like wandering around and looking at jerseys, this is the place for you. If you are hoping to learn something, you’ll have to work for it.
Published: 2021.11.07
This is a MUST SEE for any hockey fan. One of the best parts of our entire trip. Seeing the history was really inspiring and gave me a newfound appreciation of this sport. The interactive parts were a blast and any fan will truly enjoy them. Seeing THE Stanley Cup and Lord Stanley’s Vault was frankly the coolest experience EVER. The staff were all exceptionally knowledgeable and super friendly. I would 100% do this again if we return to Toronto.
Published: 2021.10.14
Lynsay M
Travelled from out with Canada for a holiday and decided this would be an interesting place to visit. Not big hockey fans but love sport. We were not disappointed with this place. There is so much to see and you can spend so much time here just reading about the history of the sport. However you can also just walk around looking at all the amazing jerseys and memorabilia. The Stanley cup is housed in an amazing room housing other interesting trophies. There is a really fun interactive area. It was quiet when we were there so didn’t have to wait to take part. Fun and enjoyable place to visit.
Published: 2021.10.11
The people who worked there were super friendly and helpful. The architecture of parts of the building are beautiful and the exhibits are very interesting. it's great that they have interactive games to keep kids and adults who need more stimulation entertained.
Published: 2021.09.28
Hubby had goosebumps going through this museum. Had a hard time making him leave! Awesome exhibition!! Definitely worth the money.
Published: 2021.08.22
I am a HUGE hockey fan but I got a bit tired of looking at jerseys, sticks and helmets. The mini ice rinks are VERY cool. The one thing I most appreciated were the much older things and the goalies' masks. I was surprised that Ken Dryden's famous mask was not there.
Published: 2021.08.18
Absolutely worth the visit; the history and displays are incredible. Seeing the Stanley Cup; virtual shooting; the gift store was unlike any I’ve seen before. Very well done.
Published: 2021.08.13
Loved the Hockey Hall of Fame. Wheelchair accessible was awesome. Wished there was more on the Great Bobby Orr
Published: 2020.10.18
A hockey lover's dream as you not only get to see various awards, cool collectibles, you also get to play some hockey with the games they have and even do your own broadcast not to mention watching a few short movies to really understand the best highlights in the game. Where ever you are coming from if you're a hockey fan you should be here.
Published: 2020.09.29
They respect the law and it's the place to go if you are a fan of hockey. Display in both French and English. The staff are awesome 👌.
Published: 2020.09.21
Grey J
As a hockey fan, it is a must-do when in Toronto. All the trophies are there, including the Cup, which surprised me as I thought it would be in Edmonton as that's where the finals are this year. Photos galore, and the experience was fantastic. All the international jerseys was interesting, even from countries you'd never expect to have a hockey team. Obviously the NHL took centre stage, and that was great too. The best parts in my opinion were the activities to do, which they take videos of and can send to your email. Was a great time, and could maybe bring new fans to the sport, it's just such a fun experience.
Published: 2020.08.29
This was the worst on-line experience I have had in a long time. I purchased the tickets and then needed to cancel (within 8 hours) but my tickets were for the next day. The company refused to refund my money so I wasted $40.00. My son become ill and my wife informed me she was purchasing tickets as a gift. What a disaster of an experience. Then to add injury to insult, I was directed to the trip booking site to try and see if they could help but couldn't get through to a person. Thanks so much, that's $40.00 and 45 minutes of my life I won't get back.
Published: 2020.08.24

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