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  • Audio commentary available in several languages + free headphones
  • Booklet including discounts on local eateries, shops and attractions
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City Sightseeing Toronto Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour

Toronto, Canada
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Reviews (24)

Jeff N
Allowing for COVID limitations (which meant it wasn't hop-on-off and the typical boat trip not included)... we were unimpressed. If you know you're not going to be able to do some of the activities, you certainly could find some ways to make up for it with better views or more interesting commentary. Tired *jokes instead of substantive information. We passed by several interesting places (e.g. Casa Loma) which were simply, "now if you look between these two buildings and past that tree." If you're cancelling part of the tour, you certainly could find a better view than that. There were several things listed (e.g. Chinatown) we didn't see. There was more focus on which building-in-progress would be the tallest... than giving us history of the areas. * "Here's the most popular thing in Toronto... a big hole in the ground (where building was being built). There's only two seasons in Toronto... winter and road construction.
Published: 2021.08.30
An essential for every new tourist, or local who wants to familiarize or refresh themselves on the city's most prestigious attractions as well as historical landmarks. 10/10 Will recommend
Published: 2020.03.09
We got the 48 hour bus which helped us get around toronto for our first few days. Because of winter hours the bus only runs every 2 hours which can be quite annoying but we just fitted everything in the time slots we had available to us. The bus was reliable with times and the lady who worked on the bus was helpful
Published: 2020.01.23
Driver was rude. It was obvious that he did not like his job. There are two stops at the main station and I was at the wrong one. When I saw the bus I ran up to the correct station and knocked on the door and he just stared at me and did nothing.
Published: 2020.01.20
Sandra M
This 2-hour-tour was a good way to get a feel for downtown Toronto and its history. The guide was nice, knowledgeable and efficient. The tour starts at Dundas Square, and I would recommend starting the tour there, as there are places to sit and wait while watching all the Torontonians and tourists at this major point; it's also the major stop for the tour. From there on, the tour passes through all interesting touristic points, and we could learn about their history as well as the history of the surrounding areas. We could feel the geographical distribution of the downtown area and see life on the streets of this metropolis.
Published: 2020.01.12
The tour guides on the double decker buses were amazing, but the prices are way to high for the value received, especially during the winter months. We planned on using the city sightseeing tour buses for transportation around Toronto, but most things are so close that it is not needed. The first few days, buses were every 40 minutes, but after the New Year they went to every 2 HOURS!! There were literally only 3 tours a day, stops are not clearly marked on the maps provided, and bus drivers pick up from spots before the times stated by the office. The shortest time you can buy is 48 hrs, but 24 hours would be plenty. If you are visiting Toronto during the summer months, it would be well worth it as buses stop every 15 minutes. However, 2 hours is way too long, especially when you need the bus to get you back to your stop at the end of the day. The tickets should be at least half price for that amount of time.
Published: 2020.01.02
Our experience..... Yesterday waited over half an hour to hop on. Couldn't wait any longer in the cold weather. Second attempt to catch the service, we rang to enquire. It will be another 20 minutes. We boycotted the stop and hand some lunch across the road. The bus did arrive 30 minutes later. Today we hopped on. To be advised, there is one bus in service, it takes 2 hours for a round tip. 66AUD for 2 people, which ended up being a 6 hour buss pass, not great. Think twice if visiting in winter.
Published: 2019.12.13
Doug T
I purchased tickets online for the Hop-0n Hop-Off Bus in Vancouver and boarded three of their buses in September 2019. The first bus was belching air pollution fumes inside the bus throughout the journey regardless of which seat you sat in. Also, I think the bus driver was of Asian descent. His English accent was very difficult to undestand. He commenced the trip by announcing that the bus had facilities to provide the Tour details through the multi-lingual speaker system installed on the bus, but he did not use it. Consequently, we missed out on the detail of the city of Vancouver, its history, people, etc, etc. Later that same day, we boarded another two of their buses. One driver was very interesting, humourous and clearly audible. The second one used the on-board multi-language speaker system, which was clear and gave us the information that we paid the tickets for. However, this bus had plastic sheeting for windows down each side of the bus and during that journey, there was a severe rainstorm with high winds. The wind blew the plastic window sheeting open throughout the journey and left all passengers drenched by the rainstorm, especially those sitting by the window. The seats were also soaking wet. So not a pleasant experience of bus tours in Vancouver on the Hop-On Hop-Off service. Two out of three ain't good.
