20 Best Birthday Gifts: Your Ultimate Gift Guide

Some people love celebrating their birthday while others don’t. Whether your close person does or doesn’t, giving them a birthday gift is a nice gesture that will surely brighten their day and make them a little bit happier. Don’t worry, if you’ve run out of ideas! Be it your mom, your boyfriend or your wife, we have some really great birthday gift ideas for them. We’re encouraging you to give them experiences as a birthday gift (surprise, surprise! ), which are always the most memorable gifts one ever received. And for you to save the day, we’ve collected some of the best experiential birthday gift ideas across the whole Canada.

Birthday gifts and ideas

Why Do We Give Birthday Gifts?
Birthday Gifts for Her
Birthday Gifts for Him
Birthday Gifts for Friend
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Why Do We Give Birthday Gifts?

Why Do We Give Birthday Gifts
Gift giving is not the invention of the last century but it goes back to prehistoric times. Some believe that the tradition origins from ancient Romans or Greeks while others believe that it comes from the times of the Magi aka the Three Wise Men, who presented their 3 gifts to Jesus. Some might claim that as for today, gift giving is the result of a long-standing tradition, which we also consider to be true. However, for many people gift giving is the gesture of appreciation and attention, a way to make someone happier. Psychologists insist that giving gifts is also one of the love languages, i.e., some people love receiving gifts and they feel like it is an important way to show one’s feelings towards another person.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Her

All the cosmetics, books and jewelry no longer seem interesting cause all of them have already been presented? However, this year the important lady in your life should get something special. Look at these suggestions to get an idea of what might be her next perfect birthday gift.

Professional Photoshoot

Is she an artsy persona that loves the surrounding beauty or is she that type of charming women that haven’t yet become confident enough or the one who loves being photographed? This photo session is for every woman who wants a unique experience. With true professionals with an eye for beauty, this boudoir photoshoot will definitely deliver happiness and maybe even have a transformative effect on her.

Sunset Safari

Sunset Safari
There is no better birthday gift than a sunset safari for a woman that loves evening vibes and paddling. With this experience gift she’ll be able to cool off on the lake on a paddle board or kayak, choose the colours of the lightning and have a blast on this illuminated night.

Wine Tasting Tour with a Picnic Lunch

wine tasting with a picnic in Niagara Falls

Exquisite and delicious wines from the Niagara region will surely leave a positive impression. Wine samplings at 4 wineries in the scenic wine country complemented with interesting insights about winemaking and a scrumptious picnic lunch await her during this experience. Don’t worry about commuting after this light drinking experience, our driver will take her to any place in the Niagara region.

Capilano Suspension Bridge Park Ticket

Capilano Suspension Bridge Park Tour

Did you know that Capilano Suspension Bridge park is Vancouver’s oldest paid tourist attraction? It’s not only about the money, however. People come here to escape the hustle and bustle of big cities and come closer to nature. While she’ll feel the adrenaline rush while crossing the bridge, nature’s splendor will bring about a soothing effect. Besides, it’s not only the bridge that’s noteworthy. A cliff walk, delicious food, a bit of history and a cedar-scented rainforest altogether guarantee a unique experience.

Curling Experience

curling class
Is she an active type of women that enjoy mastering new skills? What about a popular Canadian sports game of curling? A seemingly easy-to-play game is one of the hardest games with a long history and tricky rules. For instance, did you know that the player of curling has to wear two different shoes or that the stones for the play are made from rare granite? There’re many more fascinating things about it.
She’ll be introduced to the history and the fun facts about the game, further proceed with some techniques and let the stones roar on the ice. Well yes, curling is also called “the roaring game”. Don’t know why? Give her this experience and she’ll spill the beans for you.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Him

Celebrate your husband, boyfriend, brother, dad or any other significant man in your life with a memorable birthday gift for him. Here are some of the obvious and some of the less obvious gift ideas for him that men love. Save the day with a little bit of help from WOWnGO.

Supercar Driving Experience

Supercar Driving tours
Driving a supercar is nothing short of amazing. From 4 to 5 supercars per session, he’ll be able to enjoy the supercar driving experience either on his own or with you. Few men will not appreciate such a birthday present.

Helicopter Tour over Toronto

helicopter tour over Toronto
There are several things you cannot miss while staying in Toronto. Its skyline is among them and one of the best ways to appreciate it is to go up to the sky. Give him the unique aerial experience to take his stay in Toronto to the next level. A professional pilot will make sure that the flight goes smoothly from start to the end while he will be admiring the skyline, the islands and all the other huge objects that seem so tiny from the sky.

Alexander Keith’s Brewery Tour

Alexander Keith's Brewery tour

Is he a beer devotee? Then he should definitely hop on the bus and head to one of North America’s oldest working breweries with us. Why sample beer with a group of strangers if one can just drink some with friends? Beer lovers appreciate beer not just for its alcohol content but for its flavor. Alexander Keith’s brewery tour will reveal some nuances about beer and beer making, the brewery’s history and treat him to some unique flavors. This tour is a great blend of enjoyable beer tasting, learning and the right ambiance.