Published: 2019.11.25
The nice thing about this bus is the convenience of riding to see what the top sights are around town. I wish this bus ran later into the day as we often only could get one stop in before needing to catch the last bus to get back to our original destination. It is frustrating that you don’t know the time the bus should roughly arrive at a stop so we did end up waiting once for quite a while in the freezing cold for it to arrive. The bus doesn’t stop at a location if they don’t see anyone waiting and no one riding the bus requests the stop, so waiting in the cold with no seating at the bus stop for an indeterminate amount of time is a real drag.
Published: 2019.11.15
We took the city tour on our last full day in Toronto. Until then, we had used Uber rides to get around. The tour guide was very knowledgeable and even answered a few of our questions along the way. We would have loved a closer ride/drop off at Little Italy, but we were still able to hop off, enjoy lunch, then hop back on. We would definitely do this again in Toronto or any other city we visit in the future.
Published: 2019.11.03
Easy to get tickets, bus runs fairly frequently the only issue I had was there isnt a great deal to see that you cannot do on foot - thats not maybe the bus operators problem but most areas are easily accessible by foot but we did find it useful to do one loop to get our bearings not sure about needing 48hrs really.
Published: 2019.11.01
Pros: I have been on a few sightseeing tours i.e. Philadelphia, NYC, etc. and this is right up there with those. The Tour takes about two hours and is very informative. The buses are range from 15-25 minutes between various pickups, so you are never waiting a long time. Headphones are provided for other languages and the tour guides are very informative. After you get a feel for the city, the two day pass essentially lets your use the bus as a means of getting around the city so you don't need to use Uber or Lyft. Cons: The tour can be a bit of a stretch. There are a few attraction that are MUST SEE and then there are a string of about 5-10 locales in a row that simply did not interest me. This is not so much of a "con" but I just would have preferred more from a city that otherwise seemed so vibrant and diverse. Note: My initial tour bus guide, Paulo, was fantastic. Very informative. Easily the best of the 4 or so guides that I had while in Toronto. I went in October and the boat ride was a little chilly but provided for some great pictures of the Toronto skyline as we sailed away from the shoreline. Overall, the bus tour a day cruise option was a great value for the price.
Published: 2019.10.26
it was a pleasant city tour. we took the train into the city and did the subway as there is no parking. having the tour was very convenient
Published: 2019.10.24
I visited Toronto in mid-October. As far as the Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tours go, these are the: Pros- reasonably priced; good selection of attraction stops; informative narration; a boat ride on the lake Ontario is included. Cons: Long waits (30-45 min) at each bus stop, so we were reluctant to leave the bus at every stop we wanted to visit; only 5 buses were running the route even though there were many tourists; at the Casa Loma stop, the bus was so crowded that we had to stand in the lower deck for about 1/2 hour, so we couldn't hear or see anything; then, the driver stopped to have a lunch for about 15 minutes, while we waited in the bus. The bottom line: If you can walk, you may be better off travelling on foot. It'd save you money and you'd be able to see everything you wanted. I went with elderly parents, so that wasn't an option for me.
Published: 2019.10.22
I was running around harborfront to find their stop location. Their stops location page on website was not working. I didn't have data or cellular services on my phone. So I went to Lavazza and tried to find anything relevant on their site but didn't work. Eventually I saw another tour company office and I asked them who guided me where to go. After that bus was all wet and they ran out of napkins to wipe it off. Tour guide was amazing. Once these logistics issue were resolved, it was a good tour
Published: 2019.10.22
The bus starts at Yonge Square and as you would expect the bus takes you around Toronto and is about 2hours from start to finish. As it says you can choose one of over 20 stops where you can explore the area of your choice such as CN tower, shoe museum and other museums and interesting places to visit. The ticket allows you to use the bus for up to 48hours. The staff were very knowledgeable and helpful. You get a set of headphones which plug into the seat in front and can adjust volume etc. Only criticism is that either the headphones and not very good or the sound system as hearing the commentary was at times very poor. If it rains you can get complimentary ponchos to wear or can go downstairs if seats are available. Coming from Scotland rain is not a problem. Just kidding.
Published: 2019.10.13
When we waited at a stop to catch the bus for the first time, it was more than 45 minutes later than what was published on the time schedule that gave approximate arrival times for each stop. The only seats available were on the top of the bus in an uncovered, unheated section. It was a cold, rainy day, and we weren't allowed to use umbrellas. After an hour on the bus, some seats finally opened up in a covered section of the bus. At that time, the employees finally decided to hand out rain ponchos to those who were still seated in the uncovered area of the bus. I wish we would have had them for the hour we were sitting in the rain! After visiting the Distillery, we waited in the cold and rain for almost an hour and a half, and no bus showed up, so we took an Uber back to our hotel. I realize that traffic is unpredictable, but an hour and a half wait is unacceptable. Needless to say, it was not the experience we had hoped for, and we missed several stops on the tour and spent extra money to get back to our hotel because we couldn't wait any longer for a bus to come to the Distillery. When I called to see if we could get a full or partial refund, they said No because the weather is what caused the delays.