Mont Tremblant Guided Zipline Tour

Ziplining is not a thing for everyone but those who love it will be amazed by this guided tour. With panoramic views, the rush of the wind on your face and a big adrenaline rush, flying down the mountainside will be vividly printed in his memory.

Victoria Panorama Seaplane Experience

Tour Victoria from a Seaplane
Want her to see the amazing city of Victoria from a different vantage point? Join this small-group scenic flight on a seaplane with a professional team of pilots. Sweeping views of the rugged coastline and Vancouver Island are assured.

Birthday Gifts for Friend

However much time you spend with your friend and however well you know him/her, it might still be tough to choose a gift for them. It’s not an excuse to give up and give some useless object because gifts are one of the best ways to express your love and appreciation.

Sup or Kayak Eco Tour

Sup or Kayak eco tour near Toronto

What about a relaxing sup or kayak evening with breathtaking views? Supping and kayaking is not only great cardio workout but also a perfect way to refuel. Make your friend’s special day brighter with this incredible birthday gift where they choose on their own which activity to go for.

Therapeutic Massage in the Sun

threapeutic massage

With the hectic lifestyle that most of us have these days, some relaxation is never a bad idea. This therapeutic massage will help your friend refuel with energy and positive emotions and ensure a good start in the next day. This gift is of special effectiveness for summer birthday-guys when the session is hold in nature.

Montreal Mural Arts Tour

Montreal street and mural art tour

Montreal is a big metropolis that attracts diverse people for different reasons but many say that its artistic vibe is the highlight. Many would love to receive a Montreal Mural Arts tour as a birthday gift because each graffiti has its own life and renders some meaning. With knowledgeable and enthusiastic guides, the tour will fly by quickly but the vibrant memories of the pen-air art gallery will linger for a while.

Motorcycling Tour around the Canadian Rockies

Canadian Rockies tour on a motorcycle
If your friend loves hearing the roar of motorcycles from the street but hasn’t joined the band yet, then this special motorcycling tour with breathtaking vistas is just the best idea of their birthday gift. Long roads with stunning views of the Rockies and Jasper National Park on the left and right will not leave anyone disappointed. Depending on your preferences, it can be a 1-, 2- or 3-hour tour with stops at different viewpoints to take some wonderful pictures.

Spring Tulip Festival Bike Tour

Ottawa tulip festival on a bicycle
Is your friend born in spring or do they just adore spring above all? This great Canadian Tulip Festival bike tour is for the aficionados of flowers, spring and beauty. Whether your friend is an early bird or prefers the midday sun, this special bike tour can be accommodated to their preferences. Your friend will be taken to different tulip sites throughout the city as well as other landmarks of Ottawa such as Rideau Canal, Landsdowne Park, Little Italy and more.

Same Day Delivery Gifts for Birthday

Hidden Gems of Fundy Harbours

tour of the Bay of Fundy - hidden gems

Whether they’ve already been to the Bay of Fundy or not, this Fundy Harbours Coastal Drive will reveal the places off the beaten track in the infamous region of highest tides. The local guide will not only take them to great places but also tell the stories that hide behind them. 5 hours of natural beauty, fascinating stories and delicious treats will quickly fly by.

Concert Cruise along the St.John’s Harbour

concert cruise along the St.John's Harbour

Take your loved one onto this atmospheric Search Quest with live music and breathtaking views. You can even request a song that you love. With snacks and drinks onboard and whales and city views outside the boat, it is truly a gift to cherish even if it’s been bought in the last minute.

Best of Prince Edward Island

best places on Prince Edward Island
Has your friend always dreamt of visiting Atlantic Canada but has never had a chance so far? This Experience will gently push them to finally pack the bags and hit the road. Prince Edward Island is a blend of beautiful scenery, lean and deli cuisine, hospitality, rich culture and outdoor experiences. Your friend will never regret if they started their discovery of Atlantic Canada on Prince Edward Island, the birthplace of Canada.

Stained Glass Workshop

Stained Glass workshop

Are you looking for a last-minute gift for a person who loves learning new things? Here’s one. What about a stained-glass workshop? A wonderful qualified teacher will show how to make a masterpiece, teach them to the basics of glasswork and everyone will come out with small stained glass creations. While your beloved one will be doing everything on their own ( from choosing the pattern to having everything cut and pieced together ), there will be a teacher to help them out on their way.

Jasper Culture Food Tour

Jasper food and culture tour

Whether your nearest and dearest is a picky eater or just a universal foodie, this delectable culture food tour in Jasper will definitely win their heart. Amusing stories of the eateries and the city, 4 courses of fresh and tasty food and some of the best soft and strong drinks are for the taking. Besides, it is a small group tour, so meeting new people will be one more bonus award. Several cliques of the mouse and you have it delivered.

The motorcycling tour, the boudoir photoshoot or the exhilarating zip lining experience? Which one have you chosen? Regardless of your choice, we’re sure that your soul mate will be on cloud nine. It’s always like that if you give emotions and gift experiences.

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