Published: 2019.10.09
This is a great way to see the city and determine where you want to visit. The boat ride was a bonus...cheaper to buy on line viator than once you arrive
Published: 2019.10.02
Easy to access and very informative guides to point out the sights and give you the facts and history behind them. Very handy for getting around the city, especially with a 2 day pass once you've got a basic grasp of where you are and want to get to.
Published: 2019.09.28
We asked our bus tour guide if the Art Gallery of Ontario would be open the next day (Monday) as we would wait until that day to visit the gallery. We also asked if private art galleries would be open on Monday. She consulted with the other guide accompanying us on the tour and both reassured us that all the galleries would be open on Monday. None of them were open on Monday so we were unable to visit them during our time in Toronto. If we had known that all galleries were closed on Monday, we would have rearranged our sightseeing schedule in Toronto.
Published: 2019.09.26
Because my husband is waiting for knee surgery we decided to take the On & Off Bus ride. I have taken it in many cities from Philadephia to Florence, Italy, to London, England. The ride really depends on the tour guide. The city rides are always difficult because of the sheer # of cars, trucks, traffic & construction. The guide for this ride for me was impossible to listen to. He share little to no history of Toronto. He spoke about stars he knew that had been in your beautiful city. He thought he was so funny which really was enormously annoying. Hense my earplugs were removed from my ears. Our group was planning on visiting the local castle Casa Loma to visit and catch a different bus but we were at least a 1/2 mile away from entrance to castle and next to impossible for my husband to navigate. I will also add that others around us were also planning on getting off but when realizing the walk did not get off. I might try one more time but thats it. Hope I get a good narrator.
Published: 2019.09.25
Let me start by saying I love doing the Grey Line tours on the Hop on/Hop off buses, HOWEVER....Toronto has terrible traffic, there were never enough busses running, and there are just too many stops (20) for this tour to work well. We rode it the full circuit the first day, and it took over 3 hours to get all the way around. The second day we just wanted to get from stop 18 to stop 7, and after wasting an hour and a half on the bus, we had to get off and get an Uber to get to Casa Loma. After leaving Casa Loma, we just wanted to do the Harbor Tour that was included, but they change the schedule when they want to, so instead of running until the last ride of the day at 7:30, on Friday they decided that the 5:30 tour (that we missed by less than 5 minutes) would be the last. This is not a real walkable city, but definitely save your money and try to use public transportation to get around, NOT the Sightseeing Toronto tours bus! I was really disappointed that we had such a terrible experience because we were traveling with friends, and I had told them about our great experience doing these tours, especially in Nashville and Chicago....
Published: 2019.09.23
Great way to tour the city ! The pass is good for two days and ours included the boat tour. Definitely a must do.
Published: 2019.09.21
I grew up in Toronto. Moved t suburbia at grade 8. Now in my early 60’s. Decided with 3 more ladies, 2 born and raised in Toronto that we would spend the day in Toronto and do the hop-on/hop-off tour. I do them in every city I travel to.....quite a few cities. Thought it would be great to do it in our own city. Well, that was not the case!! The bus portion was good, however, not great. I did learn some interesting tidbits that I was unaware of. In most other cities where I have done this, there are multiple routes to pick from. Toronto has a number of areas where this could be done such as the Beaches, Ashbridges Bay. We did the boat tour at the end. Our guide, Angel, was extremely condescending. She spent more time chatting up and laughing with the other worker who was manning the entrance to the top level. After the four of us had been seated, an announcement came over that there was beverages at the bar area that included beer, soft drink, potato chips etc. Two of the people that we were with decided that they would go down and get beverages and snacks and bring them back up. Their seats had already sat in, they left their belongings on their seats. At no time were they told by the person manning the stairs that they would not be allowed back up. After a period of time we couldn’t figure out where our friends were. Happened to look over and we heard one of them yelling while standing on the lower Balcony. The young fellow manning the stairs would not allow them back up even though they had been seated on the top level and their belongings were on the chair. I went over and pointed it out and he also was very condescending and flippant. If this boat tour hires people of this caliber they shouldn’t be surprised when they get bad writeups. I’ve never in all of the time that I’ve been doing this bus tour in other countries been exposed or treated the way that we were treated on this particular tour. The line that we took was Gray line. I suggest checking into the other lines and spend your money with any other line. Do not take Gray Line.
Published: 2019.09.21

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